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Abstract Expressionism
240 colour, 20 black and white 304

Abstract Expressionism emerged in New York in the years immediately following the Second World War and quickly became one of the most powerful and influential movements in the history of modern art. Building o

Siegel, Katy

Again - Selected Interviews and Essays
Paperback 144 pages.

As an artist, Dike Blair is unusual because he has worked on parallel paths, concentrating equally on critical writing and artistic production. This work takes us on a tour through the breadth of Blair's interests, with essa

Blair, Dike

Age of Collage 2

Busch, Dennis H.

AI Weiwei

Life of Ai: The definitive Ai Weiwei monographAs his personal circumstances move in constant flux, Ai Weiwei remains a cultural magnet. Renowned for his political stance and social media activity almost as much as for his social intervention

Sigg, Uli

Albert Oehlen

Surveying the past thirty years of his career and demonstrating his immeasurable influence on contemporary painting, "Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden" comprises paintings, drawings, and prints from the artist s most important bodies of work.

Gioni, Massimiliano, Godfrey, Mark (University of Glasgow), Pontegnie, Anne, Fischli, Fredi, Olsen, Niels

Anthony Lister

Adventure Painter contains a compelling, action-packed mix of Anthony Lister's gallery work and outdoor paintings. With an international following and a general disregard for borders, this prolific street artist and painter has managed to ma

Gastman, Roger, Leopold, Shelley, Manco, Tristan

Art & Politics Now
228 colour illustrations 240

Art & Politics Now is a richly illustrated survey of more than 200 artists whose works address the political, often using radical approaches and techniques to communicate their ideas. Since the turn of the 21st centu

Downey, Anthony

Art of Grasshopper Manufacture


Art Since 1989
220 colour illustrations 224

The years since 1989 have seen a complete untethering of what art can be, who makes it and where it can be found, which has been matched by a reassessment of art's appropriate place in society and the financial value

Grovier, Kelly

Banksy Myths & Legends
illustrations 96

No single living artist has created as many myths, rumours and legends as Banksy. Many of the tales in this book are from Bristol, some are from further afield. What they share is that they are all told with the wide eyed wonder

Leverton, Marc

Beautiful Nightmares

Ceccoli, Nicoletta

Bernard Buffet

It is said that asphyxiation brings on a state of hallucinatory which case the 71-year-old artist who lay in his sprawling Provencal villa died happy. In the early afternoon of Monday October 4 1999, wracked with Parkinson'

Foulkes, Nicholas

Blurring Boundaries
250 illustrations 208

Hendrick Beikirch, or ECB, is seeking to change our perception of what graffiti is, or can be - extending its limits. ECB is a German painter working on large-scale black and white, or grayscale murals in public spaces worl

Beikirch, Hendrik Ecb

Chihuly: Volume 2, 1997 - Present
275 colour images 360

This large, beautifully produced volume is acompanion to the acclaimed Chihuly, Volume 1 originally published in 1997, which covered the first 30 years of the artist's career. Here, Donald Kuspit surveys the work of Dale Ch

Bondil, Nathalie and Kuspit, Donald

City as Canvas
200 Colour and Black and White 240

A visual account of the birth of graffiti and street art, showcasing as-yet-unseen works collected by preeminent artist Martin Wong. Referred to by the New York Times as an artist "whose meticulous visionary re

McCormick, Carlo; Corcora

Commedia Dell'arte - Couture Edition (At)
Hardback 320

Bohm, Florian

Dan Flavin

The years 1955-1965 saw artists wreaking havoc with the parameters of painting. If Abstract Expressionists had proposed art as the manipulation of paint on a flat plane, the American artist Dan Flavin further refined art as the manipulation

Fuchs, Rainer

Date Line - Contemporary Art from the Pacific
Hardback , 240 x 240mm. 144

English & German

Carter, Anton, Devenport, Rhana, Tolnay, Alexander

Defining Contemporary Art : 25 Years in 200 Pivotal Artworks
700 colour, 100 black and white 448

In the mid-1980s the sprouting of new movements that had driven modern art since the nineteenth century finally went dormant, sputtering out with a last few half-hearted labels ('pattern painting', 'neo-geo',

Birnbaum, Daniel, et al.

350 192

Widely revered as the "artists' gallerist," Jonathan Levine has nourished a much needed alternative viewpoint within the stilted New York art market. In the pages of Delusional, readers will discover the fascinating backstory that brough

Neelon, Caleb

Derek Jarman's Super 8
600 illustrations, 400 in colour 288

One of the most influential filmmakers of the late 20th century, Derek Jarman directed cult feature films such as Jubilee (1977) and Caravaggio (1986), as well as music videos for The Smiths, the Pet Shop Boy

Mackay, James

Erwin Wurm
Illustrations (some col.) 176

A master of deadpan sculpture and the absurd gesture, the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm (born 1954) is tireless and brilliant in his constant reinvention of sculptural convention. With each new work Wurm seems to think

Middelheimmuseum, Antwerpen

Factory: Andy Warhol

Warhol's Factory as seen through the lens of a young Shore, providing an insider view of this extraordinary moment and place Stephen Shore was 17 years old when he began hanging out at The Factory - Andy Warhol's legendary studio in Manhatta

Shore, Stephen, Tillman, Lynne

For Forever I'll be Here - Marci Washington
150 128

Marci Washington's artwork subverts Victorian gothic imagery into a contemporary visual language all its own. Flat washes of gouache and watercolor make up grotesque faces and distorted bodily forms that stare off the page into another d

Washington, Marci

Framing Conflict: Contemporary War and Aftermath

Focusing on contemporary wars & their aftermath as perceived by war artists Brown, Green & Cattapan- will be of equally vital interest to those concerned with contemporary war, terror, art history, theory & artworks involving collaborative comb

Green and Cattapan Brown

Frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art

The ultimate guide to 25 years of contemporary art, as seen through the filter of the world's leading contemporary art magazine frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art charts the dynamic, changing landscape of the contemporary art and culture of t

Frieze Magazine

Hans Op de Beeck

A visual artist, stage designer and director, Hans Op de Beeck (born 1969) never allows any one genre to define his work. This comprehensive overview of the artist's oeuvre includes video installations of the 1990s, sculptures, works on pape

Goetz, Sammlung

Heroes & Villains
100 192

Heroes & Villains is a collection of portraits by photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho that surveys some of the most intriguing personalities in today's art, street and pop culture movements. Wills and Cho began their documentation

Wills, Tatiana, Cho, Roman

Hijacked Volume 2
Australia: Narelle Autio, James Brickwood, Michael Corridore, Andrew Cowen, Tamara Dean, Suzie Fox, Lee Grant, Derek Henderson, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ingvar Kenne, Bronek Kózka, Georgia Metaxas, Conor O?Brien, Polixeni Papapetrou, Louis Porter. Germany:


History of the Saatchi Gallery

'The Saatchi Gallery has presented an ever-changing view of contemporary art from all over the world. It has had a profound influence on how contemporary art is perceived and has raised its profile.' -Edward Booth-Clibborn, Editor, The Hist

Booth-Clibborn, Edward

Hugo Boss Prize
Paperback 112 pages.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Illustration Next

This outstanding global survey brings together the dazzling talent of 50 leading illustrators from over 20 countries, among them Julia Rothman, Whitney Sherman and Mike Perry, and also provides them with the opportunity to indulge in a brill

Benaroya, Ana

Illustration Now! Portraits

The field of illustration has flourished over the last decade, with professionals working both by computer and by hand. In illustration, the single most challenging and captivating subject has been the portrait, frequently used in editorials

Wiedemann, Julius

Ingmar Alge
193 illustrations 160

With a keen eye for uniquely contemporary locales of melancholy and alienation, Ingmar Alge (born 1971) updates German Romantic painting for the age of the "non-place." He bases his hyper-realistic paintings on photographs,

Stegmann, Markus

James Turrell
150 illustrations, 130 in colour 240

Nobody who has experienced an installation by James Turrell forgets the encounter--he makes light tangible in ways that boggle perception and almost seem to defy physics, as if you could reach into the space

Kulturbetriebe, Unna, Sinnreich, Ursula

Jeppe Hein: This Way

We consciously and subconsciously travel various kinds of distance every day-distance both literal and figurative, physical and spiritual. The work of Danish artist Jeppe Hein (born 1974), and its staging at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, addres

Graham, Dan, Beil, Ralf, Grolig, Lisa, Hein, Jeppe

John Lennon

Over the course of John Lennon's career, his work as an artist expressed the societal themes that touched his life. Until now, little of this work has been seen in one place. For the first time, "John Lennon: The Collected Artwork" offers a

Gutterman, Scott

Kati Heck
German Expressionism and New Objectivity shine forth in the paintings by Kati Heck. Her monumental paintings impress viewers with their humorous blend of styles, consisting of photorealistic figures together with graphic elements. Some sections of th


Koen Van Den Broek

Derived from photo-diaries of his travels, the paintings of Koen van den Broek (born 1973) depict empty highways, closed garages and desolate curbsides. This publication presents the monumental "Insomnia" cycle, painted in Antwerp, and the "

Friedman, Benda

Luc Tuymans
280 illustrations 300

This book is the official catalogue for the exhibition 'A Vision of Central Europe' that will be held at the concert hall in Bruges from the end of 2010 until January 23rd 2011. Luc Tuymans has selected the works of artists

Tuymans, Luc, Gas, Alison, Murakami, Takashi

Lucian Freud: Portraits

This new, authoritative survey of Freud?s portraits and figure paintings explores his work across seven decades, from the early 40s to his death in 2011. The book features over 130 paintings, drawings and etchings selected in close collaboratio

National Portrait Gallery

Martin Neumaier

Yellowed, moldy pages are the support material for the multilayered collages of Martin Neumaier (born 1970), in which he carries out an intense examination of European colonialism and imperialism. Glued-on graphic elements energize the print

Zybok, Oliver, Hurttig, Marcus, Witasik, Dieter, Neumaier, Martin

Master of Stillness
Full colour throughout NEW Edition 2015 152

Master of Stillness illuminates the vision of the most celebrated of Australian expatriate artists, from his beginnings in Adelaide until his last major composition painted in Italy, where he lived for

Pearce, Barry


The final exhibition before the closing of New York's seminal Deitch Projects, May Day is simultaneously a call for heightened awareness and a celebration of the rebirth embodied in revolutionary movements. May Day presents an evocative coll

Fairey, Shepard


The momentary beauty of Sage Vaughn s butterflies is palpable. These impossibly lovely, delicate creatures appear to have magically landed or violently crashed, oozing their colorful pigment like blood-stained marks across the canvas. The dic

Vaughn, Sage, Christ, Steve

Nature Morte

Structured according to the classical categories of the still-life tradition Flora, Food, House and Home, Fauna, and Death, each chapter explores how the timeless symbolic resonance of thememento mori a reminder of death, change, and the pas

Petry, Michael (Royal Academy Schools)

Out of the Ordinary
Hardback 144 pages.

Looks at a group of international artists who place craft at the heart of their practice, transforming everyday subjects and ordinary materials into works that are out of the ordinary. This book features unusual works includi

Britton Newell, Laurie

Picturing People
200 colour illustrations 192

Profiles of nearly sixty artists from Kara Walker and Grayson Perry to Cindy Sherman and Kehinde Wiley showcase significant works and are accompanied by the artists commentary, illustrating the range of motivations,

Mullins, Charlotte

Illustrations 360

Fuzzy bunnies, big - eyed girls, meat, magic, and mystery. Mark Ryden's carnival of curiosities. Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the old masters, Mark Ryden has created a singular style that blurs

Ryden, Mark

Playing to the Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in its Struggle to Be Understood

"I have never read such a stimulating short guide to art. It should be issued as a set text in every school." (Lynn Barber, Sunday Times Now). Grayson Perry is a fully paid-up member of the art establishment, he wants to show that any of us

Perry, Grayson

96 136

The first eye-popping collection of Modern Pop Artist POSE's work, from his street art to his murals, from quick and dirty collabs to polished gallery work - 50+ POSE works are featured.

Gastman, Roger

Print/Out - 20 Years in Print
illustrations 236

Over the past two decades, the art world has broadened its geographic reach and opened itself to new continents, allowing for a significant crosspollination of post-conceptual strategies and vernacular modes. Printed materials,

Cherix, Christophe, Conaty, Kim, Suzuki, Sarah

Revisionist Art
colour illustrations 156

In Revisionist Art, Bob Dylan offers silkscreened covers of popular magazines from the last half century that somehow escaped history's notice. As Luc Sante notes in his introduction to this collection, they seem to eman

Dylan, Bob, Sante, Luc, Clavery, B.

Ron English's Fauxlosophy
98 colour illustrations 196

Quotable quotes. The building blocks of wisdom. Bite size nuggets of insight that pave the road to understanding. The life blood of philosophy. The nails that hold together universal truth. And occasionally erroneous

English, Ron

190 216

Simultaneously frightening and familiar, the image of the skull is the closest thing human civilization has ever seen to a universal aesthetic totem. Although the power of its iconic form originates from its association with death, it ha

Dizman, Paz, Luca, Bendandi

Snow Yak Show
Illustrations from the book. Kind of like postcards.

Ryden, Mark

Street Art
Ullmann Art Pockets 288

These small books are quite something! They are packed with information, the most important facts and background stories, all at a glance. In-depth texts on the most exciting themes in the History of Art by experts and sp


The Thing The Book
photographs thr-out, 2 ribbon markers, cloth-bound case w. silk-screened foil-stamping 156

What exactly is a book? This wildly inventive and thought-provoking volume asks that question of more than 30 of today's top creative visionaries, from Ed

Herschend, John

Vitamin D
Hardback 352 pages.

Extending beyond the traditional image associated with this medium, 'Vitamin D' hopes to illustrate the complexity, variety, and relevance of the practice of drawing today.

Dexter, Emma

Vitamin D
500 illustrations 352

A global survey of drawing today featuring over 100 contemporary artists Vitamin D offers a fresh and pioneering overview of the current state and underlying significance of drawing as an artistic medium. It highlights the

Phaidon Editors, Dexter, Emma

Vitamin P2

A dynamic overview of the best new contemporary painting from around the world. The first volume of Vitamin P, published in 2002, inaugurated a vibrant period for painting. Since its publication, a whole new generation of painters has emerge

Schwabsky, Barry, Robecchi, Michele, Nastac, Simona

Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting

A dynamic survey of recent painting from around the world, selected by contemporary art experts.

Phaidon Editors, Schwabsky, Barry

Walls & Frames

Street art has firmly established itself as a facet and attitude in the landscape
of contemporary art. Today, young artists are going beyond their work on the streets to present their innovative styles in galleries. They are aspiring to f

Ruiz, Maximiliano

Walton Ford
Hardback , 280 x 375mm. 306

German, French, English, This book features a natural selection: Ford's beautifully savage beasts and birds. Walton Ford's watercolors of animals could be mistaken for 19th century natural science illustrations or Bri

Ford, Walton, Buford, Bill

Wayne White

Design guru and art collector Todd Oldham shines the spotlight on the clever and warped world of artist Wayne White. From Wayne's early days as a production designer and puppet maker for the iconic TV show "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" to his unmist

Oldham, Todd

Welcome to Marwencol

After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs "Marwencol" with dolls representing his friends and family and creates

Hogancamp, Mark E., Shellen, Chris

Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of W
200 full-colour illustrations 256

This book collects the best artwork from the first five years of "Bad Dads," an annual exhibition of art inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. Curated by Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, "Bad Dads" has conti

Seitz, Matt Zoller

Western Artists and India
391 illustrations, 280 in colour 272

"Western Artists and India" identifies the cross-cultural exchanges that took place between India and the West after decolonization, with its primary focus on important American and European artists and desig

Jhaveri, Shanay

Where's B**ksy? Banksy's Greatest Works in Context
Over 100 photographs and detailed location maps. 208

Tapies, Xavier

Wild Art
350 480

Wild Art is an incredibly vivid, colourful and current collection of over 300 extraordinary artworks that are too offbeat, outrageous, kitsch, quirky or funky to 'make it'in the formal art world of galleries and museums. From pimped car

Carrier, David, Pissarro, Joachim

World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Spontaneous, in-your-face and unauthorised, the work of street artists and graffiti writers demands our attention. Wildly creative and often subversive, street art shows that just because a work isn't in a gallery doesn't mean it's not art.

Schacter, Rafael

Yoshitomo Nara: Complete Works

This lavishly produced, two-volume set catalogs Nara's prolific creative output over the span of his career to-date. With nearly 6,000 images of the artist's paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and collaborations wit

Nara, Yoshitomo