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Different Inequality
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 224

Great beauty is juxtaposed with seemingly endless grief in remote Aboriginal Australia. Communities which produce magnificent art and maintain ancient ways also face extremes of social stress. Why does our society seem

Austin-Broos, Diane

Discovering Aboriginal Plant Use
100 colour plates 184

The career of a museum-based anthropologist is diverse, involving the curation of artefact collections, organising exhibits, answering inquiries, and conducting fieldwork. Philip A Clarke started work at the South Australia

Clarke, Philip A.

Last of the Nomads
216 x 148mm. 196 pages.

Peasley, W.J.

People on Country

Over the past four decades Aboriginal people living in remote and regional Australia have been empowered by land rights and native title laws to claim back large tracts of their ancestral lands. Today the Indigenous estate covers over 20 per

Altman, Jon C., Kerins, Sean P.

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Every year for over a decade Goldenberg, a white middle-aged doctor, has spent numerous periods working as a relieving doctor for Aboriginal communities in remote places. On these visits he has observed and recorded Aboriginal Australians

Goldenberg, Howard

Voices of the First Day
80ill. 428

Almost totally annihilated by a systematic genocide and the theft of their homelands, the Australian Aborigines met Western colonialism with a culture that had flourished in continuous harmony with the earth for more than 100,000 year

Lawlor, Robert