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100 Ideas that Changed Advertising
300 colour illustrations 216

A chronicle of the key ideas that have shaped the adverts we see everyday, 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising offers a fascinating insight into an ever- changing and fast-moving industry. Arranged broadly chronologic

Veksner, Simon

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

New in the "100 Ideas that Changed..." series, this book demonstrates how ideas influenced and defined graphic design, and how those ideas have manifested themselves in objects of design. The 100 entries, arranged broadly in chronological or

Heller, Steven, Vienne, Veronique

1000 Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Graphics
col. Illustrations 440

This book provides a catalog of creative ideas for getting restaurant graphics right. This book offers designers hundreds of inspiring and innovative graphic options for identity, signage, installations, promotions, swag,

Herriott, Luke

Seeing the Alphabet Differently 66

"ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently" is a primer to seeing and understanding the visual world. From abstract to zeitgeist, the book uses the Latin alphabet to introduce ways of visualizing, thinking and ta

Ellis, Colleen

Abstract City
200 full colour illustrations, 1 6-page and 1 8-page gatefold 256

In July 2008, illustrator and designer Christopher Niemann began Abstract City, a visual blog for the New York Times. His posts were inspired by the desire to recreate for his rea

Niemann, Christoph

Advertising Concept Book

This is the third edition of the highly successful Advertising Concept Book. As well as substantially expanded chapters on interactive advertising and integrated advertising, an entirely new chapter on branded social media has been added. Th

Barry, Pete


Thanks to a fresh combination of drawings and photography, William Wondriska captured in this book the special delight that a young child feels when he does something ?all by myself? The protagonist of the book is the author?s daughter Alison W

Wondriska, William

Hardback 192 pages.

Bourquin, Nicholas, Sascha, Thoma, Wittner, Ben

Art of Looking Sideways
245 x 210mm. 533 pages.

The Art of Looking Sideways is a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the workings of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination. It is an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes, quotations, images, c

Fletcher Alan

Best Advertising Course in Town
137 colour 96

CPV provided a nursery for many of the major talents of the post-war advertising industry - account executives, copy writers and artists; and built up an impressive client list, including major players in the fashion, beauty and de

Artmonsky, Ruth

Best Practices for Graphic Designers. Grids and Page Layouts
250 colour illustrations 192

This unique, go-to guide for designers fully details the essential layout and design skills needed to succeed in this competitive industry. With fun and practical application, it offers valuable insight into strategy

Elements, LLC

Blown Covers
col. Illustrations 128

In an era of amped-up political speech and proliferating news outlets magazine covers still have the power to influence public opinion and even change minds. New Yorker covers under the art direction of Francois Mouly sinc

Mouly, Francoise


Alphabet legend: The complete reproduction of a typographical masterworkOfficial printer for the Duke of Parma, Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) declared that well-designed type derived its beauty from four principles: uniformity of design, s

Fussel, Stephan

1000 colour illustrations 320

Michael Johnson is one of the world s leading graphic designers and brand consultants. His studio, johnson banks, is responsible for the rebranding of many notable clients, including Virgin Atlantic, Think London, B

Johnson, Michael

Brian Cook's Landscapes of Britain
100 colour illustrations 128

The illustrations of Brian Cook from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s have become iconic. His heightened use of colour, in a flat colour poster style, is much imitated, but never surpassed. His jacket covers for the Bat

Cook, Brian

Carry This Book
144 144

With bright, quirky, and colorful line drawings, artist and comedienne Abbi Jacobson brings to life actual and imagined items found in the pockets and purses, bags and glove compartments of real and fantastical people - whether it's the

Jacobson, Abbi

Chartography: The Weird and Wonderful World of Infographics
charts, diagrames, colour illustrations, graphs, colour tables 144

Interesting Information + Slick Graphics = This Infographic Book This is the super-stylish book you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Packed with weird and wonderful visua

Wildish, Stephen

Chronology of Pattern - Pattern in Art from Lotus Flower to Flower Power
1000+, full colour throughout 448

The Chronology of Pattern is a glorious, highly illustrated look at the history of pattern from ancient times up to the present. The book draws the patterns from the worlds of textiles, paintings, manuscripts

Newall, Diana, Unwin, Christina

Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover

From Drop Caps to Deluxes, Penguin Creative Director Paul Buckley presents a visual overview of the innovative covers that have put Penguin Classics at the forefront of the book design world In "Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover," Paul Buckle

Buckley, Paul, Niffenegger, Audrey, Rotor, Elda

Complete Digital Illustration
illustrations 288

"Complete Digital Illustration" is an informative and practical guide to this in-demand area of design. Alongside step-by step tutorials, top image-makers from around the world provide real and practical advice on setting up a

Zeegen, Lawrence

Complete Manual of Typography : A Guide to Setting Perfect Type, Second Edition The

Beautifully designed and richly illustrated The Complete Manual of Typography, Second Edition, is the fully updated version of THE seminal book on typography by Jim Felici. This book is about how type should look and how to make it look that

Felici, Jim

Hardback 224 pages.

Heath Robinson was one of Britain's most successful graphic artists. His work has had a huge influence on comic art in this country, but also on the image and self-image of the British. He presented a vision of the British as

Robinson, Heath, Beare, Geoffrey C.

Create Your Own Website Using Wordpress in a Weekend

Having a website built can be complicated and expensive. For large businesses this is a necessary expense, but for an ever-increasing number of independents and small businesses it can easily be handled by the intrepid amateur. In "Create Yo

Moore, Alannah

Creative Illustration
illustrations 300

Divided into seven sections: Line, Tone, Color, Telling the Story, Creating Ideas, Fields of Illustration, and Experimenting and Studies, this book is filled with instructions, tips, insider experiences, and incredible illustra

Loomis, William, Loomis, Andrew

Design Origin

The second volume in the highly esteemed Design Origin series moves east to examine the best in visual communication coming out of Germany. As with the previous volume, featured creatives include household names as well as up and comers whos


Emigre Fonts
600 752

In 1985, Berkely-based graphic design company Emigre, the publisher of the legendary design magazine of the same name, launched one of the first independent digital type foundries to explore the new design possibilities offered by the Ma

Gingko Press

Flip the Script
100s of Illustrations 224

Distinctive hand style lettering is an essential skill for artists and designers. Deftly executed hand crafted letter forms are a nearly forgotten art in an age of endless free fonts. Graffiti is one of the last reservo

Acker, Christian P.


Tattoos, which were once an exclusively underground phenomenon, now have mass appeal. This evolution from sub-culture to mainstream has brought fresh ideas, tensions, and shifts with it, and traditionalists and innovators have staked out ver

Klanten, Robert, Schulze, Franz

Fox and the Star

From an award-winning designer comes an original fable about need and loss. Once there was a Fox who lived in a deep, dense forest. For as long as Fox could remember, his only friend had been Star, who lit the forest paths each night. But the

Bickford-Smith, Coralie

Game Changers

A celebration of "the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes" who have never stopped redefining the business of creative communications, this book marks the 60th birthday of the Cannes Lions Festival of Cr

Russell, Peter, Slingerland, Senta, Huffington, Arianna

Grafica Della Strada
440 colour images 264

After vino, pasta and cheese, signs are Italy's most iconic product. Italy is the birthplace of the Western alphabet and beautiful signs are everywhere. From stone inscriptions and reliefs to neon lighting and illuminated g

Fili, Louise

Graphic Design Exercise Book
illustrations 256

The Graphic Design Exercise Book provides a series of challenging design briefs that reignite a designer's creativity while also imparting new skills. Whatever their age or experience, graphic designers like to be creatively ch

Glaser, Jessica

Graphic Design Reference & Specification Book
190(Ht mm) 140(Wdt mm) 320

The Graphic Design Reference & Specification Book should always be next to a designer's computer. Completely practical with only the most needed information, this valuable book provides designers with all the little de

Evans, Poppy

Graphic Design School: Principles and Practices

Stewart, Sandra and Zempol, Eric

Graphic Design Visionaries
340 colour illustrations 312

Featuring 75 of the world's most influential designers, this book presents the story of graphic design through the fascinating personal stories and significant works that have shaped the field. Arranged in chronologi

Roberts, Caroline

Graphic Digits

Our days are are our currencies, streets and the pages of our books. Numbers are used to mark the passage of time, denote value and record location. here is very little they are not involved in...But perhaps it is time for a ma

Viction Workshop

History of British Magazine Design
200 Colour illustrations 240

This book is an investigation into the design and history of British magazines over the past 170 years. It identifies turning points and new directions in one of the most sensitive barometers of mass-market design ta

Quinn, Anthony

Hot Stuff Temporary Tattoos
4-colour illustrations 8

This matchbook folder filled with 25 temporary tattoos will add sparks to any situation. Delightfully naughty, the brassy and bawdy designs - handcuffs, kissmarks, and more - are perfect for bachelorette parties, the bed

O'Connell, Mitch

How to Create a Portfolio and Get Hired
260 colour illustrations 160

This book shows those embarking on an illustration or graphic design career how best to put together an effective, professional portfolio. It discusses what to include and how to organize and display the work, and al

Taylor, Fig

Indie Publishing
Paperback , 216 x 178mm. 176

Lupton, Ellen

Indie Rock Poster Book

Not only a book about indie rock music, it's also a guide to some of the coolest illustrators around, and it's for charity! From the authors of the successful Indie Rock Coloring Book, this for-charity poster book includes 30 (removeable and

Yellow Bird Project

Joy of Lettering
200 color & 150 b/w photos 144

With more than 50 tips, techniques, and lessons for creating beautiful illuminated letters and sophisticated lettering projects, The Joy of Lettering takes hand lettering to a whole new level. Gabri Joy Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Gabri Joy, Escalera, Jaclyn

Just My Type
Illustrations 352

"Just My Type" is not just a font book, but a book of stories. It is: about how Helvetica and Comic Sans took over the world; about why Barack Obama opted for Gotham, while Amy Winehouse found her soul in 30s Art Deco; about th

Garfield, Simon

Knives & Ink
4-color art throughout 208

Chefs take their tattoos almost as seriously as their knives. From gritty grill cooks in backwoods diners to the executive chefs at the world's most popular restaurants, it's hard to find a cook who doesn't sport some

Fitzgerald, Isaac, MacNaughton, Wendy

Letter Fountain

The anatomy of letters. Everything you could ever want to know about printing letters and numbers. Looking back as far as man's first efforts to communicate with visual signs and drawings, Letter Fountain is a completely unique typeface hand

Pohlen, Joep

Little Red Riding Hood
colour illustrations 52

A fresh take on a timeless fairy tale This stunning edition of the favorite fable about a little girl in red on her journey through the woods makes brilliant use of laser die-cut paper and silhouette-like illustrations to

Brothers Grimm, Schenker, Sybille, Bell, Anthea (Freelance translator)

Logolounge 7
2000 colour illustrations 192

This celebratory book, the seventh in the series, once again pays tribute to the brilliant work top designers around the world have created for a diverse clientele. This inspiring collection provides a wealth of ins

Gardner, Bill, Hellman, Anne

230(Ht mm) 230(Wdt mm) 252

What should Lolita look like? The question has dogged book-cover designers since 1955 when Lolita was first published in a plain green wrapper. The heroine of Vladimir Nabokov's classic novel has often been shown as a

Bertram, John

Lost Control
Paperback 192 pages.


Making Childhood Colorful
200 colour 240

This book exhibits several high-quality children's book designs from various countries, covering a wide variety of different styles. It presents not only beautiful, cute, and dynamic illustrations, but also a wide range of layout

Images Publishing Group

Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol
illustrations 136

Gather your family close, board up the doors, and heed well the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge - a man whom no fire could warm, whose cold heart pumped ice through his veins and whose lips uttered a firm "BAH!" to any sort of happine

McCann, Jim

MEGALOMANIA 33 years of posters made at Megalo Print Studio 1980-2013

Wallace, Chris

Nice to Meet You Again
500 256

Once dismissed as either underwhelmingly simplistic or overwhelmingly information packed, business cards have recently ascended to their proper place as creative physical manifestations of a professional greeting. This title collects the

Viction Workshop

One Show
col. Illustrations 438

Great design and advertising can truly impact the world. The One Show celebrates all of the qualities that go into making a successful ad campaign or design. Considered by many to be the benchmark in advertising annuals, t

The One Club

One Show Interactive
col. Illustrations 304

One Show Interactive, Volume XV features all the winners from the 2012 One Show Interactive ceremony. You'll find images from the best websites, banner ads, gaming, integrated, and interactive sites from all over the world

The One Club

Outside the Box

A book for designers, aspiring designers and followers of consumer trends, Outside the Box aims to be the first of its kind--a celebration of a packaging style that has become part of our visual vernacular. Will include 30 case studies, a hi

Anderson, Gail

Paula Scher Maps
100 Colour 144

In the early 1990s, celebrated graphic designer Paula Scher (Make It Bigger, 2002) began painting maps of the world as she sees it. The larger her canvases grew, the more expressionistic her geographical visions became. Displaying

Scher, Paula

Plant Graphics

Highly stylized with delicate gestural flourishes or grounded in abstract geometric forms, plant inspired graphics are instantly distinguishable. With recognition of their forms hard-wired into our brains, they provide comfort, a reminder of

Sandu Cultural Media

Paperback 192

In recent years postcards have become so much more than a tacky holiday greeting. Graphic designers illustrators and advertisers are seizing the postcard and repurposing it with quirky new designs that give a new twist to a classic


Push Print
full colour throughout, includes photographs 176

"PUSH Print" is a visual feast that will inspire anyone interested in art, intriguing personalities and innovative ideas. You can survey the work of 30+ contemporary printmakers - from world-renow

Berger, Jamie, Berger, Keith

Rhetoric of Logotypes: A Primer for Visual Language

The creation of a logotype as one of the most important elements of corporate design is a challenging task for communication designers. The concept that a good logotype is by definition a persuasive logotype creates a direct link to the genr

Helmann, Eduard

Sci-Fi Movie Posters Postcards
illustrations 24

The greatest monsters, villains, and aliens of moviedom live on in this spine-tingling gallery of 12 color postcards. Includes actual poster art for "Metropolis" (1927), "Dracula" (1931), "The Invisible Man" (1933), "King Kong"

Dover Publications Inc

Science Ink
Tattoos of the Science Obsessed 288

Body art meets popular science in this elegant, mind-blowing collection, written by renowned science writer Carl Zimmer. This fascinating book showcases hundreds of eye-catching tattoos that pay tribute to var

Zimmer, Carl, Roach, Mary

Sketchy Stories
135(Ht mm) 216(Wdt mm) 128

World-renowned artist Kerby Rosanes specializes in black ink doodles and sketches, and at the age of 23, he quit his desk job as a graphic designer to pursue his art full time. With a legion of over a million followers

Rosanes, Kerby

Slab Serif Type
500 illustrations, 450 in colour 352

Since being introduced in the 19th century, when they were considered the bastard cousins of more refined serif types, slab serif typefaces have become ubiquitous. Prized for their bold visual impact and vers

Fili, Louise, Heller, Steven

So You Want to Publish a Magazine?

So you want to publish a magazine? Start here! This guide shows you how to take your concept from idea to proper publication, step by step. It covers all the nuts and bolts of indie magazine publishing, from budgeting and distribution to des

Lewis, Angharad

Stickerbomb 2

This all new follow on the from original Stickerbomb book, is filled with a brand new collection of more than 280 specially-commissioned stickers by artists, illustrators and graffiti writers from around the world, many of whom have not been

Studio Rarekwai

Stickerbomb Letters

"Stickerbomb Letters" will feature an extensive assortment of cool and quirky font and typography designs. Including both alphabets on their own and type slogans, the stickers are fun for everyone to play with, and to use to create their own

Studio Rarekwai

Street Art World
120 illustrations, 70 in colour 256

Street art and graffiti are a familiar sight in cities around the world. Neighbourhoods painted with murals are popular with tourists and tagged walls become backdrops for fashion shoots and music videos. Bank

Young, Alison

Too Cool to Throw Away Stunning designs of flyers, leaflets, freepapers and more



The city as canvas: How self-expression, politics, and protest reclaim the streets Made in collaboration with its featured artists, Trespass traces the rise and global reach of graffiti and urban art, not just as a fringe visual movement but

McCormick, Carlo, Seno, Ethel, Schiller, Marc & Sara

Type Hybrid
750 256

The first title to examine the impact that globalisation has had on typography - not simply through the lens of one language, but through multiple alphabets. By way of 750 illustrations across 256 pages, Type Hybrid tells a visual story


Type. A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles
Illustrations 720

Know your type. This is a visual history of fonts and graphic styles: 1628-1938. This book offers a connoisseur's overview of typeface design, exploring the most elegant fonts from the history of publishing. Taken from a distin

Jong, Cees W. de, Purvis, Alston W., Tholenaar, Jan

Typography Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters

This book serves as an introduction to the key elements of good typographic design. Broken into sections covering the fundamentals of typography, the book features inspiring works by acclaimed typographic designers from across the world. Eac

Anderson, Gail, Heller, Steven

Universal Principles of Design
Revised and Updated 320

Whether a marketing campaign or a museum exhibit, a video game or a complex control system, the design we see is the culmination of many concepts and practices brought together from a variety of disciplines. Because no on

Lidwell, William, Holden, Katrina, Butler, Jill

V&A Pattern Limited Edition Boxed Set
Other merchandise , 178 x 129mm.

This new series celebrates the V&A's status as a source of inspiration for designers, reflecting the unique breadth and depth of a collection that represents over 3,000 years of objects from all over the world.

V&a Publications

Vertical Worlds (Coloring Book)

This stunning and original colouring book presents an array of remarkable worlds all presented in a tower of stunning detail and intricacy. Colouring enthusiasts can loose themselves in the Vertical City, where shops perch above parking lots

Daker, Abigail

Visual Complexity
250 colour and 65 black and white illustrations 240

Our ability to generate information now far exceeds our capacity to understand it. Finding patterns and making meaningful connections inside complex data networks has emerged as one of the bigg

Lima, Manuel

Visual Storytelling
400 colour 240

How do data journalism designers overcome information overload in today's fast-paced environment, and find simple and compelling methods to filter and convey news content? One of the most effective ways is to use dynamic infograph

Yikun, Liu, Zhao, Dong