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Multi-orgasmic Man
(10 b/w line drawings) 240

Every man can have multiple orgasms -- and can directly improve his lovemaking skills -- just by learning some simple physical techniques. This new edition of our Bestseller shows how! All men can be multi-orgasmic --

Chia, Mantak, Arava, Douglas Abrams


In this eye-opening book, psychologist Jesse Bering argues that we are all sexual deviants on one level or another. He introduces us to the young woman who falls madly in love with the Eiffel Tower, a young man addicted to seductive sneezes,

Bering, Jesse

Hardback 192

The ultimate photographic guide to sex from cult photographer Rankin, with attitude from Em and Lo. An energetic look at how to have sex and how to have it better with explicit pictures from Rankin, cult British fashion photographer

Em & Lo

Tantric Sex for Men
13 b&w ills 192

Fulfilling sex nourishes love, increases vitality and boosts mental health. Unfortunately, prevailing attitudes about male sexuality and what is good sex work against these innate features by focusing on the excitement of ejacula

Richardson, Diana, Richardson, Michael