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Ancient Egypt
Eyewitness S. 72 pages.

A guide that contains facts and gives various information about Ancient Egypt. It helps see inside the Great Pyramid at Giza and discover how Tutankhamun's tomb was found. It is suitable for projects or just for fun. It i

Dorling Kindersley

Do Not Open
Paperback , 242 x 210mm. 256

This title presents the unexplained, the unreal, the unusual, the unthinkable, the undead - now in paperback. Let your child in on some incredible truths about mind-boggling confidential secrets and conspiracy theori

John Farndon

Do You Know the Most Scary, Hairy, Creepy Insects and Spiders - in the World?

Jackson, Tom

Rock and Mineral
Eyewitness S. 72 pages.

A guide that contains facts and offers information about rocks and minerals. It offers topics ranging from how our landscapes evolved, to mineral mining and how diamonds and precious stones are cut. It includes a clip-art

Dorling Kindersley

illustrations 64

Immerse yourself in one of history's greatest empires and discover gladiator fights, emperors and some amazing buildings that still exist today.

Wilkinson, Wilkinson, Philip


Provides a comprehensive look at the history of skyscrapers throughout the world, from the Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower to New York's Empire State Building and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. By the award-winning creator

Curlee, Lynn