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A Chink in a Daisy-Chain
Phil Day - Fri 24 Mar 2017

Please join Finlay Lloyd publishers and the author and illustrator Phil Day in celebratory drinks for the launch by John Clanchy of A Chink in a Daisy-Chain

Friday March 24
5.45 for 6.00pm

Telephone 6295 6723 or

After a decade of supporting other writers, Finlay Lloyd has recently been turning some of its attention to the work of its founders. Our forthcoming title, A Chink in a Daisy-chain, is by Phil Day, our designer and co-publisher. The book is a creative essay, cum personal reflection, on the relationship between Lewis Carrol’s Alice books, personal identity and argumentative opinion. It is the first in a three-book series Phil plans to write on the embattled nature of individual intellectual and creative autonomy.

Continuing our interest in the book as physical artefact, included in this handsome little book is a colour page and images from a drawing by Phil that recreates the style of Tenniel’s original Alice illustrations.

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