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Cats by Kuniyoshi
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Flowers in Chinese Paintings
124 208

Painting flowers has a long and rich tradition in China, having evolved out of the classic bird-and-flower style to become its own distinct genre of painting. Tracing its history and evolution through centuries of artistic endeavor this

Roaring Lion Media, Mars Era Institute of Digital Arts

Oriental Birds
300 full colour illustrations 184

A companion to Oriental Flowers, which illuminates tips and techniques for painting highly revered plants and flowers in the classical brush painting style, Oriental Birds focuses on the other most esteemed deni

Zhonghua, Zheng

Poem of the Pillow and other stories

A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated study of traditional Japanese erotic art. Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories examines the artistic developments of Japanese erotic art from the ukiyo-e period, dating from the mid-seventeenth cen

Calza, Gian Carlo

Silent Poetry
430 color illus. 498

This handsome volume offers a fresh, comprehensive look at the Cleveland Museum of Art's world-renowned collection of Chinese paintings. With in-depth study of more than 100 selected works and more than 400 color illustratio

Chou, Ju-Hsi, Chung, Anita

Yokai Museum: the art of Japanese Supernatural Beings
Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. In the Edo period (1603-1868), many artists created works featuring Yokai inspired by folklore or their own ideas. This book is a visual collection of art works of Yokai in Japan since