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Aboriginal Art
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Donna Leslie, a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, sets out to demonstrate how Aboriginal art has questioned the 'assimilationist' policies which prevailed in Australia from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Leslie, Donna

Jeffrey Smart

Since the 1999 retrospective organised by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Jeffrey Smart has consolidated his position as one of the most outstanding Australian painters of the 20th century. Now at the age of 90 it is possible to assess h

Pearce, Barry

John Olsen
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This landmark biography from Darleen Bungey, the author of the acclaimed Arthur Boyd biography, explores what drove John Olsen to become one of the country's greatest painters. This landmark biography by Darleen Bungey

Bungey, Darleen

Melinda Harper
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Harper's subject matter is restricted to a simple vocabulary of pure abstract shapes and colours. her paintings are a celebration of colour, forming a visual kaleidoscope painted in a systematic way and usually in groups

McGregor, Ken

Natural Curiosity

Parrots and lorikeets swoop down, vivid, bright and colourful. Black swans glide through the air. Owls stare out from pages, wide-eyed. A sense of awe swept through natural history circles in eighteenth-century London when the first ships re

Anemaat, Louise

Pro Hart Life & Legacy

PRO HART was without doubt the most enigmatic figure in Australian art of the late twentieth century. The proposition that an individual could be considered a near genius by some, be recognised and loved by millions, yet scorned, derided or

Fry, Gavin

Reality in Flames

Modern Australian artists were immersed in the Second World War. They served in the armed forces, worked with labour groups or in factories, and as official artists observing, recording, and interpreting military activity. Drawing on their

The Australian War Memorial


Liberman, Cassey