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101 Shots
Illustrations (colour) 128

Forget what you think you know about shots from your college years. In 101 Shots, cocktail aficionado Kim Haasarud elevates the lowly shot to heights never seen before in this collection of recipes just as she's done w

Haasarud, Kim

101 Things to Do with Beer

"101 recipes, good for what ales you." Take your love of the suds to the next level by infusing your favorite libation into breakfast, lunch, and dinner with "101 Things To Do With Beer." Part of the insanely popular 101 series, with million

Cross, Eliza

101 Whiskies
illustrations 224

'101 Whiskies' offers a unique and comprehensive introduction to the universe of this fascinating drink, its taste and rituals. This book presents 101 whiskies from a wide range of countries, with detailed information on aroma,


101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die (Revised & Updated)

Witty, focused, practical guide to some of the world's finest whiskies. Third edition, fully revised and updated.

101 WHISKIES TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE is a whisky guide with a difference. It is not an awards list. It is not
Buxton, Ian

2007 Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book
Hardback 288 pages.

An annual guide to wine, featuring vintage charts and offering accessible and valuable advice.

Johnson, Hugh

American whiskey, bourbon & rye
full colour throughout, includes photographs 304

The number of commercially available American whiskeys has grown exponentially over the past 20 years, as has its popularity. Discerning drinkers will savour this, the only guide devoted solely to

Risen, Clay

Arak and Mezze
Hardback , 280 x 220mm. 240

Michael Karam and Norbert Schiller's "Wines of Lebanon" (Saqi) won the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook 2006 'Best in the World' award. "Arak and Mezze" celebrates two of the Levant's cherished traditions: the anis

Karam, Michael

Australian Spirits Guide
Full-colour photographs throughout 240

From clandestine convict distilleries to the world's best whisky, The Australian Spirits Guide celebrates the storied past and present of Australia's spirits industry. Join drinks writer and bartender Luke

McCarthy, Luke

Australian Wine Annual 2012

Oliver, Jeremy

Australian Wine Vintages 2017
196(Ht mm) 93(Wdt mm) 500

Now in its 34th Edition, the Gold Book, also known as, Australian Wine Vintages is an essential guide to wine. It provides detailed tasting notes of over 3500 wines from Australian and New Zealand in print, and over 13,

Geddes MW, Robert

Authentic Wine
Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking 272

Naturalness is a hot topic in the wine world. But what exactly is a 'natural wine'? For this pioneering book, best-selling wine writer Jamie Goode has teamed up with winemaker and Master of Wine Sam

Goode, Jamie, Harrop, Sam, MW

Barley & Hops
illustrations (colour) 256

Going back to basics, small breweries are using meticulous craftsmanship to create beers with rich taste. These beers represent a new authenticity and way of life. For some, beer has always been a treat for body and so

Kopp, Sylvia, Ehmann, S., Klanten, Robert

500 color photos 288

Join author Bill Yenne on a whirlwind tour of the world of beer! After a quick stop to learn about the anatomy of beer, including ingredients, styles, and even museums, Beer: The Ultimate World Tour will take you to all the

Yenne, Bill

94 color & 36 b/w photos 240

Once and for all, America learns the likely inventor of its beloved bourbon. Bourbon is not just alcohol -- this amber-colored drink is deeply ingrained in American culture and tangled in American history. From the

Minnick, Fred

Colour photography throughout 256

Making good beer at home is easy, and oh so cheap. Brew takes the novice beer-enthusiast by the hand and talks you through every last step of the process.The craft beer revolution is upon us. All over the world

Morton, James

Brew it Yourself

Dandelion beer. Yep, you read that right and no, it's not some hippy drink brewed by people in kaftans, skipping around fields and waving daisies in the air. This is a man's drink, a tough, no-nonsense, grassroots drink that will lead the ho

Hood, Richard, Moyle, Nick

Coffee Obsession

Perfect your barista technique with over 100 global coffee recipes from chai latte to ristretto. You can take a journey from bean to cup with Coffee Obsession, which shows you how to make iconic coffees through step-by-step barista training.

Moldvaer Anette

Complete Beer Course
Full colour photographs and illustrations throughout 320

It's a great time to be a beer drinker, but also the most confusing, thanks to the dizzying array of available draft beers. Expert Joshua Bernstein comes to the rescue with The Complete Be

Bernstein, Joshua M.

100 colour photographs 224

Today's world of spirits is experiencing an explosive increase in craft distillers and pioneers of new distillates. It's about men and women tearing up rule books and creating new spirits with extraordinary personality

Ridley, Neil and Harrison, Joel

Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All
illustrations 20

A clever distillation of America s favorite libation, by the "New York Times" best-selling authors of "The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert" Whiskey fever is sweeping the nation. Every day, craft distil

Betts, Richard, (Ma, English Sacca, Crystal, MacNaughton, Wendy

French Wine

This truly exceptional miscellany of anecdotes, facts, quotable quotes, and interesting stories celebrates wine in all its guises: from the mythical origin of the toast (it was customary for guests to tip part of their drink into their compa

Pivot, Bernard

French Wine
4 maps, 10 b/w illustrations, 3 tables, 6 line art 319

For centuries, wine has been associated with France more than with any other country. France remains one of the world's leading wine producers by volume and enjoys unrivalled cultural recogn

Phillips, Rod

Go Ahead, Make My Drink
illustrations 144

Celebrate your favorite movies and television shows with this stylish and fun cocktail guide featuring delicious recipes and adorable illustrations. From the Cosmopolitans on "Sex and the City" and the absinthe in "Moulin Rouge

Marinese, Anthony

Grand Cru
col. Illustrations 256

For centuries, Burgundy's complex tapestry of vineyards has produced some of the world's greatest wines. Understanding what makes this mosaic special where one plot is designated Premier Cru while its immediate neighbour i

Norman, Remington, de Villaine, Aubert

How to Make Coffee
100 colour illustrations 160

Caffeine is the most widely consumed mind-altering molecule in the world; we cannot get enough of it, and drinking good coffee is our delivery system. How is it that coffee has such a hold? Its all in the chemistry;

Kingston, Lani

Hugh Johnson on Wine

One of the world's great authorities on wine, Hugh Johnson has been writing on the subject (among others) for almost six decades. This selection chronicles his personal take on developments that have revolutionised the industry for half a ce

Johnson, Hugh

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2012
20 illustrations 320

The original and best, Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the ultimate compact guide. Now in its 35th edition, it is the UK's number one wine book appealing to wine-lovers and professionals alike. It is the key reference for

Johnson, Hugh

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2017

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2017 is the essential reference book for everyone who buys wine - in shops, restaurants, or on the internet. Now in its 40th year of publication, it has no rival as the comprehensive up-to-the minute annual

Johnson, Hugh

Iconic Whisky
210(Ht mm) 150(Wdt mm) 422

Featuring 1500 listed whiskies from around the world, this exceptional and unique guidebook is a must-have for all whisky amateurs and connoisseurs alike Featuring 1500 listed whiskies from around the world, this excep

Mald, Cyrille and Vingtier, Alexandre

James Halliday Wine Companion 2016

Keenly anticipated each year by winemakers, collectors and wine lovers, the "Australian Wine Companion" is recognized nationally as the industry benchmark. The 2016 edition has been completely revised to bring you up-to-the-minute informatio

Halliday, James

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2012

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible is the world's largest-selling annual guide to whiskey. Each year, over one thousand new whiskies from around the world are personally tasted and evaluated by Jim Murray. Each year Jim Murray's Whisky Bible gains in

Murray, Jim

Knowledge: Whiskey

Unravelling the mysteries of whisky, this eminently approachable and enjoyable guide delivers a working knowledge of this magical drink in all its aspects. Dave Waddell points the reader in the direction of the very best whiskies out there -

Waddell, Dave

Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion, 7th Edition

Jackson, Michael

New York Times Book of Wine
b/w througout, includes photographs 592

This title features the best on wine from the "New York Times". The newspaper of record has always showcased the writing of some of the world's most respected wine experts and these 125 articles from its a

Goldberg, Howard G., Asimov, Eric

Perfect Expresso Barista Bible 2nd ed
Paperback 224

Cottrell, Christine

Quintessential Australian Winery Guide

Designed as a follow up form the very successful book Australias Best Winery Experiences, this book will have a comprehensive approach to visiting wineries in Australia. We consider the location, architecture, food and even the views to be j

de Souza, Jade

Snob: Whisky
Full-colour illustrations 144

Do you have a taste for perfection? If so, Le Snob: Whisky is for you. Evocative and richly appointed with little-known facts, this book is about savouring the world's most sophisticated spirit to the full. It celeb

Lamond, John D.

Something in the Cellar
62 full colour illustrations 80

Illustrated in Searle's inimitable style are the ancient noble ceremony of slashing the trockenbeerenauslese, the inauguration of the first authentic denominazione di origine controllata e garantita, and the vinol

Searle, Ronald

Spot at the Bar
Full colour photographs and illustrations throughout 224

Join the internationally acclaimed team from The Everleigh for an evening of good drinking, festive hosting and classic style. From an aperitif at sundown, a nightcap in the early hours, r

Madrusan, Michael, Young, Zara

Tasting Whiskey
full colour photographs & illustrations throughout 256

Whiskey drinkers are discerning when it comes to their favourite spirit. In this complete appreciation of every kind of whiskey, readers will learn how whiskey is made and how to taste it. L

Bryson, Lew

colour illustrations 192

Discover the pleasures of tea with the expert Margaret Roberts. Here you will find the way to make every type of herbal tea. Tea has health benefits for everyone, and each tea recipe includes the health and well being re

Roberts, Margaret

Tequila Mockingbird
illustrations 160

A clever tribute to literature, "Tequila Mockingbird "is "the "cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Combining beloved classic novels with witty humor and delicious drink recipes, some of the charming recipes include Vermout

Federle, Tim

To Have and Have Another Revised Edition: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion

Few writers have achieved such legend as Ernest Hemingway, and fewer still have won such a reputation for drinking as constantly and heavily quite an accomplishment in a profession chock-full of heavy imbibers. For Hemingway, the artist s cr

Greene, Philip

Top Drop

Don't know your Sauvignon from your Semillon? Puzzled by 'tannins', 'balance' and 'mouth-feel'? Whether you are a casual wine lover who wants to pick the best value bottles, or a serious connoisseur looking for investment advice, A Top Drop

Bailey, Ian, Cowrie, Ian

True Blood Drinks and Bites

True Blood is the blockbuster fictional paranormal drama set in 'Bon Temps' in eastern Louisiana. Ever since its first season, True Blood has been HBO's biggest hit series since the Sopranos. True Blood will be in its 6th season in 2013 and,

Sobol, Ball and Shalet

Whiskey a Spirited Story with 75 Classic and Original Cocktails
75 color photographs 216

Whiskey is booming in popularity. Craft distilleries are making whiskeys not just from corn, rye and malted barley but also from grains such as quinoa and triticale. Cocktail lovers embrace the earthy, bitter, savoury no

Dietsch, Michael

World Bottled Beers
270(Ht mm) 80(Wdt mm) 104

World Bottled Beers is compiled by multi-award-winning beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones, general editor of the bestselling 1001 Beers to Try Before You Die and author of several other books about beer. He is Secretary o

Tierney-Jones, Adrian