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And Yet...
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 320

Christopher Hitchens was an unparalleled, prolific writer, who raised the polemical essay to a new art form, over a lifetime of thinking and debating the defining issues of our times. As an essayist he contributed to t

Hitchens, Christopher

Arguably - Love and War, God and Mammon
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 304

He raises hackles or receives resounding cheers, he's loved or hated but never ignored. Christopher Hitchens is possibly the most provocative writer of our time, fearless and forthright with no subject off limits. This

Hitchens, Christopher

Best Australian Essays 2012
210(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 320

Koval Ramona (ed)

Best Australian Essays 2016

Agile hard-hitting, symphonic - Australia has much to celebrate in its non-fiction writing. Geordie Williamson gathers the Best Australian Essays in his role as editor for a second year. Expect an enthralling mix of evocation and ideas, poli

Williamson, Geordie

Bit Rot

Bit Rot is a gem of the digital age. Reading Bit Rot feels a lot like bingeing on Netflix can't stop with just one. 'Bit rot' is a term used in digital archiving to describe the way digital files can spontaneously and quickly decompos

Coupland, Douglas

Brief Encounters: Literature and Beyond
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Nandan, Satendra

Changing My Mind : Occasional Essays

How did George Eliot's love life affect her prose? Why did Kafka write at three in the morning? In what ways is Barack Obama like Eliza Doolittle? Can you be over-dressed for the Oscars? What is Italian Feminism? If Roland Barthes killed the

Smith, Zadie

Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Whyte, David

Cushion in the Road
240(Ht mm) 162(Wdt mm) 368

The Cushion in the Road is a collection of wide-ranging meditations on the human race's intertwined personal, spiritual and political destinies. It revisits the many themes that the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, poe


Dreaming Too Loud

An incisive and witty collection of Geoffrey Robertson's best writings and speeches. The satirical magazine Private Eye has described Geoffrey Robertson as 'an Australian who's had a voice transplant'. Robertson explains: 'In my first ap

Robertson, Geoffrey

Drowned And The Saved

Shortly after completing The Drowned and the Saved, Primo Levi committed suicide. The manner of his death was sudden, violent and unpremeditated, and there are some who argue that he killed himself because he was tormented by guilt - guilt t

Levi, Primo

Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness

The incomparable Rebecca Solnit, author of more than a dozen acclaimed books of nonfiction, brings the same dazzling writing to the twenty-nine essays in The Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness. As the title suggests, the territory of S

Solnit, Rebecca

First Place

A collection of personal essays and writing from David Malouf to celebrate his 80th birthday. Topography, geography, history. Multiculturalism, referendums, the constitution and national occasions. Parental and grandparental romances, the

Malouf, David

Givenness Of Things
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Robinson has plumbed the depths of the human spirit in her trilogy of novels - Pulitzer Prize-winning Gilead, Orange-Prize winning Home and National Book Critics Circle Award-winning Lila - and in her moving essay collection

Robinson, Marilynne

Golden Door

Where were you when John F. Kennedy was shot? Today the answer more often than not is going to be 'not born'. You have to be some way past 45 to know where you were when Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963. A generation later, you could ask

Gill, A.A.

Hall of Uselessness : Collected Essays
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 464

A new paperback edition of this essential collection of essays from an eminent critic.

Simon Leys' cultural and political commentary has spanned four decades, with no corner of the arts escaping his sharp eye

Leys Simon

Happy Reader 4

This book is suitable for avid readers and the uninitiated alike, this is a chance to reengage with classic literature and to stay inspired and entertained. The concept of the magazine is simple: the first half is a long-form interview with a


Happy Reader 7

For avid readers and the uninitiated alike, this is a chance to reengage with classic literature and to stay inspired and entertained. The concept of the magazine is simple: the first half is a long-form interview with a notable book fanatic

Penguin Classics

How to be Alone
200 x 130mm. 306

Passionate, independent-minded nonfiction from the international bestselling author of 'The Corrections'. Jonathan Franzen's 'The Corrections' was the best-loved and most written-about novel of 2001. Nearly every in-depth review

Franzen, Jonathan

How to Read a Novelist

John Freeman, author and editor of Granta magazine, has interviewed nearly every name in fiction and the literary world. In this collection Freeman has compiled the most insightful and fascinating of his interviews, essays and articles. Paul

Freeman, John

Idea of Home: Boyer Lectures 2011

For the Boyer Lecture 2011, best-selling author and journalist Geraldine Brooks tackles the topic of At Home in the World. Drawing on her personal experience from being an adolescent pen pal to being a foreign correspondent in some of the wo

Brooks, Geraldine

If This Isn't Nice What Is?, (Much) Expanded Second Edition

Best known as one of America's most astonishing and enduring contemporary novelists, Kurt Vonnegut was also a celebrated commencement address giver. If This Isn't Nice, What Is? collects the speeches and words of wisdom Vonnegut has shared w

Vonnegut, Kurt

Informed Air
black & white illustrations 352

A fantastic essayist, the inimitable Muriel Spark addresses here the writing life; love; cats; favorite writers (T. S. Eliot, Robert Burns, the Brontes, Mary Shelley); Piero della Francesca; life in wartime London

Spark, Muriel

Insurgent Intellectual
col. Illustrations 268

With a distinguished career spanning more than four decades, Professor Desmond Ball is one of the world's greatest scholars of strategy and defence, Australia's home-grown giant. In this collection of essays, leading polit

Taylor, Brendan (Australian National University), Farrelly, Nicholas, Lee, Sheryn

It Strikes Me : Collected Essays 1994 - 2010

Peter Ryan, author of several books including the World War II memoir Fear Drive My Feet has recently published It Strikes Me, a selection of 55 essays from Quadrant magazine. Having written a "column" for Quadrant over the last 18 years the co

Peter Ryan

Letters To Poseidon

I had been looking for someone to write to for a long time, but how does a man write letters to a god? From his Mediterranean garden on the island of Menorca, Cees Nooteboom writes to the trident-wielding deity, Poseidon, initiating a dialo

Nooteboom, Cees, Watkinson, Laura

Life, Literature, Legends
Collected Essays 1996-2011 320

Reading one of Sophie Masson's books is like standing on top of a lonely mountain at midnight, under a star-filled sky: her work has that same sense of clarity, magic and mystery.

Masson, Sophie

Making It Up As I Go Along

Welcome to the magnificent Making It Up as I Go Along - aka the World According to Marian Keyes(TM) - A bold, brilliant book bursting with Marian's hilarious and heartfelt observations on modern life, love and much, much else besides. Such

Keyes, Marian

Men Explain Things to Me
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 192

A collection of essays on feminism, from one of the most important and original public intellectuals writing today. Rebecca Solnit's essay 'Men Explain Things to Me' has become a touchstone of the feminist movement, in

Solnit, Rebecca


'I've lived through ten iOS upgrades on my Mac - and that's just something I use to muck about on Twitter. Surely capitalism is due an upgrade or two?' When Caitlin Moran sat down to choose her favourite pieces for her new book she realised

Moran, Caitlin

No Enemies, No Hatred

When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on December 10, 2010, its recipient, Liu Xiaobo, was in Jinzhou Prison, serving an eleven-year sentence for what Beijing called "incitement to subvert state power." In Oslo, actress Liv Ullmann read a l

Liu, Xiaobo, Link, Perry, Martin-Liao, Tienchi, Liu, Xia, Havel, Vaclav

On Indignation
Hardback , 150mm. 96

Don, Watson

On Listening: Penguin Special
177(Ht mm) 110(Wdt mm) 64

'If you're quiet enough, quiet as a tree, people will camp beneath your branches and tell you stories you would never otherwise hear.' Martin Flanagan shares how listening has been an essential part of his life from whe

Flanagan, Martin

Point of View

21st century Britain: a point of view from our fiercest and funniest critic The BBC Radio 4 series A Point of View has been on the air since 2007. Clive James was one of the most popular presenters, and now, for the first time, his original

James, Clive

Promise of Science Boyer 2014

Professor Cory is not just a scientist: she is a humanist, an environmentalist, and an unremitting optimist. Cory's Boyer Lecture series reflects her hope for a bright future. In The Promise of Science: A Vision of Hope, Professor Cory explo

Cory, Suzanne

210(Ht mm) 160(Wdt mm) 256

Provocateurs Will Self and Ralph Steadman join forces in this post-millennial meditation on the vexed relationship between psyche and place in a globalised world, bringing together for the first time the very best of t

Self, Will, Steadman, Ralph


Quicksilver begins on a quiet day in contemplation of a lizard deep in the heart of the outback but quickly moves to the Russia of Tolstoy and Gorky, and on to other lands and times, bringing into play universal questions about the essential

Rothwell, Nicolas

Second Plane
Hardback 224 pages.

Includes essays and reviews about September 11. This book provides an account of the author's travels with Tony Blair in 2007 - to Belfast, to Washington, and to Baghdad and Basra.

Amis, Martin

Shaking Hands With Death

Why we all deserve a life worth living and a death worth dying for 'Most men don't fear death. They fear those things - the knife, the shipwreck, the illness, the bomb - which precede, by microseconds if you're lucky, and many years if you're

Pratchett, Terry

Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog (Etc)

Delia Ephron brings her trademark wit and effervescent prose to a series of unforgettable, moving and provocative essays. The emotional lynchpin is the author's stirring, eloquent response to the death of Nora Ephron, her older sister and f

Ephron, Delia

So Sad Today: personal essays

So sad today? Many are. Melissa Broder is too. How and why did she get to be so sad? And should she stay sad? She asks herself these questions over and over here, turning them into a darkly mesmerising and strangely uplifting reading experi

Broder, Melissa

Three Battles of Wanat
234(Ht mm) 156(Wdt mm) 496

Ranging from war journalism to crime stories to profiles on influential leaders to pieces on sports, gambling and the impending impact of supercomputers on the practice of medicine, this collection is Bowden at his bes

Bowden, Mark

Through the Window

In these seventeen essays (and one short story) the 2011 Man Booker Prize winner examines British, French and American writers who have meant most to him, as well as the cross-currents and overlappings of their different cultures. From the d

Barnes, Julian

Tuscan Places

O'Grady, Desmond

View from the Ground
221(Ht mm) 146(Wdt mm) 400

If you want to know about writing, about how to make others share the horror and intensity of an experience, try the first piece in this collection, Justice at Night. Martha Gellhorn wrote it as a 28-year-old, having j

Gellhorn, Martha

When the Facts Change Essays 1995 - 2010

This is a great thinker's final testament: a characteristically wise and forthright collection of essays from the author of Postwar and Thinking the Twentieth Century, spanning a career of extraordinary intellectual engagement. Edited and in

Judt, Tony