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Why do so many people suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous angst? Some twenty percent of us are afflicted with common Anxiety and Depressive disorders. That's not just nervous or scared or sad - that is painful dysfu

Kahn, Jeffrey P.

Anxiety Cure
Paperback 256 pages.

Offering an eight-step practical programme for fast and long-lasting relief of anxiety disorders, this second edition has been thoroughly updated to include information on new medication, terrorism and global problems.

DuPont Robert L., Spencer, Elizabeth DuPont, DuPont, Caroline M.

Calming Your Anxious Mind
Paperback 232 pages.

Dr. Brantley offers readers this fully revised and expanded second edition that includes two new chapters on acceptance practice during mindfulness meditation and feeling safe while facing fear, anxiety, and panic.

Brantley Jeffrey

Challenging Depression and Despair
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This book is offered as a lifeline to people at the bottom of the bottomless pit of depression. It will explain the research and the thinking behind the 'tough love' approach, much of which may be new to you because it flies i

Patmore, Angela

Paperback , 197 x 130mm. 272

This text gives us a way of understanding our depression which matches our experience and which enables us to take charge of our life and change it. It is for depressed people, their family and friends, and for all p

Rowe, Dorothy


Having suffered from major depression for much of her life, Stephanie Sorrell has learned to work with the disease rather than against it. Where so many mental-health books feature 'fighting and overcoming' depression, her experience and unde

Sorrell, Stephanie

I Feel So Bad I Can't Go on
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These amazing little books are potential life-savers. Using simple text and bold design, each book meets the reader at a point of low mood or unhelpful thinking, and guides them through rational thought processes to a mor

Williams, Chris

Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety.
Illustrations 264

Enough is enough! Many have struggled too long to control the symptoms of anxiety, only to find fear, shyness and worry creeping back into their lives the minute they let down their guard. The bottom line is that most efforts t

Forsyth, John P., Eifert, Georg H.