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2012 Australasian Sky Guide

Compact, easy to use and reliable, this popular guide contains everything you need to know about the southern night sky with monthly star maps, diagrams and details of all the year?s exciting celestial events. Wherever you are in Australia or

Lomb Nick

2017 Australasian Sky Guide
210(Ht mm) 148(Wdt mm) 112

Compact, easy to use and reliable, this popular guide by well known astronomer and author Dr Nick Lomb has been providing stargazers with everything they need to know about the southern night sky for over 25 years. Th

Lomb, Nick

asMars 3-D
full colour throughout, 150 photographs 176

Planetary scientist Jim Bell leads us on another exhilarating tour of the Red Planet, and this revised, expanded edition of Mars 3-D includes the latest images from NASA's revolutionary Mars Science La

Bell, Jim

Astronomy 2012 Australia
illus / colour throughout 152

Wallace, Ken et al

Astronomy in Minutes
200 b&w illustrations and diagrams 416

What happens when a star dies? How many asteroids are in our solar system? Can galaxies collide? What is dark energy? Astronomy in Minutes answers all these questions and more as it condenses 200 key concep

Sparrow, Giles

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky

Massey, Steve, Quirk, Steve

Destiny or Chance Revisited
12 b/w illus. 9 colour illus. 313

This exciting tour of our Universe explores our current knowledge of exoplanets and the search for another Earth-like planet. Beginning with the basic concepts of planet formation and the composition of the Uni

Taylor, Stuart Ross

Expanding Universe
illustrations 260

With investigations into everything from black holes to exoplanets, the Hubble Telescope has changed not only the face of astronomy, but also our very sense of being in the universe, on the 25th anniversary of its launch into l

Edwards, Owen, Levay, Zoltan

100 illus, 100 in colour 256

The numbers involved when it comes to discussing stars, galaxies and the inconceivably vast tracts of empty space between them are staggering. With hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe, all of

Geach, James

Gravity's Fatal Attraction
illustrations 312

Richly illustrated with the images from observatories on the ground and in space, and computer simulations, this book shows how black holes were discovered, and discusses our current understanding of their role in cosmic evolut

Begelman, Mitchell, Rees, Martin

Introduction to the Solar System
328 colour illus. 96 exercises 418

Major leaps in space technology now allow us to view the splendour and diversity of the Solar System in remarkable detail. This textbook presents a fascinating description of the bodies in the Solar System and

Rothery, David A., McBride, Neil, Gilmour, Iain

Over 200 images 224

Mars has always fascinated humanity and the findings of the past decade have revolutionized ideas about our nearest neighbour - revealing its watery past and geological similarity to Earth. This giant volume, filled with the

Sparrow, Giles

Near-Earth Objects
20 halftones. 19 line illus. 6 tables. 192

Of all the natural disasters that could befall us, only an Earth impact by a large comet or asteroid has the potential to end civilization in a single blow. Yet these near-Earth objects also offer tanta

Yeomans, Donald K., Yeomans, Donald K.

Planisphere and Starfinder

The complete beginner's guide to navigating the night sky

Star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and all 88 major constellations are now within reach with Planisphere and Starfinder. Stargaze through the y

Dorling Kindersley

77 b/w illus. 9 colour illus. 244

Orbiting at the edge of the outer Solar System, Pluto is an intriguing object in astronomy. Since the fascinating events surrounding its discovery, it has helped increase our understanding of the origin and evo

Jones, Barrie William

Shrouds of the Night
Hardback 456

The Milky Way has captivated the mind of multitudes ever since the beginning of time. Particularly striking are its apparent dusty gaping voids. With the advent of near-infrared technology, astronomers have discovered an awesome new

Block, David, Freeman, Kenneth

Stars: The Definitive Guide

The Stars is a stunning guide to the celestial wonders of our universe, capturing the beauty of the cosmos beyond our solar system. Fully authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution, The Stars lets you explore the awe-inspiring wonders of o


Voyage to the Heart of Matter

In this unique collaboration between CERN and renowned paper engineer Anton Radevsky, 7000 tonnes of metal, glass, plastic, cables and computer chips leap from the page in miniature pop-up, to tell the story of CERN's quest to understand the b

Radevsky, Anton, Sanders, Emma

You Are Here
illustrations 208

In You Are Here, bestselling author and celebrated astronaut Chris Hadfield creates a virtual orbit of Earth, giving us the really big picture: this is our home, from space. The millions of us who followed Hadfield's news-makin

Hadfield, Chris