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50 Fabulous Curries

Fragrant or fiery, simple or spicy, sweet or sour; curries are enjoyed the world over. Filled with simple and authentic recipes, from the coriander-infused beef curries of Thailand to the aromatic vegetable curries of India, 50 Fabulous Curr

Passmore, Jacki

Adam Liaw's Asian Cookery School

ADAM LIAW'S ASIAN COOKERY SCHOOL is your guide to simple and traditional Asian home cooking. More than just a recipe book, it will teach you about the ingredients and techniques of the Asian kitchen for a complete understanding of how you ca

Liaw, Adam

Asia Express
255(Ht mm) 205(Wdt mm) 224

Marion Grasby is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her Mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her Dad). Her love of food and travel became ingrained at an early age as her globe-trotting parents lived and travelled

Grasby, Marion

Asian After Work

Asian After Work is a cookbook for busy people. Taking a simple and practical approach, and using easy-to-find ingredients, Adam Liaw shows how anyone can create authentic and affordable Asian dishes at home without spending hours in the kit

Liaw, Adam

Bali : The Food of My Island Home

When Janet De Neefe travelled to Bali 26 years ago she fell in love - not only with a man, but also with the island's fascinating culture, warm people and mouth-watering food. Since then, Janet has been collecting Balinese recipes, teaching loc

De Neefe, Janet

China: The Cookbook

The definitive cookbook bible of the world's most popular and oldest cuisine In the tradition of bestsellers including Mexico and The Nordic Cookbook comes the next title in the multimillion-selling national cuisine series, China: The Cookbo

Chan, Kei Lum, Fong Chan, Diora

Curry Bible
Paperback 264 pages.


Dumpling Sisters Cookbook

'The Dumpling Sisters are super cute, they know how to cook, they've got good flavours goin' on!' JAMIE OLIVER Amy and Julie Zhang have been entertaining and educating their thousands of followers on YouTube with their recipes for deliciousl

The Dumpling Sisters, Zhang, Amy, Zhang, Julie

Flavors of Indonesia

Thrilling, enjoyable and essential reading - Anthony Bourdain. The quintessential tastes of Indonesia are rich yet subtle, complex yet elegant. Each region of Indonesia is home to a distinctive cuisine, many of which trace back to the marvel

Wongso, William W.

Food and Cooking of Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines
Colour 512

The cuisines of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines are among some of the most exciting and popular in the world. This superb book begins with a look at the customs, feasts and festivals of each country. Following this

Basan, Ghillie, Tan, Terry, Laus, Vilma

Hey There, Dumpling!

Kenny Lao has been making dumplings for 30 years--in homes, food trucks and restaurants across America. He has made dumplings at large family parties, in professional kitchens with Michelin-star chefs and even with rap mogul P. Diddy. With e

Lao, Kenny


Founded in 1982 by Mr Peng, Hunan is a legendary London restaurant which attracts customers from all over the world. At Hunan, diners don't choose u they simply say what they don't eat and how spicy they like their food. Mr Peng then does



There's a great buzz around Korean food right now, as more and more people experience the fantastic, robust flavours of both classic Korean cooking and the Ameri-Korean strand that has developed from it. There are no better authors than Da-H

Da-Hae and Gareth West

Land of Fish and Rice
246(Ht mm) 189(Wdt mm) 368

Exquisite recipes from Shanghai and the Lower Yangtze region, by internationally renowned Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop The Lower Yangtze region or Jiangnan, with its modern capital Shanghai, has been known since

Dunlop, Fuchsia

Little Taste of Japan
Paperback 256

No Author Provided

Malaysian Cooking

Carol Selva Rajah, a well respected authority and dedicated educator in the field of Asian culinary culture, honors her childhood memories of sweet-smelling and fragrant kitchen aromas in her newest Asian cookbook, "Malaysian Cooking."


Selva Rajah, Carol, Kawana, Masano, Thompson, David (University of Sheffield University of Southampton, England Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, UK University of Southampton, England Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, UK University of

Myanmar: Cuisine, Culture & Customs

From the quiet simplicity of Myanmar's rural towns to the bustle of modern day Yangon, this book captures the sights, sounds and flavours of a country that has until recent years, been isolated from the rest of the world.Best described as a

Gill, Mohana

Pok Pok
100 Colour Photos 272

A guide to bold, authentic Thai cooking from Andy Ricker, the chef and owner of the wildly popular and widely lauded Pok Pok restaurants. After decades spent traveling throughout Thailand, Andy Ricker wanted to bring the co

Ricker, Andy, Goode, J. J.

Ramen Noodle Cookbook

The Ramen Noodle Cookbook celebrates the latest Japanese food craze that is hitting countries all over the world. Containing 40 traditional recipes and modern makeovers of the classic Japanese noodle soup, this book is perfect for the home c

Benton, Nell

Real Vietnamese Cooking
Full colour photography throughout 384

Real Vietnamese Cooking is a culinary voyage through this unique country. It samples the memorable meals found everywhere from street stalls, countryside eateries, bia hois and family gatherings, covering t

Lister, T and Pohl, A

Silk Series: Japanese

From our new series the Silk Series we bring internationally acclaimed author Hideo Dekura who has taught Japanese cooking all over the world to students and chefs working in 5 star restuarants on the techinques of cooking Japanese cusine. T

Dekura, Hideo

Simply Ramen
261(Ht mm) 210(Wdt mm) 176

Make delicious and healthy homemade ramen noodle recipes fast and easy! Love homemade ramen but don't want to spend ages looking for remote ingredients and preparing it? Simply Ramen brings delicious, homemade ramen to

Kimoto-Kahn, Amy

South - East Asian Soups
Over 200 photographs 96

Throughout south-east Asia, soups and broths are designed to cleanse the mouth and refresh the palate. Bowls of steaming broth are often served alongside the main course, so that diners can slurp a spoonful of soup in bet

Tan, Terry

Spice I Am

In this much anticipated cookbook Sydney-based Thai chef Sujet Saenkham shares his family recipes for the fresh flavours of regional Thai cooking so you can enjoy authentic Thai food at home. Leave the Thai takeaway menus in your kitchen dra

Saenkham Sujet

Street Food Asia
Full colour photography 288

Join Luke Nguyen on his latest adventure through the bustling and fragrant backstreets of Asia. Through Saigon and Jakarta, to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, Nguyen uncovers the hidden locations and secret eats of four ver

Nguyen, Luke

Tokyo Cult Recipes
262(Ht mm) 208(Wdt mm) 272

A celebration of food, culture and place, here are 100 dishes from Tokyo, the gastronomic megacity. There are recipes for miso, sushi, soba noodles, bentos, sushi, fried rice, Japanese tapas, desserts, cakes and sweets

Murota, Maori

Vietnamese Bible

Vietnam's cuisine is a captivating fusion of age-old flavours and the sometimes surprising colonial influences of French and Chinese cooking - yet its personality and style is uniquely Vietnamese, characterised by an abundance of fresh herbs


Vietnamese Street Food Global Edition

Stepping onto the streets of Vietnam is like entering a big, bustling kitchen - everywhere, something is being rolled, boiled, steamed, or fried; pots of hot, fragrant pho sit over coal burners and balls of peanut-studded sticky rice are ste

Lister, T and Pohl, A

Zen Kitchen

We love Japanese food. It's fast, healthy, easy and delicious. There's a reason Japan has some of the longest-lived, healthiest and most food-loving people on the planet. The secret is simple preparation of good ingredients, which makes Japa

Liaw, Adam

Zenbu Zen
col. Illustrations 288

"In this collection of superb Japanese recipes, food writer and Japanophile Jane Lawson captures the restorative power of Japanese food. Finding herself stressed and unhappy, Jane retreats to peaceful Kyoto to seek balance

Lawson, Jane