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Alice's Wonderland
200 216

Alice's Wonderland dives down the rabbit hole and looks at the dazzling ways that Wonderland has been imagined by artists, filmmakers, writers, and more. Get a behind-the-scenes looks at how the books were created, meet Alice Liddell, th

Nichols, Katherine

Antinomies of Realism

"Antinomies of Realism" is Jameson's major study of the nineteenth-century realist novel from a comparative perspective, covering the major literary traditions of Western Europe and the United States. It reviews the most influential theories

Jameson, Fredric

216(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 208

Jan Morris is one of the great British writers of the post-war era. Soldier, journalist, writer about places (rather than 'travel writer'), elegist of the British Empire, novelist, she has fashioned a distinctive prose

Johns, Derek

Art of Reading

We are not born readers, we learn to turn words into worlds. But why is fine writing lauded while excellent reading is ignored? In The Art of Reading, philosopher Damon Young reveals the pleasures of this intimate pursuit through a rich sam

Young, Damon

Axel's Castle
black & white illustrations 272

Published in 1931, "Axel's Castle" was Edmund Wilson's first book of literary criticism--a landmark book that explores the evolution of the French Symbolist movement and considers its influence on six major twenti

Wilson, Edmund, Gordon, Mary

Bad Austen - The Worst Stories Jane Never Wrote

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an author as popular as Jane Austen should be imitated, expanded upon, and parodied. Now, in the tradition of the Bulwer Lytton Contest and the Bad Hemingway and Bad Faulkner contests comes a new c

Archer, Peter, Lawler, Jennifer

Bastard Moon

yu ouyang

Book Of Legendary Lands
Illustrated throughout 400

In the tradition of On Beauty, On Ugliness and The Infinity of Lists, Umberto Eco presents an enthralling and erudite illustrated tour of the fabled places that have awed and eluded us through the ages. From the epic p

Eco, Umberto, McEwen, Alastair

Books that Changed My Life: Reflections by 100 Authors, Actors, Musicians, and Other Remarkable People

One hundred of today's most prominent literary and cultural icons talk about the books that hold a special place in their hearts - that made them who they are today. Leading authors, politicians, CEOs, actors, and other notables share the

Patrick, Bethanne

7 b/w illustrations 152

Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things. Every shelf is different and every bookshelf tells a different story. One bookshelf can creak with character in a

Pyne, Lydia


Why do bookshops matter? How do they filter our ideas and literature? In this inventive and highly entertaining extended essay, Jorge Carrion takes his reader on a journey around the world, via its bookshops. His travels take him to Shakespe

Carrion, Jorge, Bush, Peter

Brief Take on the Australian Novel

Grab the popcorn, sit back and let the story of Australian literature roll ...From Jean-Francois Vernay, A Brief Take on the Australian Novel offers a sweeping view of Australian writing since colonialism. Written from an outsider's perspect

Vernay, Jean-Francois

Brontes: A Family Writes
75 colour 96

The Brontes of Haworth were a prodigiously imaginative literary family. From the earliest manuscripts of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne - written with a quill pen in a minuscule hand designed to mimic the printed page - to expl

Nelson, Christine

198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 176

Did Charlotte Bronte take opium? Did the Reverend Bronte carry a loaded pistol? What, precisely, does 'wuthering' mean? Distinguished literary critic John Sutherland takes an idiosyncratic look at the world of the Bron

Sutherland, John, Crace, John

By the Book
65 illustrations 336

Every Sunday, readers of The New York Times Book Review turn with anticipation to see which novelist, historian, short story writer, or artist will be the subject of the popular By the Book feature. These wide-ranging interv

Paul, Pamela, Turow, Scott

Cambridge Companion to English Poets
4 b/w illus. 580

This volume provides lively and authoritative introductions to twenty-nine of the most important British and Irish poets from Geoffrey Chaucer to Philip Larkin. The list includes, among others, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Wordsw

Rawson, Claude

Careless People
Section: 8, b/w photos 416

Since its publication in the spring of 1925, The Great Gatsby has become one of the recognized masterpieces of the twentieth century, beloved by readers across the world and regularly named one of the greatest novels e

Churchwell, Sarah

Careless People
Section: 8, b/w photos 448

Since its publication in 1925, The Great Gatsby has become one of the world's best-loved books. Careless People tells the true story behind F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece, exploring in newly rich detail its relation

Churchwell, Sarah

Daily Rituals
illustrations (black and white) 288

'Utterly fascinating' Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times Anthony Trollope wrote three thousand words every morning before heading off to his job at the Post Office. Toulouse-Lautrec did his best work at night, somet

Currey, Mason

Enemies of Promise

"Whom the gods wish to destroy," writes Cyril Connolly, "they first call promising." First published in 1938 and long out of print, "Enemies of Promise," an "inquiry into the problem of how to write a book that lasts ten years," tests the bo

Connolly, Cyril, Woloch, Alex

Ex Libris
Paperback 144 pages.

This witty collection of essays recounts a lifelong love affair with books and language. Writing with humour and erudition, Fadiman moves easily from anecdotes about Coleridge and Orwell to tales of her own pathologically li

Fadiman, Anne

Exiles at Home

'Invaluable to all readers seriously interested in the history of Australian literature.' - Weekend Australian At the end of the 1920's Christina Stead had left Australia and was poised to write Seven Poor Men of Sydney. In London Miles Fra

Modjeska, Drusilla

16 pages of black and white illustrations 656

C.S. Lewis is the twentieth century's most widely read Christian writer and J.R.R. Tolkien its most beloved mythmaker. For three decades, they and their closest associates formed a literary club know

Zaleski, Philip, Zaleski, Carol

First Light

For more than 50 years, Alan Garner has enraptured generations of readers with works like The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The Owl Service, Red Shift, and The Stone Book Quartet. Described by Philip Pullman as 'the most important British write

Wagner, Erica

Footnotes From The World's Greatest Bookstores
Appx 65-70 4-colour illustrations 176

From beloved"New Yorker"cartoonist Bob Eckstein, "Footnotes from the World s Greatest Bookstores"invites you into the heart and soul of every community: the local bookshop, each with its own quirks, charms,

Eckstein, Bob, Keillor, Garrison


Elena Ferrante is one of the greatest novelists of our time. Read her novels and don't worry about who she is- you will be entranced by her writing. Fragments is a riveting compilation, over the course of her writing career, of Elena Ferrant

Ferrante, Elena, Goldstein, Ann

Give War and Peace a Chance
black & white illustrations 262

From a popular Tolstoy scholar: an entertaining, thought-provoking, and accessible argument for why "War and Peace" is more relevant to readers now than ever. Considered by many critics the greatest novel ever wri

Kaufman, Andrew D

Goldeneye: Where Bond was Born Ian Fleming's Jamaica

The top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller. "Completely fascinating, authoritative and intriguing." (William Boyd). "The big bang of Bond books...Beautiful, brilliant." (Tony Parsons). Goldeneye: the story of Ian Fleming in Jamaica and the creation

Parker, Matthew

Good Story

The Good Story is an exchange between a writer with a longstanding interest in moral psychology and a psychotherapist with a training in literary studies. J. M. Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz consider psychotherapy and its wider social context f

Coetzee, J. M., Kurtz, Arabella

Hard-core Romance

From its beginnings in Twilight fan-fiction to its record-breaking sales as an e-book and paperback, the story of the erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels is both unusual and fascinating. Having sold over seventy mil

Illouz, Eva

Hatred of Poetry

"No art has been denounced as often as poetry. It's even bemoaned by poets: 'I, too, dislike it,' wrote Marianne Moore. 'Many more people agree they hate poetry,' Ben Lerner writes, 'than can agree what poetry is. I, too, dislike it and have

Lerner, Ben

Here and Now Letters

Although Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee had been reading each other's books for years, the two writers did not meet until February 2008. Not long after, Auster received a letter from Coetzee, suggesting they begin exchanging letters on a regul

Coetzee, J M

Hobbit, a Wardrobe and a Great War
229(Ht mm) 167(Wdt mm) 256

The untold story of how the First World War shaped the lives, faith, and writings of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis The First World War laid waste to a continent and permanently altered the political and religious la

Loconte, Joseph

Howards End is on the Landing
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 240

01 Early one autumn afternoon in pursuit of an elusive book on her shelves, Susan Hill encountered dozens of others that she had never read, or forgotten she owned, or wanted to read for a second time. The discovery in

Hill, Susan

In the Mountains of Madness
229(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 320

In the Mountains of Madness interweaves the biography of the legendary writer with an exploration of Lovecraft as a phenomenon. It aims to explain this reclusive figure while also challenging some of the general views

Poole, W Scott

Jane Austen - Antipodean Views
128 x 128mm. 176

Fullerton Susannah

Jane Austen, Game Theorist
5 line illus. 9 tables. 280

Game theory--the study of how people make choices while interacting with others--is one of the most popular technical approaches in social science today. But as Michael Chwe reveals in his insightful new book, Jane Au

Chwe, Michael Suk-Young

Lady with the Borzoi
233(Ht mm) 154(Wdt mm) 416

Left off her company's fifth anniversary tribute but described by Thomas Mann as "the soul of the firm," Blanche Knopf began her career when she founded Alfred A. Knopf with her husband in 1915. With her finger on the

Claridge, Laura

Latest Readings

In 2010, Clive James was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Deciding that "if you don't know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do," James moved his library to his house in Cambridge, where he woul

James, Clive

Latest Readings

An esteemed literary critic shares his final musings on books, his children, and his own impending death In 2010, Clive James was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Deciding that "if you don't know the exact moment when the lights will go out

James, Clive

Literary Churchill
13 b/w illus. 528

This strikingly original book introduces a Winston Churchill we have not known before. Award-winning author Jonathan Rose explores in tandem Churchill's careers as statesman and author, revealing the profound influence of liter

Rose, Jonathan

Literary Churchill
16 black-&-white illustrations 506

This strikingly original book introduces a Winston Churchill we have not known before - the cross-dressing homosexual. Award-winning author Jonathan Rose explores in tandem Churchill's careers as statesman and

Rose, Jonathan

Literary Tour of Italy
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 300

An acclaimed author of novels and short stories, Tim Parks - who was described in a recent review as "one of the best living writers of English" - has delighted audiences around the world with his finely observed writi

Parks, Tim

Literary Wonderlands
4-colour illustrations throughout 320

From the advent of the first works of literature many millennia ago, writers have used imaginary worlds both to entertain their readers and to examine concepts, highlight key issues and consider their person

Miller, Laura

Literature Book

From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, the Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over the world, including Latin American and A

Dorling Kindersley

Little History of Literature
40 b/w illustrations 288

This "little history" takes on a very big subject: the glorious span of literature from Greek myth to graphic novels, from The Canterbury Tales to Harry Potter. John Sutherland is perfectly suited to the task. He has res

Sutherland, John

Looking for "The Stranger"

"The Stranger" is a rite of passage for readers around the world. Since its publication in France in 1942, Camus s novel has been translated into sixty languages and sold more than six million copies. It s the rare novel that s as at likely

Kaplan, John M Musser Professor of French Alice (Yale University)

Man Who Invented Fiction
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 272

'In 1605 a crippled, greying, almost toothless veteran of Spain's wars against the Ottoman Empire published a book. That book, Don Quixote, went on to sell more copies than any other book beside the Bible, making its a

Egginton, William

Mariners, Renegades and Castaways

Political theorist and cultural critic, novelist and cricket enthusiast, C. L. R. James (1901 - 1989) was a brilliant polymath who has been described by Edward Said as "a centrally important 20th-century figure." Through such landmark works

Pease, Donald E., James, C.L.R.

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts

This is a book about why medieval manuscripts matter. Coming face to face with an important illuminated manuscript in the original is like meeting a very famous person. We may all pretend that a well-known celebrity is no different from anyo

Hamel, Christopher de

Mighty Dead
197(Ht mm) 130(Wdt mm) 336

Longlisted for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 'A thrilling and complex book, enlarges our view of Homer ...There's something that hits the mark on every page' Claire Tomalin, Books of the Year, New State

Nicolson, Adam

165(Ht mm) 120(Wdt mm) 160

'He who thinks freely for himself, honours all freedom on earth.' Stefan Zweig was already an emigre-driven from a Europe torn apart by brutality and totalitarianism-when he found, in a damp cellar, a copy of Michel de

Zweig, Stefan, Stone, Will

My Unwritten Books
Paperback , 197 x 129mm. 224

In this fiercely original and audacious work, George Steiner tells of seven books which he did not write. Because intimacies and indiscretions were too threatening. Because the topic brought too much pain. Because

Steiner, George

Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh
178 colour photographs, 21 colour, 23 black and white illustrations 308

Delve into the home of the world's most beloved bear! Few people know that the Hundred Acre Wood-the setting for Winnie-the-Pooh's adventures-was inspired by Ashdown Forest,

Aalto, Kathryn

On Reading, Writing And Living With Books
178(Ht mm) 111(Wdt mm) 96

"This little body of thought, that lies before me in the shape of a book, has existed thousands of years, nor since the invention of the press can anything short of an universal convulsion of nature abolish it" On Read

Library, London

On Writers and Writing

What is the role of the writer? Prophet? High Priest of Art? Court Jester? Or witness to the real world? Looking back on her own childhood and the development of her writing career, Margaret Atwood examines the metaphors which writers of fic

Atwood, Margaret

Once Upon a Time
16 black and white images 240

From wicked queens, beautiful princesses, elves, monsters, and goblins to giants, glass slippers, poisoned apples, magic keys, and mirrors, the characters and images of fairy tales have cast a spell over readers an

Warner, Marina

Once Upon a Time
Approximately 20 black and white illustrations 232

From wicked queens, beautiful princesses, elves, monsters, and goblins to giants, glass slippers, poisoned apples, magic keys, and mirrors, the characters and images of fairy tales have cast a s

Warner, Marina

One for the Books

One of America's leading humorists and author of the bestseller "Closing Time" examines his own obsession with books
Joe Queenan became a voracious reader as a means of escape from a joyless childhood in a Philadelphia housing project. I

Queenan, Joe

Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
60 b&w illustrations 704

In over 1,000 entries, this acclaimed Companion covers all aspects of the Western fairy tale tradition, from medieval to modern, under the guidance of Professor Jack Zipes. It provides an authoritative reference source f

Zipes, Jack

Penguin and the Lane Brothers: The Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution

A ground-breaking counter-history of Penguin Books - both amusing and moving, and with a strong new Australian aspect. How did the three Lane brothers enter publishing and build Penguin into a global powerhouse? As this new book shows, their

Kells, Stuart

People's Bard

"Shakespeare is, arguably, Britain's most famous literary icon. So how did this uniquely Anglophone playwright come to China? From the first staging of the Merchant of Venice in 1913, to experimental new interpretations on the Chinese stage,

Pellegrini, Nancy

Place in the Country
With 4x 4pg. full-colour insets and b/w integrated photographs throughout 224

A Place in the Country is a window into the brilliant mind of W. G. Sebald. When W. G. Sebald travelled to Manchester in 1966, he packed in his bags certain literary f

Sebald, W. G., Catling, Jo

Planet Narnia
Illustrations 384

For over half a century, scholars have laboured to show that C. S. Lewis's famed but apparently disorganised Chronicles of Narnia have an underlying symbolic coherence, pointing to such possible unifying themes as the seven sac

Ward, Michael

Pleasure of Reading
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 352

In this delightful collection forty acclaimed writers explain what first made them interested in literature, what inspired them to read and what makes them continue to do so. First published in 1992 in hardback only, o

Fraser, Antonia, Gray, Victoria, Fraser, Antonia

Politics of Myth

In The Politics of Myth, Stephen Knight studies nine figures still vividly alive, all of them appearing in twenty-first century film and television. Analysing how they relate to the major themes of Power, Resistance and Knowledge, he shows h

Knight, Stephen

Reader on Reading
12 black-&-white illustrations 320

In this major collection of his essays, Alberto Manguel, whom George Steiner has called 'the Casanova of reading', argues that the activity of reading, in its broadest sense, defines our species. 'We come into

Manguel, Alberto

Shakespeare's First Folio
Numerous black-and-white halftones 400

This is a biography of a book: the first collected edition of Shakespeare's plays printed in 1623 and known as the First Folio. It begins with the story of its first purchaser in London in December 1623, an

Smith, Emma

Shamanic Odyssey
illustrations 224

*Explores the shamanic use of healing songs, psychoactive plants and vision quests at the heart of the Odyssey and the fantasy works of J. R. R. Tolkien*Examines odysseus's encounters with plant divinities, altered consciousnes

Tindall, Robert, Bustos, Susana, Perkins, John

Sherlock Holmes Companion
illustrations 224

A beautiful and lavishly illustrated book on one of the greatest and most enduringly popular literary characters of all time: Sherlock Holmes. Since it's original printing five years ago, we are re-issuing The Sherlock Holmes

Smith, Daniel

Silent Scream

Oppen, Monica, Lyssiotis, Peter

Something in the Blood
16 pages of color and 80 black-and-white illustrations 672

Bram Stoker, despite having a name nearly as famous as Count Dracula, has remained an enigma. David J. Skal, in a psychological and cultural portrait, exhumes the inner world and strange

Skal, David J.

Story Cure
numerous full page black and white illustrations and black and white vignettes 352

From tantrums to tummy aches to teenage mood swings, there are times when a book is the best medicine of all. The Story Cure is a manual for grown-ups who believe

Elderkin, Susan, Berthoud, Ella, Eason, Rohan

Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
197 x 126mm. 368

Wallace, David Foster

Un-discovered Islands
240(Ht mm) 180(Wdt mm)

Critically acclaimed author Malachy Tallack returns in the Autumn of 2016 with a brand new excursion into the beautiful, mysterious and mythical landscapes of the world with 

Tallack, Malachy and Scott, Katy(Illustrated by)

Unknown Unknown

Mark Forsyth - author of the Sunday Times Number One bestseller The Etymologicon - reveals in this essay, specially commissioned for Independent Booksellers Week, the most valuable thing about a really good bookshop. Along the way he consider

Forsyth, Mark

70 illustrations, 40 in colour 464

Christopher Frayling has spent 45 years exploring the history of one of the most enduring figures in the history of mass culture - the vampire. Vampyres is a comprehensive and generously illustrated history and

Frayling, Christopher

Well-Educated Mind

Have you lost the art of reading for pleasure? Are there books you know you should read but haven't because they seem too daunting? In The Well-Educated Mind, Susan Wise Bauer provides a welcome and encouraging antidote to the distractions o

Bauer, Susan Wise

What We See When We Read
black and white images throughout 448

A gorgeously unique, fully illustrated exploration into the phenomenology of reading--how we visualize images from reading works of literature, from one of our very best book jacket designers, himself a pass

Mendelsund, Peter

When I Was a Child I Read Books

Of Marilynne Robinson, Michael Arditti said that there is 'no contemporary novelist whose work I would rather read' However she is not only a writer of sharp, subtly moving prose, but also a rigorous thinker and incisive essayist. In this lu

Robinson, Marilynne

Where I'm Reading from

Should you finish every book you start? How has your family influenced the way you read? What is literary style? How is the Nobel Prize like the World Cup? Why do you hate the book your friend likes? Is writing really just like any other job

Parks, Tim

Why I Read
208(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 240

Wendy Lesser's extraordinary alertness, intelligence, and curiosity have made her one of America's most significant cultural critics, writes Stephen Greenblatt. In Whyl Read, Lesser draws on a lifetime of pleasure read

Lesser, Wendy

Why Read the Classics?
Paperback , 198 x 129mm. 278

"Why Read the Classics?" is an elegant defence of the value of great literature by one of the finest authors of the last century. Beginning with an essay on the attributes that define a classic (number one - classics

Calvino Italo

Wild Bleak Bohemia

Wilding, Michael

World Within the Word

The World Within the Word, Gass's second published volume of criticism, is a landmark collection discussing Valery, Henry Miller, Sartre, Freud, Faulkner, suicide, "art and order," and the transformation of language into poetry and fiction.

Gass, William H.

Writer's Room
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 448

Charlotte Wood's online journal The Writer's Room has become essential reading for writers at all stages of their careers, and also pure reading pleasure for booklovers everywhere. Charlotte's interviews with a wide ra

Wood, Charlotte

Writing Life

Who else, but a writer, is really able to interrogate the work of other writers? From Christina Stead, Les Murray and Patrick White to Proust, Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte, David Malouf reads and examines the work of writers who have cha

Malouf, David

Zola and the Victorians

London, 1888: Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of Whitechapel; national strikes and social unrest threaten the status quo; a grave economic crisis is spreading across the Atlantic ...Yet Her Majesty's government is preoccupied with "a mere

Horne, Eileen, Bellos, David