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Best Food Writing 2010

A new edition of the authoritative and appealing anthology, comprised of the finest culinary prose from the past years books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and Web sites. With food writing and blogging on the rise, theres no shortage

Hughes, Holly

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love
228(Ht mm) 152(Wdt mm) 352

Award-winning journalist Simran Sethi explores the history and cultural importance of our most beloved tastes, paying homage to the ingredients that give us daily pleasure, while providing a thoughtful wake-up call to

Sethi, Simran

Building a Meal
illustrations 152

An internationally renowned chemist, popular television personality, and bestselling author, Herve This heads the first laboratory devoted to molecular gastronomy - the scientific exploration of cooking and eating. By testing r

This, Herve, DeBevoise, Malcolm

Campaign for Domestic Happiness Great Food

Firmly of the belief that a home should be run as an efficient military campaign, Mrs Beeton, the doyenne of English cookery, offers timeless tips on selecting cuts of meat, throwing a grand party and hosting a dinner, as well as giving sugg

Beeton, Isabella

Carluccio Recipe Folder


Chef at War Great Food

The flamboyant Frenchman Alexis Soyer was the most renowned chef in Victorian England. This is his colourful account of his time at the front in the Crimean War, where he joined British troops in order to improve the quality of the food they

Soyer, Alexis

Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse
Colour Inserts 288

In an old farmhouse on the slopes of a mountain lying between Tregaron and Aberystwyth, Elisabeth Luard brings the produce of the land into her kitchen and turns it into delicious food. This book is her response to the changes

Luard, Elisabeth

Cooking - the Quintessential Art
California Studies in Food & Culture 354

From its intriguing opening question - "How can we reasonably judge a meal?" - to its rewarding conclusion, this beautiful book picks up where Brillat-Savarin left off almost two centuries ago. Herve This

This, Herve, Gagnaire, Pierre

Elizabeth David Classics
Hardback , 208 x 137mm. 672

This volume contains three of Elizabeth David's most popular cookery books: "Mediterranean Food", "French Country Cooking" and "Summer Cooking".

David, Elizabeth

Ethical Carnivore
18 black and white artworks 320

Celebrity chefs, from Jamie Oliver to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, all dictate we should know exactly where our meat comes from. So what if you took this modern day maxim to its logical conclusion? What if you onl

Gray, Louise

Exciting Food for Southern Types Great Food

Pellegrino Artusi is the original icon of Italian cookery, whose legendary 1891 book "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" defined its national cuisine and is still a bestseller today. He was also a passionate gastronome, renow

Artusi, Pellegrino


Imagine a plate of crisp, golden, salted fries, and you'll know why this is the world's favorite food. Who better to write the consummate cultural history and user's guide of the fry than Blake Lingle, whose fries were recently voted the bes

Lingle, Blake

From Absinthe to Zest : An Alphabet for Food Lovers Great Food

As well as being the author of "The Three Musketeers", Alexandre Dumas was also an enthusiastic gourmand and expert cook. His "Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine", published in 1873, is an encyclopaedic collection of ingredients, recipes and anec

Dumas, Alexandre

From Suet to Saffron

From Suet to Saffron is the story of one of those rare and unique publications that has survived for over a century. It is the history of a book that has never been out of print since it was first published in 1904. Much loved and valued by

Bligh, Fiona

Good Food, Great Business
2-colour images, line art throughout 224

For those ready to follow their foodie dreams (or at least start thinking about it), this book provides the tools to decide if creating a specialty food business is right for you. Whether the goal is sell

Wyshak, Susie

Gordon Ramsay's Playing With Fire
197(Ht mm) 130(Wdt mm) 320

The bestselling follow-up to Humble Pie, now in paperback. When he was struggling to get his first restaurant in the black, Gordon Ramsay never imagined he'd be famous for a TV show about how to run profitable eateries

Ramsay, Gordon

Gumbo Tales
Paperback , 250 x 150mm. 304

In "Gumbo Tales" Sara Roahen celebrates New Orleans' food culture, one speciality at a time. A cocktail is more than a segue to dinner when it's a Sazerac, an anise-laced drink of rye whiskey and bitters indigenous t

Roahen, Sara

Paperback 320 pages.

An anthology bringing together the major English and French nineteenth-century writings on the arts and pleasures of the table for students of cultural studies. This book examines the theories of ettiquette and food connoiss

Gigante, Denise

Harvest of the Cold Months

"A splendid tale of human ingenuity in the service of taste, sedulously researched and told with great flair." (Loyd Grossman "Sunday Times") Author of such cookery classics as "Italian Food and French Provincial Cooking", Elizabeth David (1

David, Elizabeth

High Season

High Season is the story of Jim Hearn, a working-class boy made good - and very, very bad. It's a tale about living on the edge, restaurant kitchens, drugs and addiction. And it's a story of waking up from a heroin hell to discover real love

Hearn, Jim

History of Food in 100 Recipes
216(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 352

Find here the ingredients, cooks, techniques and tools that have shaped our love of food in this lavishly illustrated book. The history of food and cooking is the history of civilisation. In today's world we can get fo

Sitwell, William

In a French Kitchen: Tales and Traditions of Everyday Home Cooking in France

A delightful celebration of everyday life in France through the lens of the kitchens and cooking of the author s neighbors, who, while busy and accomplished, still manage to make every meal a sumptuous occasion. Even before Susan Herrmann L

Loomis, Susan Herrmann

Life from Scratch

It was a culinary journey like no other: Over the course of 195 weeks, food writer and blogger Sasha Martin set out to cook - and eat - a meal from every country in the world. As cooking unlocked the memories of her rough-and-tumble childhoo

Martin, Sasha

Luxury Collection Epicurean Journeys

Take a culinary journey of the world's most beloved food destinations, curated by internationally celebrated chefs. With over eighty hotels featured, from New York to Vietnam, India to Peru, no region of the world is left untasted. Showcasin


McGee on Food and Cooking

A blend of chemistry, history and anecdote that renders the everyday miracles of the kitchen wondrous and fascinating, shedding light on questions that have puzzled generations of cooks.

McGee, Harold

My Year Without Meat

When food writer Richard Cornish was so overcome by the aroma of the roast leg of lamb he had buckled into the passenger seat next to him that he pulled over to the side of the road and tore it apart with his bare hands, he knew he had a pro

Cornish, Richard

198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 168

'McPhee is a grand master of narrative non-fiction.' - Guardian John McPhee takes us on a remarkable journey in search of oranges, beginning with the origins of the fruit in Southeast Asia, he unravels the rich history

McPhee, John

Our Recipe Journal

Tired of rummaging through the kitchen drawer to find a scrap of paper with grandma's apple pie recipe on it? Want to recreate that delicious birthday cake that was such a huge hit last year? Need an at-a-glance reference for roasting times,

Ryland Peters & Small

Prick with a Fork
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 312

If a bad attitude could be subject to copyright, my ten years as a waiter would have left me obscenely wealthy. Working the floor, I was the Kerry Packer of passive aggression. Sullen insolence was my personal trademar

Dubecki, Larissa

200 colour illustrations 224

Fusing understated elegance and relaxed chic, fashion designer Marie France van Damme reveals the secrets of successful, sophisticated and stress-free entertainment on a budget. Five chapters Flowers, Candles, The Ta

Van Damme, Marie France, Ypma, Herbert

Squirrel Pie (and Other Stories)
Author's own B&W illustrations throughout 400

'Sacrilegious to say it but Elizabeth Luard even beats Elizabeth David. Exquisite writing and wonderful food, and funny too' Prue Leith 'Elisabeth Luard proves that no matter where you are, there is

Luard, Elisabeth

Tales of Risotto Culinary Adventures from Villa dEste

Parolari Luciano

Ten (Food) Commandments: Penguin Special

Britain's culinary Moses brings us the new foodie rules to live by, celebrating what and how we eat. The Ten Commandments may have had a lot going for them, but they don't offer those of us located in the 21st Century much in the way of guid

Rayner, Jay

Paperback 247 pages.

This is Nigel Slater's truly extraordinary story of his childhood remembered through food. Nigel's likes and dislikes, aversions and sweet-toothed weaknesses form a fascinating and often amusing backdrop to this incredibly m

Slater, Nigel

Umbrian Supper Club
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 368

'A delight to read.' Italianicious.."New wine, new oil, all those chestnuts, fat porcini smelling of loam and the ages, figs dripping honey, the leaves on the vines gone yellow as saffron..."..Evocative and intimate, T

De Blasi, Marlena

Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell?

Why does cooking bacon smell so good? Can cheese really give you bad dreams? Why do onions make you cry? Find out the answers in this illustrated compendium of amazing and easy-to-understand chemistry. Featuring 58 different questions, you w

Brunning, Andy

Will Write for Food
229(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 368

For more than 15 years, writing coach, editor, and blogger Dianne Jacob has taught food lovers how to take their passion from the plate to the page. Now, Jacob has revised and updated her award-winning guide. Whether y

Jacob, Dianne

Will Write for Food
Paperback , 210 x 140mm. 352

The success of "Julie & Julia" highlights the newest trend in food writing: blogging. Noted journalist and food-writing instructor Dianne Jacob has revised her award-winning book to include a chapter covering all the

Jacob, Dianne

Year in the Valley : Seasons of Content
210(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm)

Year in the Valley is the lovely, new and updated version of widely acclaimed author Jackie French's journal of a year in the life of the Araluen Valley in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. It's a combination of m

French, Jackie