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100 Best Poems for Children
colour illustrations, index 144

This is a collection of the very best poems for children, edited by Roger McGough. A wonderful collection of contemporary and classic poems chosen by children from schools around the UK. Roger McGough made the fin

Moxley, Sheila, McGough, Roger

Cautionary Verses
Red Fox Poetry Books 357 pages.

A classic for children and adults alike since its first publication in 1939, this collection of poems is a book of moral instruction. Take heed from the lessons learnt by Matilda, Who told lies and was Burned to D

Belloc, Hilaire

Children's Treasury of Poems
full colour illustrations 32

What child's bookshelf is complete without a superbly illustrated collection of classic poems? This exquisitely produced anthology will become a beloved family favourite. Featuring the most renowned creators of child

Bleck, Linda

Collected Poems for Children: Macmillan Classics Edition
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 496

'Church bells ought to greet the arrival of Causley's Collected Poems for Children is so plum-pudding-rich in delight' Children's Books History Society A beautiful hardback edition of Charles Causley's Collected

Causley, Charles

Complete Book of the Flower Fairies
col. Illustrations 192

When in 1923 Cicely Mary Barker created the first of "The Flower Fairies" books, "Flower Fairies of the Spring", this unassuming artist could have had little idea of the immense popularity that "The Flower Fairies Series"

Barker, Cicely Mary

Dirty Beasts
colour throughout 36

Dirty Beasts is a collection of hilarious animal rhymes from the World's NUMBER ONE Storyteller! Reissued in the exciting new Roald Dahl branding. A collection of (mainly) grisly beasts out for human blood, ranging from Gock

Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin

Emily Dickinson
211(Ht mm) 236(Wdt mm) 48

Let your children discover the works of poet Emily Dickinson in "Emily Dickinson."As the premier title in the Poetry for Kids series, " Emily Dickinson" introduces children to the works of poet Emily Dickinson. Poet, pr

Dickinson, Emily, Snively, Susan, Davenier, Christine

Foot In The Mouth
Hardback , 250 x 250mm. 64

Janeczko, Paul B.(Ed.); Raschka, Chris

Gargling with Jelly: A Collection of Poems

Gargling with Jelly by Brian Patten, one of our best-loved poets. Hilarious, lyrical, outrageous and serious poems all rub shoulders in this collection. Naughty children with nasty habits, cartoon heroes that come to life, lonely caretakers,

Patten, Brian, Riddell, Chris

Guinea Pig Town and Other Animal Poems

Marwood, Lorraine

Hate that Cat
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 176

02 In this sequel to the Carnegie Honour Book 'Love that Dog', Jack is back at school and thankfully Miss Stretchberry, who inspired his passion for creating poetry last year, is his teacher again. A gorgeous celebrati

Creech, Sharon

Hugging the Rock
Paperback , 198 x 129mm.

When Rachel's mum runs away from home, Rachel retreats into herself - away from her father who has always kept his distance, away from school, and away from her best friend. Rachel's mum used to say that her dad was a r

Brown, Susan Taylor

Illustrated Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
illustrations 128

Cats! Some are sane, and some are mad. Some are good, and some are bad...The original Old Possum's illustrations have been lovingly restored and are showcased in this beautiful new hardback edition, perfect for children and Eli

Eliot, T. S., Bentley, Nicolas

Jungle Jingles

The python can unlock its doors. To gape as wide as double doors. Quiet! Don't move a muscle...Look! Through that gap in the jungle...See! There are real live animals in these poems. Read carefully and you may learn a thing or two. What happe

King-Smith, Dick

Letterbox Cat & Other Poems
colour illustrations 96

Well-known poet and author Paula Green combines with the talents of Myles Lawford to create a unique poetry book for children.

Green, Paula, Lawford, Myles

Little Book of Poems for Young Children
Hardback 96 pages.

Offers a selection of poems ranging from Shakespeare to Spike Milligan, from bouncy limericks to beautiful nature poems and stories. This illustrated anthology contains poems that cover different themes and moods, and are chos


Love That Dog
196(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 112

Creech, Sharon

Nearly Impossible Dreams and Other Poems

Nearly Impossible Dreams is a unique poetry book written by talented 10 year old author, Tara Finn. It includes a collection of works composed by Tara between the ages of 8 to 10 years old. Not only does Tara love to play with words but she u

Finn, Tara, Harris, Michelle

New and Collected Poems for Children
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 288

A beautiful edition of this complete collection of the UK Poet Laureate's poetry for children. 'In the world of British poetry, Carol Ann Duffy is a superstar.' (Guardian) This stellar edition of her poems bring

Duffy, Carol Ann

Nonsense Limericks
178(Ht mm) 111(Wdt mm) 160

A charming edition featuring just the hilarious, bizarre and delightfully bonkers limericks from Edward Lear's Nonsense Verse, including gems such as 'There was a Young Lady whose nose, Was so long that it re

Lear, Edward

Out and About: A First Book of Poems
260(Ht mm) 215(Wdt mm) 56

In this wonderful collection of poems, by best-loved and Kate Greenaway Medal-winner, Shirley Hughes, Katie and her little brother Olly go out and about, romping through the changing seasons. They take pleasure in the

Hughes, Shirley

Revolting Rhymes

I bet you think you know this story. You don't. The real one's much more gory. From Cinderella and Goldilocks to Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, wicked beasts, brazen crooks and a ghastly giant star in these hilarious nurser

Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin

Songs and Verse
Paperback 192 pages.

Includes seven themed sections with monsters, ghastly children, magical creatures, unpleasant adults and a few surprises.

Dahl, Roald