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Blue Nile

In the first half of the nineteenth century, only a small handful of Westerners had ventured into the regions watered by the Nile River on its long journey from Lake Tana in Abyssinia to the Mediterranean-lands that had been forgotten since

Moorehead, Alan

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Epic in scope and deeply moving, CONGO traces the fate of one of the world's most critical, failed nation-states, second only to war-torn Somalia: the Democratic Republic of Congo. David Van Reybrouck takes us through

van Reybrouck, David

Empires in the Sun

In this compelling history of the men and ideas that radically changed the course of world history, Lawrence James investigates and analyses how, within a hundred years, Europeans persuaded and coerced Africa into becoming a subordinate part

James, Lawrence

Enduring Lies
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The Rwandan genocide of 1994 has been called the "fastest, most efficient killing spree of the twentieth century. In 100 days, some 800,000 Tutsi and politically moderate Hutu were murdered. The United States did

Herman, Edward S, Peterson, David

Fortunes of Africa

In this vast and vivid panorama of history, Martin Meredith, bestselling author of The State of Africa, follows the fortunes of Africa over a period of 5,000 years. With compelling narrative, he traces the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms a

Meredith, Martin

Heart of Dryness
illustrations 323

The dramatic story of the Bushmen of the Kalahari is a cautionary tale about water in the twenty-first century--and offers unexpected solutions for our time.

"We don't govern water. Water governs us," writes James G. Workman

Workman, James G

Lord Leverhulme's Ghosts

In the early twentieth century, the worldwide rubber boom led British enterpreneur Lord Leverhulme to the Belgian Congo. Warmly welcomed by the murderous regime of King Leopold II, Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant on the horrific

Marchal, Jules, Hochschild, Adam

Red Nile

'Not long ago, in a small rubber boat more suited to a beach than the Nile, I floated downstream for ten kilometres, from my suburb to the city centre. I passed an island where, according to legend, Moses was left in his basket; a few kilome

Twigger, Robert

Scramble for Africa...
illustrations 800

White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876 to 1912

Pakenham, Thomas

Shake Hands with the Devil
The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda 592 pages.

Thirteen months after Lt-Gen Romeo went to serve as force commander of the UN intervention in Rwanda in 1993, he flew home broken, disillusioned and suicidal, having witnessed the slaughter of 800,000

Dallaire Romeo

Silent Accomplice

FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED The massacre of 1 million Rwandan Tutsis by ethnic Hutus in 1994 has become a symbol of the international community's helplessness in the face of human rights atrocities. It is assumed that the West was well-intent

Wallis, Andrew

Zulu Rising

The battle of iSandlwana was the single most destructive incident in the 150-year history of the British colonisation of South Africa. In one bloody day over 800 British troops, 500 of their allies and at least 2000 Zulus were killed in a st

Knight, Ian