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4 A.M. Breakthrough
Illustrations 288

Writing is practice. Writing is instinct. Practice makes for better instincts. Fiction exercises are one part of a very particular sort of practice to build better instincts.Building on the success of Kiteley's previous book, "

Kiteley, Brian

642 Tiny Things to Write About

A follow-up to the best-selling series,642 Tiny Things to Write About presents oodles of delightful and thought-provoking writing prompts, packaged in an uber-cute, irresistible and tiny new format. From writing a life story in five sentence

Bronson, Po, The Grotto

Avoid Them Like the Plague

With all the bells and whistles, this intriguing guide to all those everyday phrases really is the bees knees for anyone with a love of the English language. Let's cut to the chase: cliches are a familiar part of the English language, but to

Fountain, Nigel

Behind the Text

Behind the Text is a celebration of the often forgotten genre of creative nonfiction. Paired with Joseph's rich descriptions of person and place, this collection of candid interviews brings together some of the best Australian authors, covering

Joseph, Sue

Beyond the First Draft

National Book Award winner John Casey is a masterful novelist who is also an inspiring and beloved teacher. In Beyond the First Draft he offers essential and original insights into the art of writing-and rewriting-fiction. Through anecdotes

Casey, John

Blogging for Creatives
300 colour illustrations 192

"Blogging for Creatives" is the first approachable, non-techie guide to the blogosphere, complete with hundreds of tips, tricks and motivational stories from artistic bloggers who have started from scratch. It covers

Houghton, Robin

Blogging for Writers

The writers world has undergone a revolution in the last decade. With 30 million bloggers (in the US alone), many of whom consider themselves to be writers, blogging has brought the fiercest competition to the writing profession, but it is a

Houghton, Robin

Book in a Month
illustrations 304

"What can you accomplish in 30 days? If you make time to write and put away all of your excuses, could you stay on track and finish your novel in only a month? With a structured plan and a focused goal, yes, you can! Using a

Schmidt, Victoria Lynn, Ph.D.

Building Great Sentences: How to Write the Kinds of Sentences You Love to Read

Based on the bestselling series from The Great Courses, Building Great Sentences celebrates the sheer joy of language - and will forever change the way you read and write.

Great writing begins with the sentence. Whe

Brooks Landon

Chapter After Chapter
Paperback , 178 x 127mm. 256

With a bias toward action and an invigorating system for getting words on paper, this book provides readers with the coach and companion they need to start and finish their own books. To be successful, writers need t

Sellers, Heather

Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2009
210(Ht mm) 148(Wdt mm) 432

02 The Children's Writers & Artists' Yearbookholds the key to getting your work published. 03 The comprehensive guide to markets in all areas of children's media, completely revised and updated, now in its 4th edition,

No Author Provided

Complete Handbook of Novel Writing

"The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing, 2nd Edition", provides an extraordinary gathering of more than 70 best-selling authors and publishing insiders whose advice and experience will show readers how to turn their ideas, notes, and half-fi

Editors of Writer's Digest Books

Craft of Research
illustrations 336

With more than three-quarters of a million copies sold since its first publication, The Craft of Research has helped generations of researchers at every level from first-year undergraduates to advanced graduate students to rese

Booth, Wayne C., Colomb, Gregory G., Williams, Joseph M., Bizup, Joseph, Fitzgerald, William T.

Creativity and Feature Writing
17 black & white tables 184

Creativity and Feature Writing explores how to generate ideas in feature writing. Using clear explanations, examples and exercises, experienced feature writer and teacher Ellie Levenson highlights how feature writers,

Levenson, Ellie

Dear Writer ...revisited...
black & white illustrations 180

This book about writing and the imagination is essential reading for any writer, emerging or experienced. Re-released with new material and updated advice for the 21st writer. 'I first read Dear Writer as a nervy,

Bird, Carmel


DIALOGUE is the follow-up title to Robert McKee's hugely successful STORY. Divided into four sections (The Art of Dialogue, Flaws & Fixes, Creating Dialogue & Dialogue Design) Dialogue teaches how to craft effective speeches for characters. McK

McKee, Robert

Editor's Companion
illustrations 240

Excel at editing! The editor's job encompasses much more than correcting commas and catching typos. Your chief mission is to help writers communicate effectively--which is no small feat. Whether you edit books, magazines, newsp

Dunham, Steve

Effective Writing
black & white illustrations 202

"Effective writing: plain English at work" is about writing that works: it is based on sound English grammar and plain English style. Through this book you will gain the skills needed to write cohesive paragraphs

Murphy, Elizabeth Manning, Cadman, Hilary

Elements of F*cking Style

The truth about English is that it can get pretty boring. Dangling modifiers, gerunds, punctuation marks--it's enough to make you want to drop out of high school. Swearing and sex on the other hand, well, these time-honored pastimes warm t

Baker, Chris, Hansen, Jacob

Elements of Style
116 pages.

This style manual offers practical advice on improving writing skills. This 'little' book can help students communicate more effectively, showing them how to enliven their sentences, put statements in the positive form and write in a

Strunk, William I., White, E.B.

Get Started in Writing a Novel

This new edition of an acclaimed guide to writing a novel helps you if you are just at the very beginning of your writing journey, showing you how to gain confidence and find inspiration. A classic book that has supported thousands of author

Watts, Nigel

Get Started in Writing Young Adult Fiction

This is an authoritative and engaging introduction to writing young adult fiction for the complete beginner. It will help you understand how the genre works, the big do's and don't's - as well as giving you the inspiration and motivation yo

Mushens, Juliet

Golden Rules of Blogging

Do you really need to post every day to make your blog a success? Is it true you should never steal stuff? Can anyone make money from a blog? Blogging hasnt been around for ever, and yet any blogger will tell you there are rules what to do,

Houghton, Robin

Grammar Bible
Paperback , 235 x 156mm. 512

A quick and easy reference guide to the English language, grammar, and usage answers a host of queries on verb tenses and moods, punctuation, capitalization, phrases, clauses, common and proper nouns, and other probl

Strumpf Michael Douglas Auriel

How to be a Writer

'Beauty is good, but coin is better. You can't eat artistic integrity. It tastes like sawdust.' This gonzo guide is a lesson in the practicalities of writing: how to be productive, professional and maybe one day even pay the rent. Topics cov

Birmingham, John

How To Become a Writer
178(Ht mm) 111(Wdt mm) 32

Taken from award-winning writer Lorrie Moore's debut short story collection Self-Help (1985), How To Become a Writer is a wryly witty deconstruction of tips for aspiring writers, told in vignettes by a self-absorbed nar

Moore, Lorrie

How to Write a Children's Picture Book and Get it Published, 2nd Edition

This book provides comprehensive advice on what to write about for children, how to write it, and how to present the work professionally for publication. It includes an easy-to-use picture book layout plan and tried and tested examples of ti

Shavick, Andrea

How to Write Like Tolstoy
225(Ht mm) 146(Wdt mm) 352

For anyone who has ever identified with a character from fiction, been seduced by a first sentence or been profoundly moved by a story's end, How to Write Like Tolstoy is a wonderful and illuminating journey into the m

Cohen, Richard

How to Write Short

In HOW TO WRITER SHORT,Roy Peter Clark turns his attention to the art of painting a thousand pictures with just a few words. Short forms of writing have always existed - from ship logs and telegrams to prayers and haikus. But in this ever-ch

Clark, Roy Peter

How to Write What You Want to Say

Hipwell, Pat

How to Write What You Want to Say in Mathematics

Hipwell, Patticia, Carter, Lyn

How to Write What You Want to Say in the Primary Years

Black, Catherine, Hipwell, Patricia

How to Write Your Blockbuster

'This rare good book on how to set about writing a popular novel is compulsory reading. Fiona McIntosh is top of the Pops.' Bryce Courtenay. Almost everybody thinks they have a book in them, or dreams of seeing their name on the cover of a b

McIntosh, Fiona

Inspiration and Motivation for Writers

'Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book...give it all.' Annie Dillard WRITE MORE - WRITE BETTER - WRITE NOW! This colourful little book of uplifting quotes and tailored tips delivers motivational sparks and creative signp

Henderson, Chloe

Jane Austen Writers' Club
205(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 352

A delightful and informative guide to writing like Jane Austen, written by the five-times-great niece of Austen herself Jane Austen is one of the most beloved writers in the English literary canon. Her novels changed t

Smith, Rebecca

Kick-Ass Writer

The journey to become a successful writer is long, fraught with peril, and filled with difficult questions: How do i write dialogue? How do I build suspense? What should I know about query letters? Where do I start? The best way to answer th

Wendig, Chuck

Let Hippos Eat Cake
210(Ht mm) 140(Wdt mm) 180

Let Hippos Eat Cake is a candid memoir of the realistic process of the process of creativity, via anecdotes. 'Anecdultery' is a Hazel original term for story. The author shares the humour of a diverse workstyle & famil

Edwards, Hazel

Litlinks 2011 Writing Competition - Creative Writing by ACT School Students in Years 9-10 and 11-12
Collection of the winning entries in the 2011 schools competition


Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations
1 halftone, 42 line drawings, 12 tables 464

A little more than seventy-five years ago, Kate L. Turabian drafted a set of guidelines to help students understand how to write, cite, and formally submit research writing. Seven editions and more tha

Turabian, Kate L., Booth, Wayne C., Colomb, Gregory G., Williams, Joseph M.

Mapping Your Thesis

If this book provided a set of rules to be learned and applied, writing a thesis might seem pleasingly easy. But, because writing a thesis is seldom easy, the book instead offers a more complex mapping of the process. The purpose is to raise

White, Barry

Mastering the Craft of Writing

Make Every Word Memorable! To be remembered for your words, you need to write with skill and style. Whether you're crafting a novel, composing an e-mail, or creating a technical report, Mastering the Craft of Writing presents 52 practical te

Wilbers, Stephen

Monkeys with Typewriters
216(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 252

Stories are everywhere...Exploring the great plots from Plato to The Matrix and from Tolstoy to Toy Story, this is a book for anyone who wants to unlock any narrative and learn to create their own. With startling and o

Thomas, Scarlett

More Five-Minute Writing

Margret also includes a new feature: snippet triggers, which she has designed in order to show readers how they can develop quirky little anecdotes they find in newspapers and regional broadcasts. Each short section offers you a thought-pro

Geraghty, Margret

Novel Shortcuts
Paperback , 229 x 152mm. 272

Too many fiction writers lose their way before they even start writing because they wait until they feel perfectly inspired or until they have all the pieces of the story carefully mapped out in their heads to start

Whitcomb, Laura

Planning your Essay

Essay writing at university is an essential skill but for many students, is an area where they lack confidence. This handy guide takes students through the complete process from what to do before they begin, to using feedback constructively for

Godwin J. and Godwin J.

Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction

Named by The Times as the all-time number one crime writer, Patricia Highsmith was an author who broke new ground and defied genre cliches with novels such as The Talented Mr Ripley and Strangers on a Train. In the classic creative writing g

Highsmith, Patricia

Release the Bats
216(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 304

When DBC Pierre burst onto the scene in 2003, he arrived with no particular literary education. Finding he had something to say, he made the journey solo to that place where dreams and demons live, to try and turn feel

Pierre, D. B. C.

Rules for the Dance
Paperback , 230mm. 192

Oliver, Mary

Sense of Style

Steven Pinker, the best-selling author of The Language Instinct, deploys his gift for explaining big ideas in The Sense of Style - an entertaining writing guide for the 21st century. What is the secret of good prose? Does writing well even m

Pinker, Steven

Show Me a Story!: Why Picture Books Matter:Conversations with 21 of the World's Most Celebrated Illustrators
235(Ht mm) 165(Wdt mm) 309

In compelling interviews by the acclaimed Leonard S. Marcus, twenty-one top authors and illustrators reveal their inside stories on the art of creating picture books. Max and Mickey; Miss Nelson; Pack, Quack, and Mrs.

Marcus, Leonard S.

Something Nasty in the Slushpile

Most publishers keep a "slushpile" - the stack of unsolicited manuscripts which contains a large percentage of preposterous or frightening book proposals, which might just conceal that one jewel of a bestseller or classic novel lying near th

Looker, Sammy

Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction
10, 9 black & white line drawings, 1 black & white illustrations 216

This book illuminates how technique serves "story logic," the particular way fiction makes meaning. Writers raid the cupboard of theory looking for what works, and generic rule

Brady, Catherine

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Paul, Kevin

Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers
Paperback 550 pages.


Successful Non-Fiction Writing
Paperback 128 pages.

Talks about options for the enthusiastic hobbyist and the knowledgeable insider. This book covers such topics as: thinking like a professional writer; developing and honing ideas; finding outlets for the work; research for b

Corder, Nicholas

Usage and Abusage Popular Penguins
poppenguin 420

Usage and Abusage is Penguin's classic linguistic reference book that not only tells you how to use English correctly, but is also a declaration of war on its misuse. Covering grammatical problems, words that are commonly abused a

Partridge Eric

Use Your Words: A Myth-Busting, No-Fear Approach to Writing

Want to write? Got a memoir, novel, blog idea or screenplay in your back drawer? Need to get 'unstuck'? This is the magic pill you've been looking for. In Use Your Words writer and comedian Catherine Deveny reveals the secrets that have made

Deveny, Catherine

100 colour illustrations 352

Wonderbook will be the definitive guide to writing fantasy. This innovative book will take a completely novel approach on a writing guide, fully exploiting the visual nature of fantasy through original drawings, maps

VanderMeer, Jeff, Zerfoss, Jeremy

Working Words

WORKING WORDS is a collection of 'chats' about aspects of writing and editing. It is not a textbook, but is a companion to books on grammar, style, punctuation, plain English, editing, and the business of being a freelance writer or editor or,

Elizabeth Manning Murphy

Write Short Stories and Get Them Published: Teach Yourself

Written by one of the country's leading experts on the short story, this book is ideal if you want to write creatively in a genre that is increasingly attracting attention from publishers, and which offers plenty of competition and festival

Fairbairns, Zoe

Writer's Compass
illustrations 224

"The Writer's Compass" teaches writers to visualise their story's progress by creating a story map that helps them see all the different components of their story, where these components are going, and, perhaps most importantly

Dodd, Nancy Ellen

Writers' Reader
Paperback 207

This fresh and exciting collection of essays looks at the essential elements of writing poetry and fiction. It includes a diverse range of experienced writers and academics discussing genre, technique, the reader and finally publis

Walker, Brenda

Writing Book
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 216

The Writing Book doesn't just talk about how to write fiction; it takes you, step-by-step, through the process of doing it. Each chapter concentrates on one aspect of writing: getting started, bringing characters to l

Grenville, Kate

Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction

Craft an otherworldly experience for your readers! Do you envision celestial cities in distant, fantastic worlds? Do you dream of mythical beasts and gallant quests in exotic kingdoms? If you have ever wanted to write the next great fantasy

Card, Orson Scott

Writing for Children & Young Adults

The dynamic world of reading and writing has changed greatly over the past few years. Writers are pitching their ideas online, exchanging works in progress with critique partners and forming street teams to promote their work. The online commun

Crook, Marion

Writing from Start to Finish
Paperback 224 pages.

A handbook to help beginners kickstart their writing by Australian prize-winning author and long-time writing teacher, Kate Grenville.

Grenville, Kate

Writing TV Scripts

Who else wants to write tv shows? Written by professional screenwriter Steve Wetton - creator of the BBC's hit series 'Growing Pains' and who has written for performers such as BRIAN CONLEY, LENNY HENRY, RUSS ABBOTT, and THE TWO RONNIES - this

Wetton, Steve, Lawler, Dr. Graham

Writing with Emotion, Tension & Conflict

Craft an emotionally charged story that will resonate with readers! Emotional impact shouldn't be dropped into your novel as an afterthought or forced upon your story with a pair of pliers and an iron grip. It should be carefully sewn into t

St.John, Cheryl

Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall
208(Ht mm) 148(Wdt mm) 224

In Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall, respected writing teacher Barbara Turner-Vesselago shows both beginning and experienced writers how to get the thinking mind to step aside, so that writing becomes a

Turner-Vesselago, Barbara

You Can Write a Novel

In this title, veteran author James V. Smith breaks down the complex novel-writing process into a simple, 10-step writing process that shows writers how to take their story's three most important scenes from brainstorm to final-draft perfect

Smith, James V.