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Bitter Fruit
13 halftones & 3 maps 358

Bitter Fruit is a comprehensive and insightful account of the CIA operation to overthrow the democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954. First published in 1982, this book has become a class

Schlesinger, Stephen, Kinzer, Stephen, Coatsworth, John H., Nuccio, Richard, Erlick, June Carolyn

Illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps (black and white) 512

Simon Bolivar's life makes for one of history's most dramatic canvases, a colossal narrative filled with adventure and disaster, victory and defeat. This is the story not ju

Arana, Marie

Cuba and the U.S. Empire
black & white illustrations 456

The 1959 Cuban Revolution remains one of the signal events of modern political history. A tiny island, once a de facto colony of the United States, declared its independence, not just from the imperial behemoth ni

Franklin, Jane, Chomsky, Noam

Economic War Against Cuba

It is impossible to fully understand Cuba today without also understanding the economic sanctions levied against it by the United States. For over fifty years, these sanctions have been upheld by every presidential administration, and at tim

Lamrani, Salim, Oberg, Larry

Freedom's Mirror
12 b/w illus. 4 maps 392

During the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804, arguably the most radical revolution of the modern world, slaves and former slaves succeeded in ending slavery and establishing an independent state. Yet on the Spanish island

Ferrer, Ada

Imperialism and the Origins of Mexican Culture

With an empire stretching across central Mexico, unmatched in military and cultural might, the Aztecs seemed poised on the brink of a golden age in the early sixteenth century. But the arrival of the Spanish changed everything. Imperialism a

MacLachlan, Colin M.


The Incas is a captivating exploration of one of the greatest civilizations ever seen. Seamlessly drawing on history, archaeology, and ethnography, this thoroughly updated new edition integrates advances made in hundreds of new studies con

D'Altroy, Terence N.

Killing Zone
19 illustrations 288

The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America is a comprehensive yet concise analysis of U.S. policies in Latin America during the Cold War. Author Stephen G. Rabe, a leading authority in the field, arg

Rabe, Stephen G.

189 illustrations, 20 in colour 256

Michael Coes Mexico, long recognized as the most readable and authoritative introduction to the regions ancient civilizations, has now been completely revised by Professor Coe and Rex Koontz. This seventh edit

Coe, Michael D., Koontz, Rex

New England Bound
10 illustrations, 3 maps 368

In a work that fundamentally recasts the history of colonial America, Wendy Warren shows how the institution of slavery was inexorably linked with the first century of English colonization of New England. While most

Warren, Wendy

Politics of Cocaine
65 charts & 10 maps 336

Drawing on declassified documents and extensive firsthand research, The Politics of Cocaine takes a hard look at the role the United States played in creating the drug industry that thrives in Central and South America. A

Marcy, William L., Ph.D

True History of the Conquest of New Spain
illustrations 498

This rugged new translation--the first entirely new English translation in half a century and the only one based on the most recent critical edition of the Guatemalan MS--allows Diaz to recount, in his own battle-weary and ofte

Diaz Castillo, Bernal del, Burke, Janet, Humphrey, Ted

Voices from the Other Side
30 photos 256

Since the early 1960s, few other countries have endured more acts of terrorism against civilian targets than Cuba, and the US has had its hand in much of it. This book gives a voice to the victims. Keith Bolender brings to bear the

Bolender, Keith, Chomsky, Noam