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Andy Goldsworthy: Ephemeral Works

For forty years, Andy Goldsworthy has worked with an extraordinary range of natural materials, often at their source. On an almost daily basis, he makes works of art using the materials and conditions that he encounters wherever he is, be it

Goldsworthy, Andy

Bill Jacklin

Bill Jacklin ra studied graphics in Walthamstow, London, and worked as a graphic designer before turning to painting in the early 1960s, studying at the Royal College of Art. Initially concerned with abstraction, in the mid-1970s Jacklin sta

Campbell, Nancy, Lloyd, Jill

Bridget Riley: Works from 1980-2015

Bridget Riley's explorations of perception through form and color have made her into one of the most significant painters working today. Since the early 1960s, she has used elementary shapes - lines, circles, curves, and squares-to create vi

Shiff, Richard

Bruegels: Lives and Works in 500 Images

Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of the world's most original artists who founded a dynasty of painters. His most popular works include Children's Games, Hunters in the Snow and Peasant Wedding Feast. He collaborated with Rubens on several im

Rogers, Nigel

Electric Pencil

This is the story of Edward Deeds, a man who spent his entire adult life in mental institutions. Deeds's subtle and wonderfully imaginative drawings are populated with a remarkable cast of characters. His subjects include striking portraits,

Deeds, James Edward, Diamant, Harris

Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach (b.1931, Berlin) has made some of the most resonant, inventive and perpetually alive paintings, both of people and of the urban landscapes near his studio in Camden Town, London. His intentions have been consistent: 'What I wa

Clark, T. J., Lampert, Catherine

Hieronymus Bosch

Renaissance radical: The haunting visions of Hieronymus BoschOnly 20 paintings and eight drawings are confidently assigned to Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450 1516) but in their fantastical visions they have secured his place

Fischer, Stefan

illustrations 96

Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is considered as one of the first important American painters in 20th century art. After decades of patient work, Hopper enjoyed a success and popularity that since the 1950s has continually grown. In c

Renner, Rolf G.

Life and Art of Archie Boyd Teater
200 illustrations 264

The first comprehensive monograph on impressionistic western landscape artist Archie Boyd Teater (1901-1978), this volume features a detailed biography of the artist, an analysis of his work and reproductions of more than t

Taylor, Lester D.

Parallel Presents
57 color illus., 28 b&w illus. 280

Over the past two decades, French artist Pierre Huyghe has produced an extraordinary body of work in constant dialogue with temporality. Investigating the possibility of a hypothetical mode of timekeeping--"par

Barikin, Amelia

Throughout 288

PIE Books

Picasso Portraits

From first to last, Picasso's prime subject was the human figure and portraiture remained a favourite genre. His earliest portraits were done from life and reveal a precocious ability to catch likeness and suggest character and state of mind

Cowling, Elizabeth

Piranesi: The Complete Etchings

Archaeology and imagination: Impossible staircases and startling ruins from Italy s master engraverThe most famous 18th-century copper engraver, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720 1778) made his name with etchings of ancient Rome. His startlin

Ficacci, Luigi

Rose Hilton
200 col illus, 25 b&w illus 208

Rose Hilton has been an artist her whole life and has surmounted extraordinary obstacles in keeping to her calling: a strict, religious upbringing, tuberculosis when an art student and a demanding marriage to Roge

Collins, Ian

Stuart Davis: In Full Swing
230 colour illustrations 288

Beginning in 1921, a series of creative breakthroughs ledDavis away from figurative painting and toward a moreabstract expression of the world he inhabited. Drawing uponhis admiration for the works of Cezanne, Leger

Haskell, Barbara, Cooper, Harry

Surface and Beneath

Peter Panyoczki is at home on two continents and thus his life is that of a perpetual emigrant - a person permanently on the move, which is also reflected in his work that is permeated by signs of presence during absence. He belongs to the 1

Panyoczki, Peter

Tula Telfair: Invented Landscapes

Tula Telfair's hyper-realistic landscape paintings are at once awe-inspiring and extremely personal. Although vividly detailed, the scenes she depicts are not found in nature; they are conjured from memory and imagination. Informed by her ex

Telfair, Tula

Vincent van Gogh: The Lost Arles Sketchbook

Lacroix, Christian