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Alex's Adventures in Numberland
Illustrations 448

The world of maths can seem mind-boggling, irrelevant and, let's face it, boring. This groundbreaking book reclaims maths from the geeks. Mathematical ideas underpin just about everything in our lives: from the surprising geome

Bellos, Alex

Beautiful Geometry
66 color illus. 64 line illus. 208

If you've ever thought that mathematics and art don't mix, this stunning visual history of geometry will change your mind. As much a work of art as a book about mathematics, Beautiful Geometry presents more tha

Maor, Eli, Jost, Eugen

Birth of a Theorem

What goes on inside the mind of a rock-star mathematician? Where does inspiration come from? With a storyteller's gift, Cedric Villani takes us on a mesmerising journey as he wrestles with a new theorem that will win him the most coveted pri

Villani, Cedric

Calculating the Cosmos
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 352

Ian Stewart's up-to-the-minute guide to the cosmos moves from the earth and the planets to the galaxy and the universe. He describes how galaxies, stars and planets form, why stars implode, how everything began, and ho

Stewart, Ian


The circle has fascinated mathematicians since ancient times. This entertaining book describes in layperson's terms the many intriguing properties of this fundamental shape. If math has intimidated you, this may be the ideal book to help you

Posamentier, Alfred S., Geretschlager, Robert

Crest of the Peacock
6 halftones. 164 line illus. 18 tables. 6 maps. 584

From the Ishango Bone of central Africa and the Inca quipu of South America to the dawn of modern mathematics, The Crest of the Peacock makes it clear that human beings everywhere have been cap

Joseph, George Gheverghese

Easy as Pi
Approx. 50 illustrations 256

If you're brilliant at everything else, but lack confidence when it comes to maths, join Liz Strachan, a maths teacher with many, many years of experience, on this magical tour through the seeming mysteries of number

Strachan, Liz

Equation for Every Occasion
1 black & white halftones, 15 black & white line drawings 200

With this fun romp through the world of equations we encounter in our everyday lives, you'll find yourself flipping through the stories of fifty-two formulas faster than a deck of car

Henshaw, John M.

Equation for Every Occasion
1 halftone, 15 line drawings 200

In An Equation for Every Occasion, John M. Henshaw tells fifty-two entertaining true stories, each inspired by a different mathematical equation. His succinct, easy-to-read narratives come from the spheres of spo

Henshaw, John M.

Everything and More
illustrations 344

Is infinity a valid mathematical property or a meaningless abstraction? David Foster Wallace brings his intellectual ambition and characteristic bravura style to the story of how mathematicians have struggled to understand the

Wallace, David Foster, Stephenson, Neal


Discover how maths can explain and predict the vagaries of chance Imagine this: you are browsing used books in a bookstore hundreds of miles from home when you come across a copy of Moby Dick, which you remember reading as a child. You open it

Mazur, Joseph

Genius at Play
black & white art throughout 480

John Horton Conway is a singular mathematician with a lovely loopy brain. He is Archimedes, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Richard Feynman all rolled into one--he boasts a rock star's charisma, a slyly bent sens

Roberts, Siobhan

Great Mathematical Problems
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 352

'Britian's foremost populariser of maths' Ian Stewart reveals the ultimate questions that take us to the limits of mathematics - now available in paperback. There are some mathematical problems whose significance goes

Stewart, Ian

Here's Looking at Euclid
From Counting Ants to Games of Chance - An Awe-Inspiring Journey Through the World of Numbers 336

Too often math gets a bad rap, characterized as dry and difficult. But, Alex Bellos says, "math can be inspiring and brilliantly creative. Mathemat

Bellos, Alex

Improbability Principle

Why is it that incredibly unlikely phenomena actually happen quite regularly and why should we, in fact, expect such things to happen? Here, in this highly original book - aimed squarely at anyone with an interest in coincidences, probabilit

Hand, David

Joy of X
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 336

Award-winning Steven Strogatz, one of the foremost popularisers of maths, has written a witty and fascinating account of maths' most compelling ideas and how, so often, they are an integral part of everyday life. Maths

Strogatz, Steven

Lewis Carroll in Numberland
Hardback , 198 x 129mm. 256

Lewis Carroll's writings have inspired and entertained generations of readers, but now his forgotten achievements in the world of numbers are finally brought to light by highly acclaimed author and mathematician Robin

Wilson Robin

Man vs Maths
197(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 224

Could we solve queuing with an equation? How do algorithms control our news? What is the secret behind encryption codes? Mathematics is inescapable. Wherever you go, whatever you do, however you live your life, mathe

Revell, Timothy

Math for the Frightened
Facing Scary Symbols and Everything Else That Freaks You Out About Mathematics 352

This title includes a superbly written introduction to the fascinating world of mathematical symbols, their meanings, and their uses. Mention the word mathematics

Pask, Colin

Mathematical Century
Paperback , 214 x 141mm. 224

The twentieth century was a time of unprecedented development in mathematics, as well as in all sciences: more theorems were proved and results found in a hundred years than in all of previous history. In "The Mathem

Odifreddi, Piergiorgio

Maths Handbook
illustrations 304

This is the perfect introduction for those who have a lingering fear of maths. If you think that maths is difficult, confusing, dull or just plain scary, then The Maths Handbook is your ideal companion. Covering all the basics

Elwes, Dr. Richard

Maths in 100 Key Breakthroughs
Over 200 illustrations 416

Maths in 100 Key Breakthroughs presents a series of essays explaining the fundamentals of the most important maths concepts you really need to know. Richard Elwes profiles the groundbreaking and front-of-mind discoveri

Elwes, Richard

Number Mysteries : A Mathematical Odyssey through Everyday Life
197(Ht mm) 130(Wdt mm) 320

From the author of 'The Music of the Primes' and 'Finding Moonshine' comes a short, lively book on five mathematical problems that just refuse be solved -- and on how many everyday problems can be solved by maths. Eve

Sautoy, Marcus du


A journey into the world of numbers, which are over our heads, under our feet, and all around us. The Numberverse is especially for people who don't like maths. If you're one of those people who find maths boring, hard, annoying or pointles

Day, Andrew, Worley, Peter

Plato's Problem

What is mathematics about? And if it is about some sort of mathematical reality, how can we have access to it? This is the problem raised by Plato, which still today is the subject of lively philosophical disputes. This book traces the histo

Panza, Marco, Sereni, Andrea

Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 320

Like its wildly popular predecessors Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities and Hoard of Mathematical Treasures, Professor Stewart's brand-new book is a miscellany of over 150 mathematical curios and conundrums, packed wi

Stewart, Ian

Seventeen Equations That Changed the World
Illustrations 288

This is a unique history of humanity told through its seventeen defining equations; from Pythagoras to Calculus. From Newton's Law of Gravity to the Black-Scholes model used by bankers to predict the markets, equations, are eve

Stewart, Ian

Standard Deviations
222(Ht mm) 150(Wdt mm) 304

The mathematical certainty of Nate Silver meets the insights of Daniel Kahneman in this lively deconstruction of lies, damned lies, and statistics. Did you know that having a messy room will make you racist? Or that hu

Smith, Gary

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension

From tying your shoes to the fourth dimension, this is the complete guide to exploring the fascinating world of maths you were never told about at school. Stand-up comedian and mathematician Matt Parker uses bizarre Klein Bottles, unimaginab

Parker, Matt

Why Cats Land on Their Feet
104 line illus. 216

Ever wonder why cats land on their feet? Or what holds a spinning top upright? Or whether it is possible to feel the Earth's rotation in an airplane? Why Cats Land on Their Feet is a compendium of paradoxes and puzzles that r

Levi, Mark