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A Life With Books

Julian Barnes writes about his early awareness of books and about his obsessive book-collecting and time spent in second-hand bookshops around the country.

Barnes, Julian

Becoming Dickens - The Invention of a Novelist
28 halftones 400

Becoming Dickens tells the story of how an ambitious young Londoner became England's greatest novelist. In following the twists and turns of Charles Dickens's early career, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst examines a remarkable double t

Douglas-Fairhurst, Robert

Dogs in Books
80 colour illustrations 112

Dogs have been the closest companions to human beings since the Stone Age, and have been illustrated, described, dramatised and eulogised in one form or another ever since. This new book celebrates that association th

Britton, Catherine

Freud's Couch, Scott's Buttocks, Bronte's Grave
12 halftones, 1 amp 160

The Victorian era was the high point of literary tourism. Writers such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Sir Walter Scott became celebrities, and readers trekked far and wide for a glimpse of the places where their he

Goldhill, Simon

How to be Well Read A Guide to 567 Essential Novels

John Sutherland, author of the well-known Is Heathcliff a Murderer?, offers his very personal guide to the best books ever written, along with a compelling defence of why they matter. As the annual tide of published novels grows ever grea

Sutherland, John

Literary Listography
lay-flat binding, ribbon marker 160

Now fans of the bestselling Listography journal series can keep track of their literary life - past, present and future. With over 70 entertaining and thought-provoking list topics ranging from the quintessent

Nola, Lisa

Lives of the Novelists
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 704

This is the most complete history of fiction in English ever published. The world's greatest authority - arguably the only person who could have written it, John Sutherland - provides the lives of some 294 novelists wr

Sutherland, John

Novel Cure: An A-Z of Literary Remedies

Sick? Tired? Lost your job? Take one dose of literature and repeat until better.

The Novel Cure is an A-Z of literary remedies that offers a cure in the form of a novel for all kinds of ailments of the mind and body, an

Berthoud, Ella & Elderkin, Susan

Orwell's Cough
Illustrationsstrations 288

Did Shakespeare's doctors addle his brain with mercury, leading to his early retirement? Was Jane Eyre inspired by the plagued school that claimed the Bronte clan? Did writing 1984 kill George Orwell? Many of our most


Routledge Companion to Science Fiction

The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction is a comprehensive overview of the history and study of science fiction. It outlines major writers, movements, and texts in the genre, established critical approaches and areas for future study. Fif

Bould, Mark, Butler, Andrew M., Roberts, Adam, Vint, Sherryl