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When Terry Falconer's dismembered body turned up in the Hastings River in 2001, detective Gary Jubelin was given the investigation to lead. Falconer had been a violent criminal, a police informer, and possibly a murderer. The suspect list qu

Duffy, Michael


In this book, the third in a series on Australian cities in which leading Australian authors write about their home city, novelist and journalist Matthew Condon rediscovers the city of his childhood, Brisbane. Having returned there after man

Condon, Matthew

Essays on Muslims and Multiculturalism
198(Ht mm) 130(Wdt mm) 192

September 11 2001 marked a change in Australian attitudes towards immigrants. The spotlight was on Muslims. This collection of thought-provoking essays looks at multiculturalism's successes and failures in providing a

Gaita, Raimond

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips

Webster, Joan

Fairfax: The Rise and Fall

COLLEEN RYAN gives the definitive account of the fate of Fairfax. It is the story of greedy media moguls, angry and ambitious politicians, foolhardy heirs and heiresses, zealous journalists, muddling management and the rise of digital media.

Ryan, Colleen

Forgotten Islands

Bass Strait has over fifty cold, dark islands that are regularly pounded by atrocious weather and hardly visited. These islands are rich in atypical Australian history: sealers, lighthouse keepers, feuds, aboriginal 'resettlements', and dead

Veitch, Michael

Geology of Australia
Paperback 360

The Geology of Australia provides a vivid and informative account of the evolution of the Australian continent over the last 4400 million years. Starting with the Precambrian rocks that hold clues to the origins of life and the dev

Johnson, David

Glory Daze

The book asks how a nation with the developed world's best economy has a dimmer view of its performance than some of the basket case economies of southern Europe have of their own, and how a country that escaped recession and mass unemployme

Chalmers, Jim

Going Bush
illustrations 232

A lovely, old-fashioned nuts-and-bolts book designed to make country living trouble-free.

Mundie, Edward

Great Australian World Firsts
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Did you know that Australians were actually the first in the world to: * put wine in cardboard casks * explore both the Arctic and Antarctic by air * invent a portable pacemaker * manufacture and market the one-piece b

Spicer, Chrystopher J.

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On 7 February 2009 Sergeant Roger Wood found himself at the epicentre of the worst bushfire disaster in Australia's history. Black Saturday. Wood, who's a country cop with twenty years experience and also a raucous, me

Hyland, Adrian

Media Legends
285(Ht mm) 210(Wdt mm) 336

Media Legends celebrates the legends of Australian news media and recognises the men and women who have been inducted into the Melbourne Press Club Hall of Fame. These champions of news have kept generations of Austral

Smith, Michael, Baker, Michael

Project Republic

It's time for some straight talking about Australia's future as a republic. A republic is the key to our national renewal: we need a head of state who shares a genuine affinity with our country rather than an outdated historical link. We can

Jones, Benjamin T., McKenna, Mark


Delle Vergin, Michelle & Andy Brown

Seeking Asylum Alone - a Comparative Study
Paperback 222

Bhabha, Jacqueline, Crock, Mary E., Finch, Nadine, Schmidt, Susan


Baldino, Daniel

Unholy Trinity

Monsignor John Day died in 1978. He was arguably Australia's most prolific paedophile. His victims are counted in the hundreds. Yet when Day died, he was feted by Bishop Ronald Mulkearn as having 'faithfully fulfilled his ministry in God's n

Ryan, Denis, Hoysted, Peter

Vision 2030

Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)