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Kids Cook French
illustrations 96

According to Jacques Pepin, "the moment for a child to be in the kitchen is from the moment they are born." Kids Cook French, written by his daughter Claudine, is a fun, interactive cookbook for kids that introduces them to the

Pepin, Claudine, Pepin, Jacques

Let's Bake

Why aren't there more educationalbooks that speak directlyto children without involvingtheir parents? This thought motivatedauthors Clara Lidstrom andAnnakarin Nyberg to create booksthat encourage children to be confidentand do things themsel

Lidstrom, Clara, Nyberg, Annakarin

Let's Cook Italian
illustrations 96

"A tavola non si invecchia." Or, "At the table with good friends and family you do not become old." Let's Cook Italian, by chef Anna Prandoni, is a fun, interactive, bilingual cookbook for families that introduces the art and jo

Prandoni, Anna

Little Kitchen
254(Ht mm) 216(Wdt mm) 128

Using the elements that make the the author's Little Kitchen cooking school so popular - a love of 'real' food, a desire to nurture the magic of childhood, and a weakness for all things whimsical, wholesome and playful

Parrini, Sabrina

My Cookbook of Baking
col. Illustrations 64

Tilli, Laura, Tilli, Jess, Secheret, Jessica

Recipes from Hundred Acre Wood
Colour 96

Winnie the Pooh shares with you some of his most comforting recipes from his home, Hundred Acre Wood. With a dash of love and a dollop of happiness, he shows you how to create traditional smakerels, elevenses, provisions and suppers, s


Roald Dahl's Completely Revolting Recipes
Hardback , 257 x 210mm. 128

'Nose-Bags On!' 'Grub's UP!' A gloriumptious collection of favourite Roald Dahl recipes is here! 50 recipes in a delicious new format - from glumptious Green Pea Soup and wondercrump Wormy Spaghetti, to scrumdiddlyump

Dahl, Roald

Silver Spoon for Children
Hardback , 290 x 250mm. 104

This book presents a selection of 40 recipes adapted from "The Silver Spoon" by a specially commissioned expert on children's food. The recipes have been chosen for their simple instructions, fresh and healthy ingredi


Star Wars Cookbook - Ice Sabers

Create thirty sweet, chilled treats in this Star Wars-themed cooking kit, from Mos Icely and Qui-Gon Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches to Frozen Hoth Chocolate. Or freeze up light saber-inspired ice pops using the three light saber ice pop mou

Starr, Lara Morris