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An Imperial Affair

Takes us into the marriage of an Australian couple during a time when private lives were properly private but divorce a scandal. It shines a light on the family values and sexual dynamics of this period, conditioned as they were by the imper

Rickard, John

Arthur Phillip

Over the two centuries since his appointment, commentators have been as surprised at the choice of Arthur Phillip as some were at the time (the First Lord of the Admiralty, to mention only the most distinguished critic). But was it really so

Parker, Derek

Bad Ground Anniversary Edition

On 25 April 2006, a rock fall in the Beaconsfield mine trapped Todd Russell and Brant Webb 925 metres underground for two weeks, and killed their fellow miner Larry Knight. Bad Ground is the exclusive, authorised story of the 14-day entombment

Wright, Tony

Ben Hall

Bradley, Peter

Cautious Silence
Paperback 288 pages.

Gray Geoffrey

Celebrating 100 Years at Duntroon
Royal Military College of Australia 1911 - 2011 336

?This captivating story of Duntroon will serve as a reminder of one of Australia?s earliest and most respected national institutions and the enduring contribution and sacrifice of its graduates

No Author Supplied

Concise History of Australia
216 x 139mm. , Cambridge Concise Histories 356

Macintyre, Stuart

Crime, Punishment and Redemption
b&w and colour illustrations 216

John Ward, writing whilst incarcerated on Norfolk Island, tells a story of thwarted love that--he claims--led him to a life of crime: including theft, sexual assault and more. In telling the candid story of his d

Slee, June

Iron House
22 drawings and half tones 190

Jane Cannan's delicate sketches of mid-nineteenth century houses are collected in Australia's National Library and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, but who was she? From a cosmopolitan background, and grow

Cannan, Crescy

Making of Australia

In his latest book, David Hill traces the story of our nation from its European beginnings to Federation. When James Cook landed on the east coast of Australia, the rest of the world had some idea of how empty, vast and wild this continent w

Hill, David

Nation In The Making
Australia at the Dawn of the Modern Era 232

The output of the two largest photographic studio's in Australia in the late 19th century were bought & placed in storage. It became known as the Tyrell Collection. Largely unseen ever-since it is now

MacGregor, Alasdair

Paperback , 235mm. 372

Writer, Larry

Searching for The Man

'The Man from Snowy River' appeared in Paterson's first book of verse. It was an immediate success and has remained popular ever since. But did Paterson have anyone in mind when he crafted the Australian classic - was there really a Man from Sn

Refshauge, W.F.


Alexander Zuzenko, a sailor and veteran of the failed 1905 revolution in Russia, arrived in Australia in 1911 and embarked upon a career of industrial and political agitation and radical journalism. Soon branded 'an unscrupulous advocate of Bol

Windle, Kevin

White Divers of Broome
200mm. 320

Bailey, John