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Audit Commission
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The Abbott Government has announced a National Commission of Audit to review the Commonwealth's finances and to assess the role and scope of government and where areas of overlap and duplication between the federal

Jones, Kate, Prasser, Scott

Backstage Politics

Summing up his view of Australian democracy, Kerry Packer once told me, 'Governments are there to do things for you, not to you.'

Phillip Adams has been close to governments of various persuasions for over fif

Adams, Phillip (ed)

Behind the Lines The Year's Best Cartoons 2014

Behind the Lines 2014: The Year's Best Political Cartoons is a celebration of Australian political cartooning. Relive the major highlights and events of Tony Abbott's first year as prime minister, including the first coalition budget and its

Australia, National Museum of

Behind the Lines: The Year's Best Cartoons 2011

Behind the Lines: The Years Best Cartoons is a celebration of the best Australian political cartoons and illustrations collected by the National Museum of Australia in 2011. Relive the major events of the year including the debate over carbo

National Museum of Australia

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2011

Radcliffe, Russ

Bewitched and Bedevilled

Bewitched and Bedevilled looks at the reasons Julia Gillard, our first female Prime Minister, was so vehemently attacked, the varied reactions to being a female prime minister, her unfortunate position at the receiving end of a barrage of se

Trenoweth, Samantha

Bringing the House Down

The only thing that kept me sane, well reasonably sane, during 20 years "hard labor" was the hilarious things that my erstwhile colleagues became involved in. Not every pollie was as witty as Gough Whitlam, Jim Killen, Jim Cope, Mick Young,

Cohen, Barry

Craft of Governing

Davis, Glyn, Rhodes, R. A. W.

Downfall: How the Labor Party Ripped Itself Apart
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It's the biggest and most puzzling story in Australian politics: how did the Australian Labor Party go from a thumping win in 2007 to facing annhilation in the forthcoming election? Other books have pointed to a lack o

Patrick, Aaron

For The True Believers
Launched 22/11 Sydney, 30/11 Canberra 480

Graham Freudenberg, Australia's greatest speechwriter, says "the Australian Labor Party was built on speeches." This book brings together great Labor speeches which give voice to the party's enduring val

Bramston, Troy

Independent Member for Lyne
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From deep inside the last Parliament, Rob Oakeshott reveals the real story of being an independent during the Gillard government. From his apprenticeship in the NSW Parliament to the last days of the Gillard government

Oakeshott, Rob

Make a Difference

Packed with practical advice, opinion and essential information about how to lobby, as well as with interesting political and historical facts, this is an indispensable handbook for anyone in our nation who seeks to understand or participate in

Barnett, Guy

Power Failure

One of the most bitterly contested political issues of recent times has been climate change, and how - or indeed, whether - Australia should act to mitigate its effects. Different policy approaches have been developed and discarded by both m

Chubb, Philip

Rudd's Way

Based on an extensive series of detailed and off-the-record interviews, Nicholas Stuart ? Kevin Rudd's biographer and the author of an acclaimed study into the 2007 election ? provides a critical examination of Labor in office and of the key

Stuart Nicholas

Year My Politics Broke

In a world of global information flow and almost organic interconnection, the influence of traditional 'government' may be on the wane. For now, this spreads a sense of disconnection. Distrust. A lack of faith. It may soon resolve into a sen

Green, Jonathan