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Against Their Will

During the Cold War, an alliance between American scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and the US military pushed the medical establishment into ethically fraught territory. Doctors and scientists at prestigious institutions were pressur

Hornblum, Allen M., Newman, Judith Lynn, Dober, Gregory J.

Dallas: 1963

In November 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. His death remains a defining moment for millions of people but few understand the unstoppable forces that were building in the city long before this dramatic event

Minutaglio, Bill and Davis, Steven L.

Forgotten Fifth
Illustrations 192

As the United States gained independence, a full fifth of the country's population was African American. The experiences of these men and women have been largely ignored in the accounts of the colonies' glorious quest for freed

Nash, Gary B.

Gentrification of the Mind
Witness to a Lost Imagination 192

In this gripping memoir of the AIDS years (1981-1996), Sarah Schulman recalls how much of the rebellious queer culture, cheap rents, and a vibrant downtown arts movement vanished almost overnight to be replaced

Schulman, Sarah

27 black-&-white illustrations + 14 maps 384

Renowned for ferocity in battle, legendary for an uncanny ability to elude capture, feared for the violence of his vengeful raids, the Apache warrior Geronimo captured the public imagination in his ow

Utley, Robert M.

Myth of American Religious Freedom

In the battles over religion and politics in America, both liberals and conservatives often appeal to history to support their position. Liberals claim that the Founders separated church and state. But for much of American history, David Seh

Sehat, David

New York Times: Disunion
50 black-and-white photos, illustrations and maps 352

A major new collection of modern commentary- from scholars, historians, and Civil War buffs-on the significant events of the Civil War, culled from The New York Times' popular Disunion


Short History of the American Revolutionary War
30 integrated bw illustrations, 5 maps 256

Ideologically defined by the colonists' formal Declaration of Independence in 1776, the struggle has taken on something of a mythic character. From the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere's ride to raise th

Conway, Stephen

When Britain Burned the White House

In August 1814 the United States' army is defeated in battle by an invading force just outside Washington DC. The US president and his wife have just enough time to pack their belongings and escape from the White House before the enemy enter

Snow, Peter

Who Discovered America? The Untold History of the Peopling of the Americas
230(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm)

Building on the startling revelations of 1421, iconic historian Gavin Menzies explores the possibility that mankind made transcontinental voyages centuries before the supposed "discoveries" of European explorers. With met

Menzies, Gavin and Hudson, Ian