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Alison Jay Mini Slipcase

Jay, Alison

art + soul
Hardback , 275mm. 296

The lavishly illustrated 'art + soul' is the companion book to the prime-time ABC TV series by the same name. Over the last thirty years, a magical flowering of Aboriginal art has occurred in Australia-captivating viewers a

Perkins, Hetti

Asian Treasures: Gems of the Written Word
250(Ht mm) 220(Wdt mm) 124

Asian Treasures: Gems of the Written Word showcases Asian writing, printing and books of beauty and historical significance that are housed in the National Library of Australia. Written by Andrew Gosling, former chief

Gosling, Andrew

Integrated 320

A Rothschild by birth and a Baroness by marriage, beautiful, spirited Pannonica - known as Nica - seemed to have it all: children, a handsome husband and a trust fund. But in the early 1950s she heard a piece by the jazz legend Th

Rothschild, Hannah

Battle Boy Spying on the Past Tin


Best 100 Poems of Les Murray
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 128

Murray, Les


To many, the racing bicycle is a marvel of engineering and aesthetics. 'Bike!' Is the first book to be produced on the history of the world's most famous racing-bike and component manufacturers. Within its pages you will discover the beautifull

Moore, Richard and Benson, Daniel

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Holly Golightly was undoubtedly the role that made Audrey Hepburn a movie icon. Adapted from the Truman Capote novella of the same name, the inspired cast took the screenplay and fashioned it into the touching comedy of a young woman finding he

Gristwood, Sarah

Hardback , 317 x 248mm. 280

Scottish-born artist Ian Fairweather (1891-1974) is a giant amongst Australian painters. He is revered by fellow artists. Shaped by European modernism - post-impressionism and cubism - Fairweather was a recluse drawn

Bail, Murray

First Law Trilogy Boxed Set

THE FIRST LAW trilogy is a fantasy masterpiece, now available in a stunning box set. It's a perfect gift for fans of A GAME OF THRONES; a must-have for fans of Joe Abercrombie; and a great way for new readers to discover one of the most hig

Abercrombie, Joe

Greatest Race
Full colour throughout 216

The Tour de France has it all: extremes of ego, temperature and terrain; grazes, bruises and streaks; wrecks, wheels and winding paths. Now, in celebration of 100 years of the Tour's infamous mountain section, comes th

Powell, Mike

History of Australian Wine

'The History of Australian Wine' tells the story of Australian wine during the entire twentieth century. Based on a series of interviews conducted across a broad range of industry figures - from winemakers to cellar hands, from business lead

Allen, Max

Indochine - Baguettes and Bank Mi: Finding France in Vietnam

Indochine sees Red Lantern's Luke Nguyen revisit his beloved Vietnam and seek out the food and cultural remnants of this former French colonial empire. On his regular visits to Vietnam today, Luke is often struck by the appearance of people

Nguyen, Luke

247(Ht mm) 244(Wdt mm)

Learn about traditional Japanese clothing with Yumi and the Kokeshi! There are many types of Kimono, just as there are many types of Kokeshi, and while they all wear the same style clothing, they all add their very person

Parot, Annelore

War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-45 384

This is the story of how a relatively poor European country not only survived the war physically intact, but came out of it much wealthier in 1945 than it had been when war broke out in 1939.

Lochery, Neill

Love and the Platypus
Paperback 352 pages.

Drayson, Nicholas

Outside the Magic Square
A Handbook for Food Security 408

Outside the Magic Square considers issues of food security and offers solutions at the street, neighbourhood and global levels. Mixing gardening advice and food plot design with discussion of issues like global w

Houbein, Lolo

Paper Bliss

Turn your tax returns into artworks. Create unique paper jewellery. Transform old books into sculptures. Make your own journals and stationery. Follow the simple instructions in this beautiful book to make these projects and many more.

Rogers, Skye

Place in the Country New Rural Architecture - Australia and New Zealand

A Place in the Country is a stylish look at the new architecture of rural Australia and New Zealand. Forty-seven rural retreats have been superbly photographed and are presented in their natural settings; from bushland to mountain top, the lush

Crafti, Stephen

Prime Cut

Shortlisted, 2010 UK Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award Meet Cato Kwong - disgraced cop and ex-poster boy for the metropolitan police force. The world is in economic meltdown but a mining town on the edge of nowhere is booming. With t

Carter, Alan

River Cottage Veg Everyday
Colour 416

Why don't we eat more veg? They're healthy, cost-effective and, above all, delicious. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall believes that it is time to put this to rights, as he explains in this brilliant new book. He's come up with an abunda

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh

Russell Drysdale
Hardback , 316 x 249mm. 384

The third in our "Bay Art Revival" series, this edition of Russell Drysdale has been fully revised to integrate the paintings into the body of the text and includes a new introduction by author Lou Klepac, written to

Klepac, Lou

Songs of Sapa - Stories and Recipes from Vietnam
Hardback , 260 x 215mm. 344

Luke Nguyen, of Secrets of the Red Lantern fame, is going home. Travelling on a personal and culinary tour through Vietnam, Luke visits his family and friends, and is invited into the homes of local Vietnamese food ex

Nguyen, Luke

Sound of Music Family Scrapbook

From the moment Julie Andrews appears on the hills outside Salzburg to the final daring escape from the Nazis, The Sound of Music is embedded in the DNA of a generation. But what was it like to be part of all this? For seven children and youn

Bronson, Fred


Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth. After five years in exile his presence is required at the funeral of patriarch Joe Murston, and even though the last time Stu saw the Murstons he was running for his life, staying away might be even mor

Banks, Iain

These Wonderful Rumours!
Integrated: 20, int b/w photos 416

Auntie F. came in announcing dramatically that Hitler is coming tomorrow, at which my father remarked that he would, now that he's just finished papering upstairs. At the outbreak of World War Two, May Smith wa

Smith, May, Gardiner, Juliet

Thinking in Numbers

This is the book that Daniel Tammet, bestselling author and mathematical savant, was born to write. In Tammet's world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics illuminates our lives and minds. Using anecdotes and everyday examples, Tammet allow

Tammet, Daniel


THE TWELVE Death-row prisoners with nightmare pasts and no future. THE TWELVE Until they were selected for a secret experiment. THE TWELVE To create something more than human. THE TWELVE Now they are the future and humanity's worst nightmare

Cronin, Justin

Yellow Birds

An unforgettable depiction of the psychological impact of war, by a young Iraq veteran and poet, THE YELLOW BIRDS is already being hailed as a modern classic.

Powers, Kevin

227(Ht mm) 223(Wdt mm)

Parot, Annelore