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Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden
100 colour & black-&-white illustrations 160

The Tuileries Garden is a masterpiece of garden design and one of the world's most iconic public art spaces. Designed for Louis XIV by landscape architect Andre Le Notre, it served the now-destroyed T

Fonkenell, Guillaume, Corey, Laura D., Deitz, Paula, Guenther, Bruce, Kennel, Sarah

Bonsai and Penjing
200 colour photographs 128

This book tells the awe-inspiring stories of bonsai and penjing trees in the collection of the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. It details their valuable role in international diplomacy and as instruments of Amer

McClellan, Ann

British Gardens
940 colour illustrations 464

Garden design began in West Asia and spread through Europe. This book tells how, in the British Isles, it flourished to an extraordinary degree. Following the historical method in Tom Turner's books on Asian gardens

Turner, Tom

Gardens of the Italian Lakes
illustrations 224

The gardens of the Italian Lakes are a favourite destination for garden lovers and groups. The gardens around Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, in the far north of Italy, are admired throughout the world for their beauty and variety

Desmond, Steven, Majerus, Marianne

Gardens of Venice and the Veneto
200 colour illustrations 224

The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto draws together an amazing variety of spellbinding garden retreats, from monastery gardens quietly cultivated in the islands of the lagoon to magnificent villas on the Brenta Canal

Condie, Jenny, Ramsay, Alex

Great Botanic Gardens of the World
Hardback , 260 x 220mm. 240

All life depends on plants but they are often taken for granted in our everyday lives. It is easy to ignore the fact that we are facing a crisis, with scientists estimating that one third of all flowering plant specie

Oldfield Sara

Great Gardens of Italy
Over 100 colour photographs 224

The gardens of Italy rank amongst the great treasures of the world. They have influenced and inspired almost every landscape designer and architect since the Renaissance yet they are not isolated historical artifa

Don, Monty, Moore, Derry

Japanese Stone Gardens
203(Ht mm) 203(Wdt mm)

The Japanese stone garden is an art form recognized around the globe. These gardens provide tranquil settings where visitors shed the burdens and stresses of everyday existence, satisfying a universal yearning for soli

Mansfield, Stephen and Richie, Donald(Foreword by)

Kyoto Gardens
colour photographs of 30 gardens 144

"Kyoto Gardens" is a labor of love from master photographer Ben Simmons and Kyoto-based writer Judith Clancy. Simmons' photographs present a fresh and contemporary look at Kyoto's most important gardens. Thei

Clancy, Judith, Simmons, Ben

New Garden Paradise
Hardback , 337 x 260mm. 464

A celebration in words and breathtaking images of 35 landscapes created for private clients by today's pre-eminent designers.

Browning, Dominique, House and Garden Magazine

Private Gardens of Paris
200 colour illustrations 192

Lying behind the urban facades of Paris is a hidden landscape. Whether grandiose or miniscule, highly manicured or exuberantly untended, these fifty secret gardens are rarely seen by casual passersby. Traditional Fre

Arnoux, d and Alexandra

Private Gardens of the Mediterranean
200 colour illustrations 192

From lush coastal estates or peaceful countryside havens to green oases amid the hustle and bustle of the city, celebrated landscape architect Jean Mus' lavish gardens - whether perched above the sea or nestling in t

Mus, Jean, McDowell, Dane

Shakespeare's Gardens
270(Ht mm) 227(Wdt mm) 176

Shakespeare's Gardens is a highly illustrated, informative book about the gardens that William Shakespeare knew as a boy and tended as a man, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of his death in Apri

Bennett, Jackie

ZEN Gardens
320 Colour Photographs and 110 Illustrations of 37 Master Gardens in Japan and Abroad 224

Shunmyo Masuno, Japan's leading garden designer, is at once Japan's most highly acclaimed landscape architect and an 18th-generation Zen Buddhist priest, p

Locher, Mira