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Defining Beauty: the Body in Ancient Greek Art

Greek sculpture is full of breathing vitality and yet, at the same time, it reaches beyond mere imitation of nature to give form to thought in works of timeless beauty. For over 2000 years the Greeks experimented with representing the human

Jenkins, Ian

Discerning Eye
Color photos throughout 176

Like the ceramics he collected throughout his life, Walter C. Koerner was a survivor of turbulent times. Born in Moravia in 1889, Koerner fled his homeland shortly before the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. After i

Mayer, Carol E.

Jewels of Ancient Nubia

Located at the intersection of trade routes from central Africa, the ancient Near East, and the Classical world, ancient Nubia ruled the entire Nile Valley at the height of its power in the eighth century bc. Its neighbour and frequent rival

Markowitz, Yvonne J and Doxey, Denise

Medieval Art in Europe
260 illustrations 400

This beautifully packaged, two-volume slipcased edition covers Romanesque art--the period between the beginning of the 11th and the end of the 12th century.

Charles, Victoria, Carl, Klaus H.

Monet: Water Lilies: The Complete Series

Monet devoted the last twenty-five years of his life to painting the water lilies that floated on the pond of his garden in Giverny. In capturing the reflections on the mirror-like water and the subtle interplay of light, the artist's genius

Rey, Jean Dominique, Rouart, Denis

My Hermitage
350 colour and black and white illustrations 432

Holding one of the largest collections of Western art in the world, the Hermitage is also a product of Russia and its dramatic history. Founded by Empress Catherine the Great in 1764, the stunning

Piotrovsky, Dr. Mikhail Borisovich

Pot Book

The history of ceramic art is ingrained in the history of mankind. Clay is one of the very first materials 'invented' by man. An essential part of our lives it has been moulded, thrown, glazed, decorated and fired for over 30,000 years in or

Waal, Edmund de, Clare, Claudia

Rubens and Company
50 colour 90

This book presents a selection of outstanding Flemish drawings from the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland. Masters such as Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens feature alongside lesser-known artists including David Teniers

Tico Seifert, Christian

Treasures from the House of Alba

The treasures of the Alba family represent more than five hundred years of patronage and collecting of European art of the highest quality and importance Accompanies a 2016 exhibition at the Meadows Museum (Dallas) and in The Frist Center fo


Wiener Werkstatte

Viennese vision: An enterprise for craft, design, and total works of art The Wiener Werkstatte ( Vienna Workshop ) bears many hallmarks of a modern creative movement. Founded in 1903 by Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, and Fritz Waerndorfer, t

Fahr-Becker, Gabriele