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From Hand to Hand
Paperback , 220 x 160mm. 144

English and French, "From Hand to Hand" presents the relationship between European master jewelers and their apprentices through a selection of contemporary jewellery.The technical skills traditionally acquired in at

Guinard,Carole et al

Showcase: 500 Rings
full colour throughout, includes photographs 420

Rings have outsold every other subject covered by our "500" books, so it's only fitting that we begin the next generation of the series with "Showcase: 500 Rings". This dynamic gallery volume look

Le Van, Marthe, Metcalf, Bruce

Vogue The Jewellery
300 images 304

From couture to costume jewellery, the brilliant pieces featured on the pages of British Vogue for almost a century have encapsulated the fashion zeitgeist of each new age for which they were created. Adorning princesses and rock

Woolton, Carol