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30-Second Photography
illustrations (colour) 160

Who invented photography first, Fox Talbot or Louis Daguerre? Who got the patent? Who made the most money? Who are the greatest photographers and what have their contributions been? This book takes the 50 most importan

Dilg, Brian

@natgeo: The Most Popular Instagram Photos

Completely one-of-a-kind, @NatGeo is a winning combination of expertly curated and favourite National Geographic photographs from the company's iconic Instagram account. National Geographic, or @NatGeo, is the world's top non-celebrity accou

National Geographic

Abandoned Places
140 colour 144

While his crew is resting at the pool, pilot and photographer Henk Van Rensbergen leaves for an expedition to abandoned hotels, overgrown factories, or desolate, green places. Van Rensbergen always manages to see the beauty in dec

Van Rensbergen, Henk

Abstract Earth - Photography Exhibition
Hardback 120

Woldendorp Richard

Africa on Safari

Drama and beauty abound on the plains of Africa and in this superb collection of images, Australian photographers Kym and Tonya lllman present an intimate insight into Earth's greatest wilderness. This lavish book is the result of thousands

Illman, Tonya, Illman, Kym

Alex Webb: La Calle: Photographs of Mexico
plates 156

La Calle brings together more than thirty years of photography from the streets of Mexico by Alex Webb, spanning 1975 to 2007. Whether in black and white or color, Webb's richly layered and complex compositions touch on multiple genre

Webb, Alex, Arriaga, Guillermo

American Surfaces
Paperback , 245 x 210mm. 224

In 1972, Stephen Shore left New York City and set out with a friend to Amarillo, Texas. He was taken aback by the fact that his experience of life as a New Yorker had very little in common with the character and aspi

Shore, Stephen

Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees

Throughout much of the world, night skies are growing increasingly brighter, but the force that protects the remaining naturally dark sky, unpolluted byartificial light, is the same that saves its ancient treesisolation. Staking outsome of t

Moon, Beth, Strand, Clark, Grcevich, Jana

Animal Earth
540 colour illustrations 320

Animal Earth is an unbiased tour of the animal kingdom in all its staggeringly diversity. Animals that most easily spring to mind the tigers, elephants, eagles and crocodiles, or perhaps amphibians, fish and even hum

Piper, Ross

Art of Lee Miller

Lee Miller (1907-77) was not only one of the great beauties of the twentieth century but one of its most remarkable photographic artists. Miller is unique in performing with brilliance on both sides of the camera. This book brings toge

Haworth-Booth, Mark

Art Of The Photograph
full colour throughout, includes 300 photographs 256

Featuring more than 200 of master photographer Art Wolfe's stunning images, The Art of the Photograph helps amateur photographers of all levels break bad habits and shatter common yet incorrec

Sheppard, Rob/Various,

Astronomy Photographer Of The Year: Collection 4
260(Ht mm) 260(Wdt mm) 200

All the winning and shortlisted images from the 2015 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, which is organized by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The images are submitted in one of the following categories:

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Australasian Nature Photography - Anzang

The bioregion that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea possesses a unique natural heritage stretching back more than 80 million years, to the break-up of the great southern continent of Gondwana. The South Australia


Back to the Future
144 colour and black and white 160

We're all aware of getting older and may obsess over how our bodies gradually change with the years. Have you ever wanted to step back a few years and reconnect with a younger self? Would it be amusing or just

Werning, Irina

Bain's New York
illustrations 224

This original, hardcover compilation features 100 images from the George Grantham Bain collection in the Library of Congress, a photographic repository of one of the United States' earliest news agencies. Assembled by a leading

Carlebach, Michael

Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies is a collection of satirical photo media projects by Australian artist Peter Milne.
The images in this book create allegorical, visual narratives out of the strangely rich and conflicted history of a young nation still str

Milne, Peter Gordon

Before They Pass Away
320 colour photos 304

Abridged version of the global bestseller. This historic volume showcases tribal cultures around the world. With globalization, these societies are to be prized for their distinctive lifestyles, art and traditions. They liv

Nelson, Jimmy

Belco Pride
Belco Pride is a series of photographs that explores how belonging, connection and identity can emerge from a specific place. The places depicted here being the 25 northern-most suburbs of Canberra known as Belconnen, or to the locals, as 'Belco'. It
Grant, Lee and one8one7

Bernard Plossu: Western Colors

Bernard Plossu has been called 'the most American of French photographers' by his friend and colleague Lewis Baltz. Although he is best known for his work in black and white, often capturing a bohemian world of free-spirited adventure, Ploss

Evans, Max, Hodgson, Francis, Plossu, Bernard

Bill Brandt
Photofile S. 144 pages.

Part of the "Photofile" series, which aims to bring together the best work of some of the world's greatest photographers. This work contains about sixty full-page reproductions printed in duotone, together with a critical


Bill Jacobson
Hardback 96 pages.

Bill Jacobson's latest work. His photographs are images of vague recollections and forgotten experiences. They are blurred, diffuse and atmospheric, depicting only the vague outlines of urban scenes, rural landscapes and human


212 colour plates 288

Christopher Marley's Biophilia captures the colour and pattern in different natural objects, and he examines the deep relationships among them.

Marley, Christopher


In Birdland, Australian fine-art photographer Leila Jeffreys presents us with a bird-watching experience like no other, drawing birds out from their leafy shadows and airy territories and presenting them to us with the skill and intricate de

Jeffreys, Leila

Blush Photographs 1988 - 2010

"Blush brings together strands of Janina Green's practice from 1988 to the present. The obsessions and themes which have underpinned her work meander together in a dream - like stream of consciousness to form a whole body of work which is sim

Green, Janina

50 76

The mostly never-before-published images in Schapiro's rare collection represent Bowie at his most creative and inspired self and present a glimpse into the intimacy that Schapiro and Bowie shared during their time together. Bowie and Scha

Schapiro, Steve

Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacy
175 illustrations, 52 in colour 192

Bruce Davidson began his love affair with photography at age ten. The son of a hardworking divorced mother, he was a loner who disliked school and had difficulty conforming to the world round him. His camera r

Goldberg, Vicki


This spectacular book, designed by Anthony Battaglia of Box Communications, features the photography of Nick Leary, who was introduced to the art form while working with some of the world's best photographers during his earlier career as an

Leary, Nick

Camera Lucida
Reflections on Photography 144

Examining the themes of presence and absence, the relationship between photography and theatre, history and death, these 'reflections on photography' begin as an investigation into the nature of photographs. Then,

Barthes, Roland

Capturing the Light
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 300

Capturing the Light starts with a tiny scrap of purple-tinged paper, 176 years old and about the size of a postage stamp. On it you can just make out a tiny, ghostly image of a gothic window, an image so small and perf

Watson, Roger, Rappaport, Helen

Paperback 80 pages.

Cazneaux, Harold, Adams, Phillip, Ennis, Helen

Cecil Beaton
130 illustrations 288

Cecil Beaton was a fashion, portrait and war photographer, a diarist, artist and an Academy Award-winning designer. He is one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of the twentieth century and is renowned for his im

Beaton, Cecil, Vickers, Hugo

Century of Colour Photography
256 pages.

Roberts Pamela

Chinese Photobook: From the 1900s to the Present
colour illustrations 448

Newly revised histories of photography as recorded via the photobook have added enormously to our understanding of the medium's culture, particularly in places that are often marginalized, such as Latin America and Afric

Parr, Martin, Lundgren, Wassink

Choice Guide to Digital Photography
Paperback 224 pages.

Brown Margaret

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life
illustrations 160

This magnificent book encompasses the full scope of Cindy Sherman s career, with a special focus on the cinematic quality of her oeuvre. Known for slipping seamlessly behind the rotating masks of fairy tale characters, centerfo

Kaiser, Philipp, Coppola, Sophia, Heyler, Joanne, Sherman, Cindy

Collection Photographs
Hardback 468 pages.

Seban, Alain, Bajac, Quentin

Paperback 180 pages.

McKay, James, Ross, Frank

Creative Digital Photography
Paperback 192 pages.

Cope Peter

David Bailey
Stern Portfolio S., No. 50 96 pages.

English & German


Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus was one of the greatest photographers of the last century. Her portraiture of freaks, circus performers, twins, nudists and others on the social margins connected with a wide public at a deep psychological level. Her suicide in N

Lubow, Arthur

Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph

When Diane Arbus died in 1971 at the age of forty-eight, she was already a significant influence even something of a legend among serious photographers, although only a relatively small number of her most important pictures were widely known

Arbus, Diane, Arbus, Doon, Israel, Marvin

Documentary Impulse

Award-winning photographer Stuart Franklin's exploration of how we, as humans, are driven to visually document our experiences and the world around us. Stuart Franklin took one of the most powerful photographs of the twentieth century - the

Franklin, Stuart

Paperback , 350 x 297mm. 232 pages.

"Earthsong" comprises a spectacular collection of breathtaking aerial photographs of the earth's surface, taken from all over the world. This book offers a mesmerizing perspective of the world in which we live

Jung-Huttl, Angelika

Hardback 192 pages.

Painter, Melissa, Weisman, David

Elliott Erwitt
Photofile S. 144 pages.

Part of the "Photofile" series, aiming to bring together the best work of some of the world's greatest photographers. This work contains about sixty full-page reproductions printed in duotone, together with a critical int


Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World
plates 312

Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World offers a timely and critical reconsideration of Erwitt's unparalleled life as a photographer. Produced alongside a major retrospective exhibition, the book features examples of Erwitt's early expe

Erwitt, Elliott, McDonald, Jessica S.

Exploration Without Boundaries
Mixed-media pack , 155mm. 36 pages.

Takes you on a journey of reflection through 48 digital landscapes. This work helps you explore the virtual environments of this package in three different ways. Each environment features background music gene

Rhodes, Hilary

Family Milk


Flor Garduno
Hardback 144 pages.

Female nudes and still lives form this collection of reproduced tritone images by Mexican photographer Flor Garduno. In contrast to Garduno's first three books, which were essentially diaries of her travels throughout the Ame

Garduno, Flor

127 color & 10 b/w photos 144

It's a bird! It's a plane! Actually's a dog! This book is full of canines captured on camera as they fly through the air. Man's best friend-flying. Flydogs is a collection of euphoric canines sailing through t

Berger, Todd R.

Hardback 344 pages.

A collective picture of right here, right now, this book presents over 1,000 of the best images selected from the online photo journals found on the website of one of the liveliest digital communities: Fotolog, where millions

Currie, Nick, Long, Andrew

Frank Hurley
Hardback 460 pages.

McGregor, Alasdair


Gaia is the tour de force of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté. Here Laliberté presents stunning photographs of the Earth taken from 220 miles away during his eleven-day trip orbiting the earth as a private space explorer, with unique v

Laliberte, Guy

Graphis Nudes

Part of the Graphis' series, this book presents the body's many possibilities through the work of internationally acclaimed photographers.


Great LIFE Photographers
Hardback 608 pages.

Presents the living history - the history of our times, as seen by the photographers who captured it. This volume is the comprehensive anthology of life photography. It illustrates the strengths that made many of these indivi

"Life", Loengard, John

Grey Matter(s)

Colours are only reflected light, assembled in our brains, which is also known as "grey matter". Tom Jacobi spent two years photographing archaic landscapes throughout the world. He discovered mystic places that had been created by nature ov

Jacobi, Tom, Adams, Bryan

Grit and Glamour
305(Ht mm) 235(Wdt mm) 160

"Grit and Glamour "featuresan incredible range of photography by famed artist Allan Tannenbaum covering the styles and fashions of the iconic decade, includingstars and artists such as the Rolling Stones, John Lennon,

Tannenbaum, Allan

Hall of Mirrors
Paperback , 200mm. 48


Photography at the Musee D'Orsay S. 96 pages.

In early photographic portraits, the position of the hands clearly preoccupies both the model and the photographer. They implore, threaten or pray. They beg, clasp, caress. Most importantly, they pla

Bolloch, Joelle

Hardback 400 pages.

Celebrates a vital area of communication - hands. This work presents a collection of photographs taken en route, all of which focus on hands. It contains captions that accompany each image detailing the owners' homes and live

PAO B &,

100 colour 144

In his numerous works, internationally acclaimed photographer Michael Eastman often focuses on the facades and interiors of the world's cities, such as Paris, Rome, and New Orleans. In this book he explores the houses and streets

Eastman, Michael

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Hardback 386 pages.

Henri Cartier-Bresson confided in Pierre Assouline over a long period of time on the subjects of his youthful devotion to surrealism, his unending passion for drawing, the war and the prison camps, the friends and the women i

Assouline, Pierre

Highjacked 2 Australia & Germany

"Hijacked 2" is an expansive photographic anthology that compels us to consider two socially divergent and disparate photographic nations. Germany and Australia are juxtaposed to stimulate conversation, suggesting connection and inviting

Mcpherson, Mark, Noll, Ute, Schaden, Markus

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Blind Spots
66 illustrations 204

Hiroshi Sugimoto has explored ideas of time, empiricism, and metaphysics through a surreal and formalistic approach since the 1970s. With a self-described "habitual self-interlocutor," Sugimoto uses the camera as a bridge be

Sugimoto, Hiroshi, Larrath-Smith, Philip

Hollywood Icons: Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation
13 colour, 206 b&w 224

Hollywood Icons features approximately 200 photographs focusing on the great faces that drew moviegoers around the world into movie theatres by the tens of millions. Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson and other luminar

Dance, Robert, Pepper, Terence, Crocker, Simon

Hollywood Pinups
330(Ht mm) 254(Wdt mm) 80

In the 1980s, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Varga Girl's first appearance in "Esquire", the magazine commissioned Timothy White to create a contemporary version of the perennially popular pinup. Si

White, Timothy

Hoppe Portraits
150 illustrations, many previously unseen 176

'I knew Hoppe's photographs for years.' - Alfred Stieglitz, New York, 1921 'The Master' - Cecil Beaton, London, 1945 'The missing link in British photography between Frederick Evans and those contras

Prodger, Phillip, Pepper, Terence

c. 200 colour photos 208

Horses, just horses--sans riders, saddles, and bridles--unless they're in a stall, it's not something you see anymore. But this is precisely what Tony Stromberg, equine photographer extraordinaire, gives us. He photograp

Stromberg, Tony

Hot Dudes Reading
91 4-C photos thru-out; 1-C dyed ends 208

Humans of New York meets Porn for Women in this collection of candid photos, clever captions, and hilarious hashtags about one of the most important subjects of our time: hot dudes reading. Based on the

Hot Dudes Reading

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything
Hardback 384 pages.

Ang, Tom

Hunting with Eagles: The Kazakh Eagle-Hunters of Mongolia

For many hundreds of years Kazakh nomads have been grazing their livestock near the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia. The Altai Kazakhs are unique in their tradition of using golden eagles to hunt on horseback. The lifestyle of these hunt

Mohan, Palani

Hyper Nature
Over 200 colour photos 176

A revolution in nature photography. Philippe Martin revolutionised digital nature photography by 'stacking' images. To take one photograph, he will shoot a subject hundreds of times, stack the images into a composite,

Martin, Philippe

In the Face of History
Hardback 256 pages.

Presents a collection of works by some of the greatest European photographers of the twentieth century. This book contains images of hope and despair that capture some of the key events in the continent's history and illumina

Bush Kate Atge Eugene Brassai Vishniac Roman Sudek

In the Margin
40 b&w, 100 colour 160

The photographs included in this book have been taken by some of Belgium's most famous photographers, such as Carl de Keyzer and Bruno Stevens, as well as those who are lesser-known. All the photographs have one thing in c

Dejonghe, Kaat

India Now
Paperback 192 pages.

India recently celebrated sixty years of independence. The country, almost a continent in its own right, has become a great economic power, yet its image is still all too often limited to colourful clichés of brightly colou

Willaume, Alain, Daulet-Singh, Devika

illustrations 240

"Infidel" is an intimate portrait of a close band of warriors a small battalion of US soldiers, posted to an outpost in the Korengal Valley and considered one of the most dangerous Afghan postings in the war against the Taliban

Hetherington, Tim, Junger, Sebastian

250 colour and black and white photographs 144

This volume is a unique collection of photographs of gay couples from 1900 to 1960. While this is a time many now regard as the deeply closeted dark ages, these photos show gay couples who were cle

Lifshitz, Sebastien

Hardback 272 pages.

Verlhac, Pierre-Henri, Dherbier, Yann-Brice

Jacqueline Hassink: View, Kyoto
311 204

Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink (born 1966) recently commenced working on a multipart series called "View, Kyoto," in which she examines how the interior and exterior spaces of individual structures permeate and face one another. S

Hassink, Jacqueline

James and Other Apes
Hardback 112 pages.

Fifty great apes are featured in this series of portraits by James Mollison. Photographed in seven ape sanctuaries, they are mainly orphans, victims of the illicit trade in 'bushmeat'.With case note biographies, and introduce


Julian Wasser

This long overdue monograph presents an astonishing collection of images by Los Angeles photographer Julian Wasser. Some are very well known such as an iconic Joan Didion leaning against a Corvette Stingray in Hollywood 1968 and Marcel Ducha

Wasser, Julian

Jump Book

Damiani takes great pleasure in re-publishing this classic photo book from 1959 in a beautifully printed facsimile edition. With nearly 200 photographs of Halsman's famous subjects in midair, these uniquely witty and energetic images of airbo

Halsman, Philippe

Jungle Book: Contemporary Stories of the Amazon and Its Fringe
123 colour illustrations 232

When the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana set out on his search for cinnamon in 1541, he could not have anticipated that his travels would bring him to the bends of the world's longest river: the Amazon. Lo

Gross, Yann, Munduruku, Daniel, Robert, Arnaud


Lament is a beautiful, original and affecting work of art in book form that takes as its subject the themes of light and dark, love and loss, life and death. This extraordinary volume is the result of a creative collaboration between artist

Zwehl, Bettina von, Cohen, Josh

Last Photographic Heroes
Hardback 200 pages.

In the 1960s and 1970s, photography in America reached a peak of invention and achievement. A major survey of this unique period, this book documents these important developments in the visual arts and recaptures the experime

Mora, Gilles

Laurie Simmons
Hardback 156 pages.

Linker, Kate

Hardback 160 pages.

A social history of the people behind the Leica camera, this title revelas its ingenious inventor, Oskar Barnack, and the great photographers who found it indispensable, including Rodchenko, Kert, Cartier-Bresson, Capa, and m

Pasi Alessandro

Leisurama Now
Paperback , 248 x 184mm. 208 pages.

Sahre, Paul

Lewis Morley
Paperback 128 pages.

Annear, Judy

Lewis Morley

Lewis Morley - I to Eye will illuminate and crystallise this body of work in a career retrospective, incorporating literally hundreds of photographs covering all aspects of Morley's work, from England, france and the united States, also the

Morley, Lewis

Hardback , 279 x 229mm. 208

Watts, Ben

Life on Instagram

What if, in a world where millions of us can capture and share our lives instantly with one another, there was a place to bring the best of these images together? Now there is. Life on Instagram is the first and only annual of its kind. Cel


Life on the Lower East Side
Hardback 192 pages.

Lepkoff, Rebecca, Dans, Peter, Wasserman, Suzanne

Lisette Model
Hardback , 381 x 305mm. 112


Little Humans of New York
Full Colour Photographs Throughout 40

When Brandon Stanton started a photography project in 2010 to capture the extraordinary in everyday New Yorkers, he didn't realize it would take off almost overnight. He now has over three million dedicated

Stanton, Brandon

Lives of Lee Miller
171 illustrations 216

"Part memoir, part photo essay, part search for the real woman behind an unconventional mother....Should ensure Miller the place she deserves in future histories of the period."--"Art in America"
- Lee Miller: 1927: New

Penrose, Antony

LOMO Dont Think Just Shoot
Major American Universities PhD Qualifying Questions & Solutions S. 392 pages.

Napper, Thomas Q., Monheim, Fabian

Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography
col. ill 368

The definitive guide to great travel photography. Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography covers people, landscape, urban and wildlife photography as well as video techniques. This guide shows how to share photos online and make

Lonely Planet

Hardback , 254 x 254mm. 240

Love is a journey across many cultures and places. It is a voyage that takes us back to the past as well as into the 21st century. Yet very little separates young lovers glowing under Shanghai's futuristic skyline and


Lucien Clergue Brasilia
illustrations 176

Lucien Clergue first won fame for his photographs of nudes, whose sensual use of light and water playing upon torsos enthralled Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, his lifelong mentors. Today he is closely identified with Arles and

Turck, Eva-Monika, Clergue, Lucien, Andrew, Paul

Magnum Magnum
Hardback , 390 x 320mm. 564

Celebrates sixty years of the vision, imagination and brilliance of Magnum photographers. This title features over 400 photographs by the acknowledged greats of photography. It includes biographies of the featured pho

Lardinois Brigitte

Magnum Photobook: A Catalogue Raisonne

members of the renowned photo agency Published on the occasion of Magnum Photos' seventieth anniversary, this fascinating in-depth survey brings Magnum's history alive through the genre of the photobook - an essential vehicle for photograph

Naggar, Carole, Ritchin, Fred

Manual Alvarez Bravo, Henri Cartier-bresson, and Walker Evans
Hardback 192 pages.

Bravo, Manuel Alvarez, Cartier-Bresson, Henri, Evans, Walker

Marilyn: In The Flash
229(Ht mm) 167(Wdt mm) 256

A stunning collection of hundreds of rare and unseen photographs, behind-the-scenes notes, and interviews chronicling the media's lifelong love affair with Marilyn, created by the acclaimed curator and author of Marily

Wills, David

Martin Parr
57 128

Martin Parr is an affordable, pocket-sized monograph spanning the influential photographer's entire career, from his early black and white photographs to works from his major projects, including The Last Resort and Think of England. It fe

Parr, Martin, Phillips, Sandra S.

Martine Franck
Hardback 128 pages.

Part of a group of 245x210 photography monographs, this monograph is an introduction to the work of the Magnum photographer Martine Franck. It features 55 photographs from the entirety of her career and works from all her bes

Baring Louise

Mary Ellen Mark on the Portrait
70 illustrations 128

In The Photography Workshop Series, Aperture Foundation works with the worlds top photographers to distill their creative approaches, teachings, and insights on photography offering the workshop experience in a book. Our goa

Mark, Mary Ellen, Baxter, Laurie Rae

Matthew Sleeth
Paperback 108 pages.

No Author Provided

Max Pam
Photographs, slipcased 208

Atlas Monographs is a compression of eight travel journals, beginning with Pam's most recent work (Karakoram 2006) and shifting back through the decades to his first journals begun in 1970. The journals map, through te

Muecke, Stephen

Me We Love, Humanity and Us


Melting Away
200 colour images 160

For nearly a decade Camille Seaman has documented the rapidly changing landscapes of Earth's polar regions. As an expedition photographer aboard small ships in the Arctic and Antarctic, she has chronicled the accelerating e

Seaman, Camille

Men and Their Sheds

Intricate and illuminating, the photographs in this book showcase the very private relationship between a man and his shed a place to shelter not just from the rain but also from the ups and downs of daily life. The shed is as much a mental rel

Wetjen, Craig

Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973

Remembering Starman: Mick Rock s legendary photos of the late artist Such a privilege to have known and worked with him. A remarkable man and artist. I loved him. Mick Rock, 2016.A unique tribute from David Bowie s official photographer and

Rock, Mick

Moment by Moment: Photographs by John Loengard
135 illustrations 152

As John Loengard writes in the preface to this monograph: 'The truth is: a good photograph cannot be repeated. This may be why a photograph of a brief moment, an instant in time, can hold our interest forever.' And this vol

Loengard, John


Landscape photography is one of the arts most accessible areas, whether you're just starting out or refining your vision. This book reveals the palette of techniques that will make your photography stand out from the crowd and win a place on

Gudleifsdottir, Rebekka

National Geographic The Photographs

"National Geographic: The Photographs" presents an amazing collection of award-winning "National Geographic" magazine photographs, the facts behind them, and the inside stories of the men and women who took them. The images capture rare mome

Bendavid-Val, Leah

Neue Welt / New World
all Illustrations (black and white, and colour) 216

Over the period of more than two decades, Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. From snapshots of his friends to

Tillmans, Wolfgang

New York Rises
Hardback , 279 x 244mm. 144

Lorenzini, Michael, Moore, Kevin

No Mercy

This visual record gives a comprehensive view of modern roller derby. Through 353 images, professional photographer Jules Doyle, a.k.a. Axle Adams, documents regular season bouts and independent tournaments, both flat track and banked track.

Doyle, Jules


A personally curated selection of Magnus Nilsson's photographs from The Nordic Cookbook, also including previously unpublished images taken during his research. Given his first camera at the age of six, celebrated Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson

Nilsson, Magnus

Observation of Trifles
100 110

Nominated for World Press Photo and a finalist for the Gran Prix Fotofestival, in The Observation of Trifles the Madrid-born photographer Carlos Alba suggests a unique, random guide through the conventionalisms of a London seen through o

Alba, Carlos

Hardback 412 pages.

Presents a collection of photographs that aim to provide a global focus on the ocean and the humans who depend on it for survival. This book includes nearly 200 images of the five oceans around the world, seen close to the su

Plisson, Philip, Buchet, Christian

Oldest Living Things in the World
120 colour plates, 5 halftones 304

The Oldest Living Things in the World is an epic journey through time and space. Over the past decade, artist Rachel Sussman has researched, worked with biologists, and traveled the world from Antarctica to the

Sussman, Rachel, Obrist, Hans-Ulrich, Zimmer, Carl

On Photography
Paperback 224

How do we see the world around us? "The Penguin on Design" series includes the works of creative thinkers whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision forever. Susan Sontag's groundbreaking critique of photog

Sontag Susan

On This Earth
Hardback 132 pages.

Portrays a world of drama and poignancy, where the very souls of the animals seem to be revealed to us. Brandt creates these majestic photos - whether of moments of quintessential stillness or bursts of dramatic action - by e

Brandt, Nick

Ongoing Moment
Paperback , 234 x 153mm. 304

In his last book, YOGA FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO DO IT, Geoff Dyer confessed that not only did he not take pictures in the course of his travels but that he did not own a camera. With characteristic pervers

Dyer, Geoff

Out of the Blue
347(Ht mm) 280(Wdt mm) 254

Australia is a country of diverse landscapes that seem endless. The flat plains of the outback give way to undulating mountain ranges, serpentine rivers and rugged coastlines. Through striking photographs Out of the Bl

Woldendorp, Richard

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

A stunning and unique collection of satellite images of Earth that offer an unexpected look at humanity, derived from the wildly popular Daily Overview Instagram account. Inspired by the 'Overview Effect' - a sensation that astronauts experi

Grant, Benjamin

Oxford Companion to the Photograph
Hardback 800 pages.

Global in scope, this work focuses on the technology, history, and practice of photography, from its origins to the digital era. It also includes a bibliography, a chronology, a list of websites, and an index.

Lenman, Robin

Painting with Light
120 images 128

Photography was entangled with art from the very moment of its invention by painter and printmaker Louis Daguerre in 1839. Painting with Light is the first publication to explore photography's complex and fascinating inter-relatio

Jacobi, Carol

Palm Springs
Hardback 156

In 1961, celebrrated French photographer Robert Doisneau was invited by Fortune magazine to cover Palm Springs, the hottest travel destination of the day. While there, Doisneau took hundreds of photographs, twenty-three of which we

Doisneau Robert

Paparazzi!: Photographers, Stars, Artists

In 1960, Fellini invented the now infamous paparazzi character in La Dolce Vita. The professions image has since alternated between that of a parasite and an indispensible marketing tool in the lucrative business of celebrity branding that h

Cl ment Ch roux

Patterns of the Earth
Hardback 240 pages.

Talks about the extraordinary and abstract natural patterns that occur on the earth's surface. This book features over 500 photographs of craters, pools and islands; rivers, canyons and streams; estuaries, icebergs and salt f

Edmaier, Bernhard

Peter Jarver
Master of Flight S.

Duncan, Ken

Phantom Shanghai
Hardback 240 pages.


Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr.
Hardback 352 pages.

Sammy Davis, Jr will forever be remembered as one of America's finest entertainers. This work features Davis' portrayals of A-list performers, iconic world leaders, and scenes from everyday life. Through a series of memorable

Boyar, Burt

Photographer's Cookbook

In the late 1970s, the George Eastman House approached a group of photographers to ask for their favorite recipes and food-related photographs to go with them, in pursuit of publishing a cookbook. Playing off George Eastman's own famous reci

Hostetler, Lisa

Photographers A-Z

Masters and monographs: An encyclopedia of 20th century photographers and their finest publications Arranged alphabetically, this biographical encyclopediafeatures every major photographer of the 20th centuryalongside her or his most signifi

Koetzle, Hans-Michael

illustrations 400

This is the definitive visual history, from the dawn of photography to the digital age. Photography is a beautiful lavishly illustrated reference book tracing the history of photography from its origins in the 1800s to the glob

Ang, Tom

Photography in America's National Parks
124 illustrations, 4 in colour 160

To celebrate the centennial of America's National Park Service, Photography In America's National Parks brings together some of the finest landscape photography in the history of the medium, from America's most

Allen, Jamie M.


The purpose and the technique of photography is explained and discussed with many of the greatest photographers of our time. They share their visions, their challenges, their motivations and their methods, as we are taken inside the work and

Blackwell, Lewis

150 colour and b/w photographs 256

Drawing on a wide range of sources, including the visual archive of the Polaroid Collection, Florian 'Doc' Kaps tells the extraordinary story of Polaroid, a photographic medium he helped rescue from oblivion in

Kaps, Florian

Polaroid Book
Hardback , 175 x 217mm. 400

German, French, English, In existence for over 50 years, the Polaroid Corporation's photography collection is the greatest collection of Polaroid images in the world. Begun by Polaroid founder Edwin Land and photograp


Poolside with Slim Aarons
Hardback 240 pages.

Offers images of jet-setters and the wealthy, of beautiful, glittering people living the glamorous life. The main character is pools and everything that goes with them - magnificent, suntanned bodies, well-oiled skin, bikini-

Aarons, Slim


Fergus Greer

Regina Relang
Hardback , 300 x 240mm. 240

Fashion photographer Regina Relang recorded haute couture throughout the 1950's to 1960's. From the Paris catwalk to fashion spreads in 'Vogue', Relang has become known as a fervent fashion photographer of her time.

Ruelfs, Esther, Pohlmann, Ulrich

Reuters - The State of the World
Hardback 384 pages.

Featuring more than 500 photographs, this book brings into focus the dramatic developments that have transformed our world in the first years of the 21st century. It also talks about the moments that changed the world as well


Richard Avedon Photo Graphs 1946-2004

Avedon Richard

Richard Renaldi
Hardback 156 pages.

Hargreaves, Roger

Royal Childhood: Growing up in a Palace
illustrations 120

Royal Childhood tells the story of life for the younger members of the Royal family. From playing games and dressing-up, to christenings and public outings, this souvenir album reveals what it is like to grow up in a palace. Th

Reynolds, Anna


Serrano, Andres

Sara Vanderbeek

The photographic and sculptural arrangements of Sara VanDerBeek (born 1976) emulate a poet's economic use of structure, phrasing and rhythm, to suspend images and multiple processes within a rigorously shaped framework. This first book-lengt

Godfrey, Mark (University of Glasgow), VanDerBeek, Stan, Marcoci, Roxana, Sutton, Gloria


Laita's breathtaking images of sea life are mesmerising; his cutting-edge photographic techniques unveil the full splendour and other-worldliness of the ocean's creatures in an entirely new and thrilling way. SEA showcases the exquisite bea

Laita, Mark

Seeing Things: A Kid's Guide to Looking at Photographs

Aimed at children between the ages of nine and twelve, Seeing Things is a wonderful introduction to photography that asks how photographers transform ordinary things into meaningful moments. In this book, acclaimed and beloved photographer Jo

Meyerowitz, Joel

Paperback 84 pages.


Hardback 24 pages.


Steve McCurry
Hardback 152 pages.

Features Steve McCurry's images of Afghanistan and its people.

McCurry, Steve

Steve McCurry : the Iconic Photographs
165 272

American photographer Steve McCurry (b.1950) is universally recognized as one of today's finest image-makers and has won many of photography's top awards. This special limited-edition monograph brings together the most memorable and beau

McCurry, Steve

Steve McCurry: On Reading

A celebration of the timeless act of reading - as seen through the lens of one of the world's most beloved photographers Young or old, rich or poor, engaged in the sacred or the secular, people everywhere read. This homage to the beauty and

McCurry, Steve, Theroux, Paul

Streisand: In the Camera Eye
170 colour and black and white photos 288

Streisand: In The Camera Eye is a collection of the very best photographs of Barbra Streisand available, chosen for their rarity, their quality, their artistic interest and their insight into the many fa

Spada, James

Sydney Lee
170 colour illustrations 160

The first publication devoted to the work of Sydney Lee RA (18661949), this fully illustrated and annotated catalogue raisonne of his prints offers a long overdue appraisal of his contribution to British art. Primari

Meyrick, Robert

232(Ht mm) 244(Wdt mm) 160

The Tarkine is one of the largest temperate rainforests on Earth, covering an area of 4500 square kilometres in Tasmania's north-west. This vast expanse is a wilderness wonderland of wild rivers, dramatic coastal heath

Ashton, Ralph (Edited by)

The Great Wall of China
Houston Museum of Fine Arts S. 176 pages.

Chen Changfen began to photograph the Great Wall twenty years before the Chinese government officially adopted it as the national symbol in 1984. This book presents his study of the monumental form and c

Tucker, Anne Wilkes, Spence, Jonathan D.

The Railway
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art S. 288 pages.

Steam locomotives gripped the imagination when they first appeared in nineteenth-century Europe and America. Aboard these great machines, passengers travelled at faster speeds than ever before while watc

Kennedy, Ian, Treuherz, Julian, Beaumont, Matthew, Freeman, Michael

The Sadness of Men
Hardback 264 pages.

Philip Perkis is one of the most widely respected American photographers, yet his work is little known outside of professional circles. In this fifty-year retrospective, and first published collection, his inimitable vision i

Perkis, Philip

Thomson Time
Hardback 212 pages.

Thomson, Donald, Allen, Lindy

Through Women's Eyes
300 colour and black and white illustrations 336

The artists featured in this book offer us their own interpretations of the world, filtered through the camera, and show us what is worth looking at among the barrage of images that bombard us. Th

Miglietti, Francesca Alfano

Tina Modotti
71 illustrations 120

Modotti was known for her unique documentary style of photography and was profoundly influenced by the post-revolutionary cultural and political fervour in Mexico and it is her photos of that country for which she is most we

Modotti, Tina

Towards Photojournalism 1848-1919
Photography at the Musee D'Orsay, 10 96 pages.

Ever since its invention in 1839, photography has had the ambition of reproducing everything and depicting the overall reality of the world. Given the long exposure times of the daguerrotype, the fi

Font-Reaulx, Dominique de, Bolloch, Joelle

Tracey Moffatt
Paperback 144 pages.

Maggia, Filippo

Urban Art Photography
Hardback 216 pages.

Grose, Jurgen

Hardback 240 pages.

A pictorial record of the Vietnam War. This work describes the social history of the time, highlighting prominent people, media coverage - it was the first televised war, and much more. It conveys the horrors and hardships ex

Pelvin Richard

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 160 pages.

Representing the work of more than 100 professional and amateur photographers from 22 countries, this work presents nature photographs. It comprises of the winning photographs from the 2007 Shell Wild

Cox Rosamund Kidman

William Eggleston Portraits

"I want to make a picture that could stand on its own, regardless of what it was a picture of. I've never been a bit interested in the fact that this was a picture of a blues musician or a street corner or something." (William Eggleston). Wi

Prodger, Phillip, Coppola, Sofia

Windmill Collection
114 photographs 119

The Windmill Sisters' collection of about a thousand images depicting scenes and people in Victoria from 1913 to about 1940 is made particularly valuable by Emma Windmill's documentation of individual images. These rare photo

Elliston, Peter Russell, Jardine, Diane, Vane-Tempest, Clare

Windows in the Wall
Paperback 144 pages.

Heyl,R & Gilliam,T.

Women of Our Time
Paperback 192 pages.

Voss, Frederick S., Roberts, Cokie

World Press Photo 2008
Hardback 160

Publishing the results of the most recent annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from the year 2007 pictures submitted by photo journalists, picture agencies, newspapers and

Schouten,Elsbeth ed.