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30 Second Bible

The 50 most meaningful moments in the Bible, each explained in half a minute. The Bible has been a bestseller from its earliest days but its a little like "A Brief History of Time": most people have a copy, and we all think we know what its

Re Manning, Dr Russell

365 Bible Stories and Prayers


Brick Bible Presents Brick Exodus
100 color illustrations 96

Master LEGO builder, photographer, and storyteller Brendan Powell Smith has created new interest in the Bible and its stories his Brick Bible books and website. His widely popular The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old

Smith, Brendan Powell

Brick Bible Presents Brick Genesis
120 color illustrations 96

The Brick Bible series, by master LEGO builder, photographer, and storyteller Brendan Powell Smith, has sparked new interest in this important religious text. His widely popular The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old T

Smith, Brendan Powell

Jesus in the Jewish World

Geza Vermes is the greatest living Jesus scholar. In this collection of occasional pieces, he explores the world and the context in which Jesus of Nazareth lived and tells the story of the exploration of first-century Palestine by twentieth-

Vermes, Geza

Jesus Through Pagan Eyes

Open your eyes to a portrait of Jesus Christ that has never been seen before - a compassionate, life-affirming, nature-inspired spiritual teacher, freed from the limiting ideology of the Church. Reverend Mark Townsend's remarkable book is tr

Townsend, Mark

Story of the Nativity
chiefly illustrations (colour) 32

A traditional retelling of the first Christmas with echoes of the Gospels and a gentle storytelling style. Sophie Windham (a Kate Greenaway Medal shortlisted illustrator) complements the text with beautiful, glo

Pasquali, Elena, Windham, Sophie

Third Jesus
Paperback 288 pages.

Discovering the identity of Jesus, which is threefold, this book shows that: there is Jesus the man, whose sermons form the foundation of Christian theology; there is Jesus the Son of God, who represents a specific branch of

Chopra, Deepak

What Good is God?

Speaker, journalist and bestselling author, Philip Yancey has travelled the world tackling the most challenging questions: Can God truly bring solace to the terrorised people of Mumbai, or the students who witnessed the murder of their class

Yancey, Philip