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Early History of God

Foreword by Patrick D. Miller In this remarkable, acclaimed history of the development of monotheism, Mark S. Smith explains how Israel's religion evolved from a cult of Yahweh as a primary deity among many to a fully defined monotheistic fa

Smith, Mark S.

From Gods to God
6 tables, 1 glossary 320

The ancient Israelites believed things that the writers of the Bible wanted them to forget: myths and legends from a pre-biblical world that the new monotheist order needed to bury, hide, or reinterpret. Ancient Israel w

Shinan, Avigdor, Zakovitch, Yair, Zakovitch, Valerie

Great Angel
black & white illustrations 250

What did "Son of God," "Messiah," and "Lord," mean to the first Christians when they used these words to describe their beliefs about Jesus? In this book Margaret Barker explores the possibility that, in the expec

Barker, Margaret, Barker, Margaret

Righteous Indignation

For the first time, the voices of leading progressive Jewish activists are gathered together in one groundbreaking volume as they seek meaningful intellectual and spiritual foundations upon which to base their social justice work. This impor

Rose, Or N., Klein, Margie, Green Kaiser, Jo Ellen

Story of the Jews: Finding the Words
3 plate sections 550

It is a story like no other: an epic of endurance against destruction, of creativity in oppression, joy amidst grief, the affirmation of life against the steepest of odds. It spans the millennia and the continents u from

Schama, Simon